Method Acting

Keep Calm and Don't (Gay) Panic


Everyone knows Joohyun is a great actress. But what they didn’t know is that whenever she’s drunk, she tends to put herself into character with whatever role she’s currently portraying. As Seulgi and her star in a lesbian romantic film, Seulgi finds herself on the receiving end (the y one) of it?!?!



As soon as the doors are closed, Sophie immediately latches her lips onto Irene’s. There’s urgency in each nip and bite truly aware of the possibility of being caught any moment.


Hoping to catch their breaths, they separate a bit and Irene takes this moment to stare at her girlfriend’s eyes. What was once a simple friendly relationship has blossomed into something more which, unfortunately, they need to share during stolen moments like this.


Sophie decides to nibble on Irene’s neck which elicited a soft moan from the older girl. Irene was so riled up from Sophie’s ministrations that she whined a bit loud when the taller girl pulled away.


“Let’s continue later in the bedroom,” she added as she moves away from Irene. The manager watches her lover’s hips sway from side to side as she headed towards the office door.


“What a tease,” Irene said while smirking.


“And cut!” The director yells as he signals the cameras to stop rolling. “Good job everyone today especially you, Joohyun and Seulgi!” He gestured to girls, who are playing as Irene and Sophie respectively, before continuing to compliment the staffs then deciding to leave, “I’ll see you guys at the party later, okay?”


They still have a few more shoots left but the those are just minor scenes that only the main actors Joohyun and Seulgi are needed so they decided to conduct the ending of the movie shoot today with the farewell/celebratory party instead of actually scheduling it on the last day of filming.


Irene looked at Seulgi as soon as the director is out of sight, “So I’ll see you later?” The taller girl warmly smiled, “See you!”




“Joohyun is too pretty and kind and sweet and funny and y and all the best things in the world, Wannie! I can’t imagine not seeing her anymore after this! And her lips! God! She kisses so well!” Seulgi whined to her manager, Wendy.


“You will keep seeing or even kissing her if you actually do something about it, Seul, instead of whining about your undying love to me everyday.”


Seulgi whines even further, her lips forming a pout, “It’s not as easy if you're in love with someone as perfect as her.” She, then, looks at the smaller girl who is happily conversing with Yeri, her manager, as they make their way towards their car. Joohyun stopped to look at Seulgi’s way and bid a wave before disappearing inside.


Joohyun was three years Seulgi’s senior in the industry. She was an established actress that’s not only famous for her beauty but for her acting ability as well. She’s not one to shy away from different roles which is why it didn’t come as a surprise for her to accept the first ever mainstream romantic lesbian film in South Korea.


The film was about two women who found love while chasing their dreams and both of their journey to greater heights in their careers in an industry filled with prejudice against successful women.


Having been given an opportunity, Seulgi decided to star alongside with her after being noticed by the director in a few side roles and cameos over the past year that she’s been in the industry. It was both exciting and nerve wracking to work with a senior like Joohyun. She’s not only very famous at what she does but is incredibly pretty as well which does so much for Seulgi’s poor gay heart.


Seulgi was immediately under her spell the moment she first laid her eyes on her but over the time they spent together, she found out that she’s more than a pretty face and her fame. She’s also the most humble and hardworking person she had met, always honing herself to perfect her craft, and always there to assist others so they can do it as well.


And the baby gay in Seulgi couldn’t help but fall.




Joohyun arrived and immediately sat beside Seulgi. They have grown closer over the past few months that they were together. She immediately entwines their arms which the taller girl could still not get used to (but really liked).


“Thanks for saving a seat,” She stares like honey at the Seulgi that the taller can’t help but shy away as she replies, “You're welcome.”


The rest of the night continued on like expected. Everyone’s enjoying the never ending servings of samgyupsal and soju along with conversations about some funny recollections during the course of their movie shooting.


In the midst of all that, Joohyun’s hand had found its way to Seulgi’s underneath the table. This caused the taller girl to sport a blush ever since.


“Seulgi, are you drunk? You’ve been looking red since a while ago,” Joy, a co-star, spoke from across the table.


Joohyun turned to look more closely at Seulgi to indeed check if she is drunk and the proximity (and her beauty) had caused Seulgi to go even redder as she replies and gulp a big one, “I’m- I’m not drunk!”


The rest of the table laughs at her and concludes that she is indeed drunk. If only they knew what it’s really about. Joohyun laughed as well and Seulgi glared (not really) at her.


How dare you laugh at me! I’m not really drunk and this is all your fault!


Joohyun squeezes the taller girl’s hand and Seulgi felt like there’s an entire zoo in her stomach, “Alright. Let’s not make Seulgi drink anymore. I’ll drink for her instead,” then she goes on to say how she has a really strong tolerance against soju and rarely ever get drunk and Seulgi swoons at how cool she sounds.




It was a lie.


Seulgi thinks as she now watches Joohyun struggle to stand up, “You are drunk.” The smaller girl raised a hand up to shut her up, “No no no. I’m not drunk. Bae Joohyun never gets drunk!”


Seulgi reaches out a hand as she giggles at how adorable drunk Joohyun is, “Okay, Sober Joohyun. Let’s get out of here.” They counted to three before they step foot to the stairs which they both struggled to climb.


Outside the establishment, Seulgi who’s now with Wendy, called Yeri who’s busy assisting a drunk Joy, “Are you gonna take them both?”


Joohyun and Joy live on the same apartment building so Yeri insisted that they come along with her or else she’ll lose her minds taking care of both drunk yards.


Seulgi tagged along with them on the ride while Wendy tails along with the company car. During the ride, Joohyun passes out and rested on Seulgi’s shoulders (which made her heart pound for the nth time).


Once they arrived, Yeri insisted on splitting the task. She will accompany Joy, who lives on a different floor, while Seulgi accommodates Joohyun. Wendy, on the other hand, will follow because she couldn’t find a parking space available for visitors of the apartment complex.


The elevator dinged signaling that they are now on Joohyun’s floor so Seulgi nodded at Yeri and stepped foot outside while holding Joohyun on the side. Once the elevator closed again, Joy, who’s arm is draped over Yeri’s shoulder, began to stand straight, “Whew! I’m not getting paid for this even though my acting was top class!”


Yeri giggled as she checks her phone, “Wendy said she went straight home and hopes everything goes according to plan.”

Joy snickers, “Yeah, Seulgi’s about to see the real drunk Joohyun right now! Man, I wished I could see it.”


“Judging by the way the last shoot went. I’m sure we wouldn’t want to see what’s next.”




Seulgi managed to place Joohyun on her bed. She draped the blanket over the drunk girl before kneeling beside the bed to take a closer look. She was amazed to still find the smaller girl looking ethereal even when drunk. She smiled and brushed off some of Joohyun’s bangs and tucked it in her ears. Just as she was about to go, Joohyun held her wrist and sat up, “Sophie baby?”




“Uhhh. Yes?” Seulgi stood there awkwardly waiting for Joohyun to continue.


The older girl gestured to for the younger to lay beside her and pulled Seulgi when she was too dumfounded to reply. As soon as Seulgi landed on top of the mattress, Joohyun was quick to wrap an arm around her and snuggle to Seulgi’s neck, “I missed you. I can’t believe the meeting with Mr. Anderson went so long. I can sense that he was so skeptical to invest because we are both girls. I’m gonna show him how good the potential of your idea can be that even Mark Zuckerberg would soon be shaking.”


Okay, Seulgi thinks this is definitely getting weird. Mr. Anderson is a character that is part of the movie they are working on. Could it possibly be that Joohyun is embodying her character right now when she’s drunk? Now that she thinks about it, she recalls seeing Yeri smirk before the elevator closed.


That midget knew this was gonna happen!


However, now is not that time to think about the devil! Joohyun’s breath is hitting her neck and it’s causing heat to travel throughout her body and, oh my god, she’s getting aroused! “Joo-Joohyun?”


Joohyun’s ears perked up at the name and she props herself with an elbow to glare at the panicking girl, “Joohyun? Who is that? Are you cheating on me, babe?”


“Of course not! You see.. uhm.. There’s a pretty actress called Joohyun and they said she looks like you... and... and I think you’re prettier... You’re the prettiest actually.” Seulgi watches Joohyun’s glare soften and a smirk emerged on her lips.


“No, you are the prettiest, Sophie,” Joohyun leans and places a soft peck on Seulgi’s jaw. This made the girl underneath stiffen and lag for a few seconds. Just as she was about to recover, Joohyun moves and straddles her. “Hmmm... Now that I think about it. Wasn’t I promised a continuation of something in the bedroom?”


Continuation? Of s-something?


Then the light bulb emerged.


Holy crap!!


Joohyun leans further below and with every inch, Seulgi sank further onto the mattress. It’s not that she doesn’t want it because she actually wants all of it. It’s just Joohyun is drunk. She didn't want to take advantage and this not how she envisioned things will go. She hadn’t even thought about confessing let alone doing things!


“You smell good,” Joohyun says as she kisses the other girl’s neck and collarbones. “Joo- Irene,” Seulgi says weakly. Her eyes had closed by now, the sensation too much for her to take. Joohyun pecks her lips, “Is that how you’re supposed to call your manager, baby girl?”


“B-baby g-girl?” Seulgi gulped and perspiration is beginning to form on her forehead.


Joohyun pecks her nose and proceeded to remove her shirt. Seulgi stares with her jaw ajar at every inch exposed.


I-I’m.... I’m... I’m so gay!!! No, wait, crap! I can’t think straight! Wait I’m not straight!


Seulgi has definitely lost it and Joohyun is loving her reaction. She lifted Seulgi’s shirt as well while the other girl’s head is still up in the air. When Seulgi finished rebooting, she realized she was shirtless and Joohyun was about to lean in and give her clothed chest some lovin’.


She panicked and was able put a hand at the aggressive girl’s shoulders, “Wait!” Joohyun lifted her head to stare at Seulgi. She waited for a reply and was about to dive once again when there’s none, “Irene, I’m!!! I’m.... Uhhh... I’m...”




Seulgi immediately sat up straight causing their heads to bump, “What?!! NO! Ouch!” She placed a hand over her head, “Why would I be pregnant?!”


Joohyun laughed at her, “I was just kidding, Babe. You looked so tense. What’s up?” She said as she pecks Seulgi’s forehead. This caused Seulgi to calm down and finally be able to think of an excuse to stop Joohyun, “I’m on my period, Baby.” Seulgi knows this isn’t real but it’s a nice opportunity to call Joohyun some terms of endearment. She mentally pats herself on the back for a flirting job well done. “It started a few hours ago. Sorry, we can’t do things tonight.”


Joohyun giggles and pecks her once again. Seulgi’s kind of getting used to the kisses which is bad because, well, Joohyun’s not in the right state of mind. “I thought it was something else since you looked so tense.”


“It’s just that I felt kinda bad for seducing you and letting you down.”


Joohyun went back to her previous position before where she snuggled once again in Seulgi’s neck, “This is fine too.” She kissed Seulgi’s jaw before closing her eyes, “It’s okay I like this a lot too.”




Seulgi woke up with bated breaths as she stares at Joohyun who’s looking so adorable while sleeping. She kept staring at her until she remembered what happened last night.


She looked at her chest seeing herself only in her bra, “My shirt!” She looked at Joohyun’s chest as well and gulped, “Her shirt!” Just as she was about to reach for it, the smaller girl stirred from her sleep causing Seulgi to scamper away from the bed and fall but first on the floor.


She peeks to see if the girl on the bed is now awake and was relieved to see that she isn’t. She immediately reached for her shirt and made a bee line out of the room. As soon as she was out, she began wearing her shirt and was about halfway done already when she saw Yeri, Wendy, and Joy on the couch.


“Nice abs,” Joy snickered while eyeing her midriff. Yeri laughed as well, “I take it as you both enjoyed the night?” She hastily wore the shirt in full. “It’s not what it looks like!!” Wendy smiled and draped her arm on the couch trying to hide a smile, “And what does it look like?”


Just as she was about to explain, Joohyun came out of the room and was shocked to find them all in her apartment which made Seulgi panic. “We all slept here! We were too drunk to function last night! Uhm. In case you are wondering,” she explained in record time while emitting nervous laughs as she side eyes the three other girls to comply.


Perhaps, Irene was too hungover to notice the three’s change of clothes and Joy’s newly applied make up to even question what Seulgi said. After a few small talks, she then proceeded to make breakfast for all of them along with Joy.


The two devils kept asking Seulgi for the juice but she kept denying and told them they only slept. When asked about her shirt, she stated it was hot and removed it in the middle of her sleep. Wendy, who was Seulgi’s previous roommate due to managerial duties knew she definitely gets hot easily so that could be a possibility.


As Wendy left to also help Joohyun with breakfast, Seulgi asked Yeri, “Uhh. Is she always like that when drunk?”


Yeri mischievously looked at her with a twinkle on her eye, “So something happened?” Seulgi scolded herself for slipping, “It’s not like what you think I swear! She just called me Sophie and cuddled with me.”


“Aww, no fun! But, yeah, she is. Last time, she was filming for a superhero movie in Slovenia. We went to a winery on a rest day and after several glasses of wine, she kept holding the barrel hammer and was shouting that she’s Bae Thor!”


They proceeded to laugh at Yeri’s story before Wendy called them for breakfast. Seulgi was glad that she survived and managed to lie to the three devils and was relieved that Joohyun didn’t seem to remember any of the gay panic that happened last night.




A day after that, the two lead stars took a break after practicing their lines with each other. They will be up in a few hours to finish few of the remaining scenes that will continue for another day before finally concluding the end of filming.


Seulgi, as always, would make silly jokes that would never fail to make Joohyun laugh. In fact, only Joohyun laughs at her jokes now that she have thought about it.


Suddenly, Joohyun stopped and made a frowning face, “Who were you with last night?”


Surprised at the sudden shift of behavior and out of the blue question, Seulgi responded, “I met with Jisoo last night.”


“So Jisoo huh?” Irene said while looking below Seulgi’s neck, She sighs and turns away, “I need to get my make up done now.”


Seulgi felt uneasy with what happened. Did she say something that offended the other girl? Was any of her jokes offensive?


The cold treatment continued on until the next day. Seulgi has been feeling very uneasy as the time ticks by. An hour from now, they will be filming the last scene. It scares her that after this, she might never see Joohyun again. She didn’t want to separate ways without being on good terms. She doesn’t even know what irked the other girl!


As soon as Yeri and the stylists left Joohyun’s waiting room, Seulgi took the opportunity to sneak in. “You shocked me!” The smaller girl placed a hand above her chest before looking away.


“Did I do anything wrong, Joohyun?” She approached her carefully. Joohyun once again sighed too deeply. It’s the last day they will probably be together. She might as well be truthful about it. She looked below Seulgi’s neck, “I’m just jealous.”


Seulgi’s eyes widen, a light bulb emerging in her head as she thought of the reason. She covered her arms over her chest as she looked at Joohyun in shock, “Y-you can’t be jealous of these right? I... I mean I don’t actually have plenty to offer?” She gulped as she glances over hers then at Joohyun’s.


Joohyun covered her own as well, blushing furiously at what Seulgi was implying, “I’m not talking about that!”


“Oh,” The taller girl places her hand back on her sides, “What then?”


Joohyun points at her exposed collar bone, “This. I’m talking about this.” Seulgi traced the finger and she spotted a... hickey?


“You... uhm... you want one?”


Joohyun knew Seulgi could be dense but didn’t expect her to be this dense, “I don’t! Well I do if it’s from... uhh...”


From you


“...I mean. I want to be the one to give you those. I at confessing but I just really want to say I like you,” Joohyun finally uttered red in the face and unable to look at Seulgi.


The gears finally began to click in the taller girl’s head but she was once again confused, “But this came from you?”


“What do you mean- OH!” Joohyun looked at her wide eyes as she remembers the events the other night, “Oh my god! I- ! I’m so sorry!” Joohyun buries her face in her arms totally regretting what her drunk self did.


Suddenly, Seulgi held her hands away from her face and smiled, “Hey, baby?”




Seulgi chuckles at the shorter girl’s dumbfounded expression, ”I also at confessing but I want to say that I like you too... a lot. And your neck kisses, well, they were mind-blowing.”


This made Joohyun giggle and pull Seulgi by the nape. Their lips crash and it was a euphoric moment for the both of them. Their tongues danced inside each other’s mouths. Just as Joohyun was about to trail her lips down Seulgi’s neck, a series of knocks were heard through the door, “Joohyun! Seulgi! We’ll start shooting!”


They both chuckled and made a few more pecks before leaving the room. Both of their hearts filled with happiness knowing their feelings are not one-sided.




“We made it! Who would’ve thought we’d go this far!” Irene says full of excitement as they eye what will soon be their working space. From what started in her humble abode, the software company now made it to one of the biggest buildings in Gangnam. It took them a lot of years to get where they are now and a lot of tears as well. They were two young women with dreams and talents that nobody believed at first only because they were females. But they proved them all wrong, “It’s because of you, Irene. If you didn’t get those investors, we would never make it here.”


Irene shook her head and held Sophie by her chin, “No, baby. It’s because of you. If you hadn’t come up with those ideas, we won’t be here.”


Sophie giggled and tucked Irene’s hair in her ear, “Can’t we both agree that it’s because of the both of us?”


Irene joined in and laughed as well, “Yes, we can.” She leaned further until they are just an inch apart to each other, “I love you, Seulgi.”


Sophie pecked her lips and replied, “I love you too, Joohyun.” They shared a kiss afterwards. Each mend of their lips were filled with love and full of premise of what the future can offer for the both of them together.


The en-


“NG! NG! It should be I love you Sophie and Irene not Seulgi and Joohyun!” The director hastily makes his way as he explained what should be corrected.


“Oh we made a mistake,” Joohyun side glances at Seulgi while trying to hide a smirk in her face. Seulgi looks away trying hard to compress a laugh and purses her lips, “Yes, we did.”


They are both red in the face but not from the embarrassment of committing the mistake for it was intended. It’s because of their I love yous that they were finally able to say to one another.


“Okay let’s do it again from the top!”


The retake ended well and they thanked all the crew for the job well done. It was the last scene and that marked the end of the movie but not their love for it was the start of the beautiful memories they would share together.


After finishing all conversations with some of the crew, Seulgi approached Joohyun and looked around. When she was sure there were no eyes on them, she spun her around by the waist.






“I’m here to say something important,” Seulgi continues and Joohyun raises a brow over this, “What is it, Baby?”


Seulgi removes one hand and scratches her the back of her head, “I lied,” She looked at Joohyun and her face began to redden so she looked away.


“Just so you know... I’m totally not on my period.”


Joohyun’s brows furrows over this.


“And if you want to give me more of these,” Seulgi pulled her shirt lower to show the hickey she was sporting, “Y-you could totally do so.” She blushed furiously as she continued, “If you want we can, uhh, continue in my bedroom this time,” She did what Joohyun thinks is supposed to be a wink before proceeding to turn around and dashes away- her ears burning with embarrassment.


Joohyun heard Yeri, Joy, and Wendy’s cackle from a distance as they laugh at her poor bear who they must’ve bullied to say these things. Joohyun emits a laugh of her own as she shouts back to Seulgi, “I’ll definitely be there, Sophie Baby!”

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