Keep Calm and Don't (Gay) Panic

Seulgi got reincarnated as a dog.


I swear I was writing an SWF seulrene when I got side tracked! I wrote this short but sweet story on a whim so it might not be well written. Since Seulgi got reincarnated, you know what happened before so a little CW for everyone although there won’t be any detail on it. I don’t have anywhere else to place this story at the moment but let me know if you don’t want it here.




“You can’t be born as a human again,” This person-non-person says to you when you answered that you want to be born as a human again.


You frown at her, “Why can’t I?”


She patiently explains, “You only get to be a human every other life. So it’s fair for those who are born as plants or animals in this life.”


So you won’t be born as a human again. Frankly speaking, you just want to live again so you can see her and take care of her. You stared ahead blankly and thought for a long time. You could do that even if you are not human right? You released a sigh, “...Fair enough.”


She raised a brow, “That’s it? Just like that? No more questions?”


“Yeah. No more,” You say as you shook your head.


Amazed at your cooperativeness, she replied, “Whoa. That was a quick one.” She nodded then clasped her hands together, “Okay, so, again, what do you want to be reborn as?”


“A maltese,” You say with a determined look.


She furrowed her brow, “That’s the small dog right?”




She held her chin with a hand, “A dog huh? Popular choice. However, I don’t usually get requests over breeds. Why?”


You smiled at a memory. She was a scaredy cat. Even small dogs scare her actually. However, two of your friends got Maltese as their pets. It was a really rough road but she warmed up to the two of them. Maybe there’s another room for that dog in her non-scary category?


“So she won’t be afraid of me and I can stay by her side and watch over her,” You replied.




“Yesterday, I met with Wendy, Yeri, and Joy. It was very chaotic!” She laughed at the memory of the trio’s visit. “They insisted on cooking and the whole time I was on the edge. What if they burn the house down? Knowing those three it wouldn’t be impossible.”


She looked at you.


“It was actually good. The food. I know it’s surprising. If you were there, you would’ve been so amazed.”


She sighed.


“Your Sujebi is still number one for me though.” She reached out and ran a finger over you. “Cook it for me again someday?”


She tries to blink rapidly but a tear made its way out.


“Don’t misunderstand. I’m not sad.”


She was quick to wipe away the tear.


“I just...”


But more tears came.


“I just miss you a little more today, Love.”




A nice thing about being reborn as a non-human is that you get to be born on the same town where you died. So here you are now in a dog shelter months after you left your dog mom and became a stray.


You are kind of popular with the guests actually but you made sure to show an attitude so they wouldn’t take you home. However, when Joy and Yeri came to the shelter to volunteer , you became a little excited about seeing them again.


You wiggled your tail and ran in circles around them. They were delighted and played a lot with you. You know they like to volunteer in dog shelters. If your wife wasn’t such a scaredy cat, you would’ve gone here too.


You find yourself laying on Yeri’s lap as she plays with your ears. It was such a tiring and fun day and you definitely missed the duo. “You know they said this dog doesn’t really like to play with volunteers or guests,” Joy said while gesturing to you.


That is true because you kept thinking of ways to actually get out of here and see her again. You were so close before you got caught as a stray.


“Oh really?” Yeri continued to scratch your ear. It was actually making you sleepy. “She was such a sweetheart to us though.”


You really really missed them. These two are like your two younger sisters. Like today, when you were still a human, you also used to play with them a lot. You always support their antics and were always a willing victim to their pranks.


“I think she is the one,” You heard Yeri say.


The one?


Your ears perk up at the statement. What does she mean?


“Like you said, she doesn’t play with anyone else. I mean that’s a sign right? I think she really is the one. She will be a great match to my Totori!”


Excuse me?!! Totori?!!!!!!


“I will adopt her!”


No way!!!!


None of your plans ever include being a wife to Totori or any other dog even!! You hastily stood up and began barking scarily. Okay, the scary was just in your head because you are such a small dog and even when you growl, you do know it would look adorable. However, this also worked every time and guests do take note that you don’t wanna be with them.


Yeri and Joy, however, do not.


“Ohhhhh. I think she likes it!”




Why can’t they take a hint?? And they call themselves dog owners?!!


Joy was quick to take you into her arms and they began walking to the office so they can discuss the adoption paper works.


This office room is, however, close to the entrance. You have never made it this far simply because you are confined to the non-office area where all the other dogs stay and play.


Your eyes are glued to the entrance and when another man came in, you quickly jumped from Joy’s arm in order to make it before the door automatically closes.


They immediately ran after you but you are such a determined small dog and used your tiny size to hide from time to time. You also kinda felt guilty when Yeri almost got you but you managed to evade and she fell on her face. Maybe she will think twice now about you becoming Totori’s wife.


You know where your house is from the shelter because you have passed by it a couple of times when you were still human. After nearly 30 minutes of running and hide and seek, you are finally here.


You take tentative steps.


It was nostalgic how you used to live here, how you used to wake up every morning with a sight of her wonderful sleeping face, how you kiss her awake and spend an awful lot of time in the morning cuddling, how you stole kisses while preparing food, how she smiles whenever you kiss her forehead when you separate to work, how you hold hands walking back to your room after a tiring day, how you held her in your embrace as she drifts to sleep, and how you think about a future- your future with her even in your sleep.


A future that ended too early.


You were so young… and so in love to have departed so soon.


However, that doesn’t mean you can’t paint another future with her right?


You stand in front of the door of what used to be your home.


Which, ironically, might also be your future home.


With your short paws, you pat the door. Well, this is your equivalent to how humans knock. You aren’t making as much noise given how tiny you are so you do it over and over again until the door opened.


And there she is.


The love of your life.


The last time you saw her was when you used to look at her from six feet below the ground. Before that, if you count the last time you were alive, it was when she held your hand as you used your last breath to say you loved her one last time.


“I’m finally back home, Love,” You barked in dog language as you let out your sweetest smile.


She looked at you in horror as she jumped and accidentally scratched her chest with her nails before falling on the floor and ultimately fainting.

















At least you know that even in your dog form, she fell for you.




“I really think this is fate, Joohyun! You should adopt her!” Wendy said while she pats you in the head. In your peripheral, you can see Joy holding an ice pack to Yeri’s face. Joohyun turns to look at you again and you made sure you give your oh so charming doggy smile (that actually scared her a bit).


“It’s been a year, Joo. I think it’s time to have company,” You can see the concern in Wendy’s face.


The love of your life sighs and turns to look at the pictures on the walls. It’s you and her from when you were kids until a year back.


You see the sad look in her eyes and you just wanted to take all the pain you have caused because of your departure.


She still looks pretty when crying but she had always looked best when her eyes are shaped as crescents and her grin spread widely as she laughs like there is no end.


You jumped from Wendy’s grip and came closer to her.


Her body flinched a bit seeing you so near yet she didn’t take her eyes off of you.


You pat her legs then spread both of your paws up.


After quite some time, she hesitantly picked you up and looked at you eye to eye.


You placed your head lovingly against her jaw, closed your eyes, and nuzzled your nose. After a few seconds, you looked at her and her jaw.


She smiled and you take that as a sign to her face.


She began to giggle until she let out a full blown laugh and dog , it was music to your doggy ears.




She has always been funny but she has become funnier these days when dealing with you.


At first, she has this super awkward pose when trying to feed you. Her body is far while she slides her other feet so she could reach you. It gets funnier as you remember this was also how she fed the Elephant with a banana during your trip to Thailand.


She had to recruit Joy or Wendy in order to bathe you in your early weeks of adoption. Yeri did it too for some time until she brought Totori to resume her agenda in you becoming Totori’s bride and you growled at her in anger. No offense to Totori but you are already married.


There will be no one else but her. Human or not.


Back to Irene. Even if she was afraid, she would pat your head tentatively with a single finger before she eventually pat you with her hand after warming up for some time.


When you close your eyes and pretend to sleep in your bed, you could feel her gaze as she stops reading her book while sitting on the bed.


When she is asleep, you make your way to your (when you were still human) bed and snuggle close to her.


Sometimes, she rouses from sleep and says in the softest and cutest voice, “Ddeulgi?”


Yes. That was the name she gave you. It came from your name when you were still a human. From that, you realized that even as a memory, you take a huge part of her life. Well, you always knew that but it’s even more evident now.


Every time she calls you that new name, your heart would flutter in an unlimited number of ways because even if you are no longer human, you get to stay by her side and love her in the little ways that you can for as long as you can.




You look through the window as the car comes to a halt.


She turns off the ignition and turns to you. She said she wanted to introduce you to someone and even without her saying, you already knew who it is.


She takes you in her hands as she walks closer to her destination. She placed you on her lap as she sat on the grass next to a gravestone you are very familiar with.


You used to look from below so this is the first time you are looking at this from above.


It is your gravestone.


Kang Seulgi



“Love, meet Ddeulgi,” You lift your head as you look at the love of your life. She’s looking at your gravestone.


She pats your head as she continues, “She reminds me of you.”


“I’m sure you would’ve loved her.” She looks at you and kisses your furry head, “I already do.”


This time she looks at your grave with a sincere smile, “I already do love her.”


You let out a cry and she looks back at you, “Are you crying Ddeulgi-ah? Don’t be. I’m not sad.”


“The two beings I love the most met each other. I’m happy.”


She hugs you.


“I’m really am.”




She was driving back while you remain seated while looking at the scenery outside.




You turned your head and softly barked to acknowledge her.


“Thank you.”


You tilt your head to the side.


Thank you for?


She reached out a hand to pet you. You melt at her touch like always. She will always have that effect on you - dog or not.


Ah. For that.


She smiled.


You did too.


“Arf arf arf!!!”


Thank you for making me happy too.









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