Bear Oppas

Keep Calm and Don't (Gay) Panic

Seulgi and Irene have been dating for a year but she still hasn’t introduced her to her brothers: Daesung, Dongho, and Daniel. Just when she was about to do it, here comes the problem: the boys are head over heels for Irene without knowing she is Seulgi’s girlfriend.



“Rene!” Seulgi happily said as she tackled Irene to a hug which the other girl reciprocated. It’s her first day in the same university as her girlfriend, Irene, who is a year older than her, and they decided to meet somewhere within campus but far from their respective buildings.


“How was your first day?” Irene replied as she broke the hug and directed the other girl to a nearby bench.


“It’s awesome! I have friends now.” Seulgi went on to talk about how the day went with excitement. Irene listens as she watches the younger girl talk animatedly.


The older girl went on to also share about her day mentioning she started her elective classes such as dance class. “Oh! Daniel Oppa told me he also took that class. Did you saw him?” Seulgi asks while tilting her head.


Irene chuckles, “Yeah I did but he’s in another class actually. The bear genes really run in your family, Seul.” She pinches her girlfriend’s cheek. Seulgi is the youngest out of Kang siblings and the only female. Her brothers, Daesung, Dongho, and Daniel are all known for the bear like features much like their baby bear, Seulgi.


“I hope someday I could introduce you to my Oppas as my girlfriend, Rene. Just give me some time,” Seulgi said while pouting. They have been in a relationship for more than a year already having been confessed to by Irene before the older graduated in high school but she still hasn’t introduced her to her family. The younger girl is just afraid of what her brothers would think. They might not accept them and berate her choices because she likes the same gender as them. On the other hand, Irene has introduced her to her sister and parents which she has bonded with on several occasions before.


“It’s okay, Seul. I understand,” Irene pats Seulgi’s head as she looks at her fondly. The younger beams at her with reassurance, “Just give me a few months more! I’ll definitely do it.”


She pecks Seulgi on her cheek after making sure no one was looking, “Sure, Baby Bear.”




A few more months in and Seulgi was determined more than ever. The past few weeks, she has invited her brothers to watch several dramas and movies and among those, she has chosen a few with LGBT contents in order to gauge their reactions regarding same relationships. She didn’t see any bit of disgust. They were nonchalant most often time and there are even few cases where they commented that the couples are cute.


Having this newfound determination, she invited her Oppas for coffee. The idea was for Irene to come in after a few minutes so she could introduce her girlfriend. Irene made quite a name in her school with both academics and student council responsibilities (and her face of course) so that might earn them a few approval points if they know how amazing her girlfriend is.


They are now in the shop and Seulgi texts Irene to make her entrance already. While she continues to contact her, the boys are currently chatting about a girl in their school.


“She’s in the same year as me. She’ll be more comfortable to talk to me than the both of you,” Daniel says smugly at his older brothers.


This made Dongho, who’s a year older, scoff in disbelief as he counters, “You don’t even share a class with her! We’re both in the council together, Kiddo. Unlike you, we have talked a few times.” He scrunches his nose and blushed lightly, “Judging by those smiles, I bet she likes me.”


Loud chuckles can be heard from Daesung as he looked at his younger brothers with pity, “Ha. Ha. Ha. You know how I’m in the basketball team right? She comes just to see me on my games. You can see the way she looks at me. If that’s not love then I don’t know what that is.”


“Delusion. That’s what it is,” Daniel counters. Dongho places a hand over his shoulder, “Yeah, they only attend because of extra points!”


“Yeah. And you don’t even play for more than 3 minutes!” Daniel and Dongho high fived each other.


“Do you guys want to die?!” Daesung made some some punching motions with his fist that the younger ones also laughed at.


“Uhm... Oppas?” Seulgi interrupts them as soon as Irene confirms she’s now just around the area and will be coming in a few minutes, “Yes, our baby bear?” Her brothers looked at her with utmost attention.


“...So. I actually have something to say? Uhmm.” She fidgets in her seat, unable to find words on how to start until she decides to gather a bit more courage and postpone for another few minutes, “I’ll just head to the toilet first and tell you when I come back.” She stood up and left.


In the toilet, she fidgets in front of the mirror, trying to remember the script she has prepared for this moment. On her second repetition, she felt her phone vibrate and opened to check the message.


Joohyun: I’m outside already.

Seulgi: Okay, I will tell them now.

Seulgi: Just wait there until I call you over.

Joohyun: Okay. Goodluck, Seulbear! :*


“This is now or never!” Seulgi says as she lightly slaps her cheeks on both sides. She went back to their table and just when she was near, she overheard the boys talking with one another while looking outside the coffee shop.


“She’s standing outside.” Daniel slightly stood up to get a better view. “Yeah, I think she’s alone. Do you think she’s waiting for someone?” Dongho adds as well. Daesung nods and wonders too, “Did her date stood her up? Who would even dare? I’d kill him.”


Seulgi follows their line of sight and she spots Irene who turned around in time to catch her gaze. The older girl smiled at her.


“Oh my god! She’s looking at me! What do I do?” Daesung puts a hand over his chest. “What are you even saying? She’s definitely looking at me!” Daniel counterattacks which made Dongho nudge him, “I’m the only one she knows. It’s me she’s looking at!”


They all looked at each other in disbelief claiming that she’s theirs, “She likes me.”


“No, she likes me.”


“No, it’s me!” Daniel stood up and pointed at himself with his thumb, “Nayana~ Nayana~”


Dongho and Daesung also stood up. In chorus, they all whisper-shouted, “No, Irene Bae likes me!”


They like Irene Bae? Seulgi’s girlfriend Irene Bae?!


Seulgi was finally able to catch what was happening and it’s definitely not good. Just when boys were deciding which one should approach Irene because they thought she might be lonely, Seulgi hastily types her girlfriend a text.


Seulgi: Get out of here now!

Seulgi: Please

Irene: Huh? Why?

Seulgi: Just do it!


Irene went immediately out of sight and they boys are crestfallen about the situation. “It’s your fault. You scared her away.”


“Excuse me, it was your fault.”


“No, it’s yours!”


“Uhmm. Oppas?” The three boys looked at her immediately, “Yes, Seul?” Seulgi took a seat and asked them, “Are you guys fighting?” Her brothers looked at one another. They are actually not fighting though they looked like they are. It was more on friendly banters just to one up each other because of the girl they are crushing on, “We are just joking around, Baby Bear. Oh. Aren’t you supposed to say something?”


Seulgi fidgets in her seat unable to think of anything, “Yeah but I forgot. I’ll tell you some other time instead.” She lets out a breath she was unknowingly holding when they all agreed with her.




“Rene, they like you!” Seulgi called her girlfriend as soon as they arrived home. She hurriedly made her way to her room.


“What? Really? I thought they don’t since you sent me away.”


She plops down on her mattress. “No, I mean they like like you!”


“Like like? Oh, you mean???”


Seulgi groans and buried herself on her pillow, “Yes!! What am I supposed to do now?”


They agreed to meet in order to come up with a plan. “What if I do something to turn them off? Like be mean or what?” Irene suggested as she took a sip of her coffee.


Seulgi pouts at the idea, “No, they wouldn’t like you for me then.”


Joohyun placed a hand on her chin, softly rubbing it until a light bulb emerged, “How about we set them up with our friends?” She adds, “Oh but my friends are all in a relationship right now. How about yours?”


Seulgi thought of her old friends and the new ones like Wendy, Yeri, and Joy but the thought of them being younger than her then being romantically linked with her older brothers just didn’t sit well with her. “My friends are so young. I’m the oldest. That’ll be weird.”


She places her head over the table in utter defeat, “What am I gonna do now?” They could technically postpone the introduction but she’s uneasy with the idea of her brothers potentially making a move on Irene if they delay this further. She loves her girlfriend very much and she wants to hold her hand and even kiss her in public soon.


Irene longs to do those stuff too as she would sometimes stare at other couples who could freely express their love for each other in public. She thought long and hard until another light bulb popped out. She looked at Seulgi and placed a hand over hers as she mutters with confidence, “Leave it to me, Seul.”




It was the weekend and all of the Kang siblings are staying at home. It was kind of a habit for them to hibernate longer during these kind of days like the bears that they are and wake up late.


It was nearly 12nn when the eldest of the Kang siblings, Daesung, woke up. He makes his way to the couch to sleep further when, suddenly, a doorbell can be heard.


“Yah yah, get it, Dongho,” Daesung groans while poking the younger’s shoulder with his foot. Dongho is sitting on the floor while playing a game on his phone, “Daniel do it! I’m gonna lose!”


Daniel, the youngest guy, just came out from the kitchen and made his way to the door following his brother’s order. He opened the door, saw who is outside, then closed it immediately with a slam. He turned around and leaned on the door as realization dawn upon him, “Uhm. Uhh. I-I think Irene Bae is outside?”


Daesung furrows his eyebrows while adjusting his back for more comfort in the couch, he lets out a yawn, “Why is someone here on a weeken- Wait! Did you say Irene Bae?!”


He sat upright with eyes as wide as saucers as he looked at Daniel. The youngest guy nods eagerly. Daniel then looks at Dongho who is also looking back at him, “And you just slammed the door at her???”


“Oh yeah right!” Daniel hastily opened the door again while his elder siblings popped up beside him, “Hello there!”


“Good mor- afternoon!” Dongho said at the same time.


Daesung shoves the two on the side and shouts “MARRY M-“


The younger ones immediately put a hand over his mouth and glares at him. The eldest removed their fingers and cleared his throat, “I said hi.”


Irene greeted them back along with a smile, “Hello.” They continued looking at her with goofy smiles on their faces as heavy silence ensues for a minute.












“Uhh. Can I come in?” Irene asks after a long while of awkwardness and blinking on both sides.


“Yes! Sure!” They all said in chorus. Daniel shoved the door wide open while Dongho and Daesung hurriedly hid some of the mess in their living room. Irene thinks she just saw one of them shove candy wrappers on the corners of the couch?


They made Irene sat in the single seater while the three situated in the long couch.


“So...” The girl cleared after another round of silence.


“Oh yes, why are you here, Irene?” Dongho asks her with a friendly tune. They have been acquainted with one another being each of their year’s representatives.


Irene smiled back, “I’m here to see someone.”


The boys looked at each other in disbelief before letting out smug faces that screams “She’s here to see me!” They subtly elbow each other and with goofy smiles on their faces they asked Irene again, “Who is it?”


Seulgi, who just woke up, groggily made her way downstairs. She was in the process of fixing her bird-nest like hair when she saw the sight of someone she didn’t expect downstairs.


Irene beams when she saw her girlfriend looking so adorable with her messy hair. There is honey dripping in her voice and the biggest smile on her lips when she faced the three brothers to state her purpose.


“I’m here to ask Seulgi out.”






















*crow sounds*




















*more crow sounds*






















“NO WAIT- HUH! WHAT THE ?!?!” The boys asked in chorus, shock evident on their faces. Did she just say she wants to take Seulgi out on a date?!!! Not just any Seulgi but their Baby Bear Seulgi????


Irene ce again to look at secret girlfriend. Her stare fixed at her, “I really like her.”


The guys looked back and forth with their mouth open at the two girls before nodding at each other. They proceeding to stand up and carry the youngest Kang back upstairs, “H-hey!!”


One of them turned to look back at the other girl, “Please give us a moment, Irene!”


Once they arrived upstairs, Daniel proceeds to comb Seulgi’s hair while Dongho grabbed her a change of clothing. They pushed the youngest towards the bathroom along with her clothes signaling her to change.


While Seulgi was changing, Daesung shouted from the outside, “Seul, you’re not homophobic right?” The youngest didn’t hear him and continued to put her top. She went outside and asked his brother, “What did you say?”


Dongho placed a hand over one of her shoulders, “We know you are straight, Seul.” Daniel placed his hand on Seulgi’s other shoulder, “But if it’s Irene Bae, there’s nothing else you can do but bend.” Daesung pats her back as he concludes, “You are gay now.”


On the other hand, Seulgi, still not fully awake, was still processing the information when they once again carried her.


“Wait, let’s put some powder!” Daesung proceeds to apply powder and some light blush on that he hastily picked up from the youngest’s room before they lift her back downstairs.


Irene was quite worried about what happened and was slightly regretting her plan when she finally saw them again. She tried to stifle a laugh at the sight of a sleepy Seulgi being carried. When the youngest was finally put down, Irene bit her lip to once again stop herself from laughing harder because of the uneven blush in Seulgi’s cheeks.


The boys looked at her with enthusiasm as they break the news, “She’s gonna go out with you!” They made some assuring pats on Seulgi’s back. Irene quirked her eyebrows, surprise written on her face.


That was...





“And yeah, she’s totally free to go on a date later in the afternoon,” Daesung adds. “Here’s her number so you can meet later 2PM at RV Cafe.” Dongho hands her a piece of paper with scribbled numbers.


Just as Irene was about to open , Seulgi was once again lifted back upstairs, “Hey!! I didn’t even get a chance to talk!!” They bid Irene goodbye and told her that the young bear needs to prepare for the said date hours from now.


Irene: I’m not sure what happened.

Seulgi: It was very weird??? Lol

Seulgi: But your plan is working!

Irene: I didn’t know it would work this well??

Seulgi: Chat you later, Rene.

Seulgi: My Oppas are forcing me to shower already.

Irene: Because of our “first date”?

Seulgi: Yeah. They are currently searching my wardrobe too!

Irene: Lol! Can’t wait to see what they’ll make you wear. Your blush on was so cute!

Seulgi: I’m starting to fear for my life!

Seulgi: Ooops, I really need to shower now.

Irene: See ya later, Babe. Love you!

Seulgi: Love you more!




Seulgi’s brothers dropped her off the restaurant where she will meet Irene. For a casual date, they sure made her wear something over the top because of her long dress.


Just as she was about to walk away, she was held back by Dongho’s hand on her shoulder, “Wait. Seul. She already likes you. I’m sure after this, she’ll like you even more. You just need to be your usual charming bear self, okay?”


She grabs the opportunity to ask them, “Are you sure you are okay with this? I know you all like her.”


The older guys looked at her unfazed, “We have moved on.”


“Since when?”


“30 seconds after she said she liked you,” Daniel said.


The eldest Kang sighed and looked at her, “We did hope to be her man but she likes a woman. We respect that. And it’s not just any other woman, it’s you, Seul.”


He runs his thumb over Seulgi’s cheek, “I’m ashamed to say we liked her because of superficial matters. You are, honestly, the best for her among all of us. She deserves a pure heart who can love her not because she’s pretty and famous but because she’s her own person. And our Baby Bear deserves that too. She already looks at you with so much love and you didn’t even have your first date yet.”


Seulgi was so touched she could feel her tears forming in her eyes. She should’ve never doubted her brothers. They will accept her for who she is with open arms.


Dongho pats her head, “Don’t cry, Baby Bear. We didn’t watch several YouTube makeup tutorials just for it to be ruined before your date.”


Daniel wipes her tears away, “Now, go in there and be a good future girlfriend.”




The date went nice. Of course, it would. Every moment with her girlfriend always feels like a bliss for both Seulgi and Irene. They are too in love for their own good and they feel over the moon because they are finally accepted.


They kept conversing happily unbeknownst to them that three pairs of eyes are watching them from a distance.


“Are you crying?” Daniel asks Dongho after hearing what seems to be soft sobs from him.


“I’m not!” He replied while wiping his eyes, “Can you pass me some tissues?”


Just when he was about to reach it, he saw Daesung take some, “Are you crying too?”


His cheeks are stained with tears and eyes both red, “Our baby bear is all grown up now.”


“She is,” Dongho adds as he looked at the couple once more, “She used to be a little girl and we used to be her world. Now she’s about to have another person as her world.”


Daniel stared at his brothers and began to tear up as well. Indeed, their little girl is now a woman.


They hugged each other while crying until their cries grew louder attracting attention from the other patrons near them in the restaurant. Good thing Irene and Seulgi are sitting on the opposite end.




Irene and Seulgi are now in front of the Bear’s house hand in hand. Seulgi’s brothers are already inside having possibly broken a few traffic rules just so they could arrive home earlier than their sister.


“Thanks for coming up with this plan,” Seulgi squeezes the older’s hand. Irene smiles at her, “It’s still far from over though.”


The younger girl smiles at her, “I’m sure we could manage.” Irene leaned so their faces will now be a few inches away, “Yes we could.”


They both closed their eyes so their lips could meet. Little by little their gap lessened until-




Irene jumped a bit because of shock and they both stared at the source of the sound. Daesung looked at them from the door with Dongho and Daniel’s head poking out on his back.


They were obviously NOT eves dropping and they obviously did NOT panic and rushed to the door when Irene and Seulgi were about to kiss.


Seulgi looks at girlfriend apologetically upon her realization. Irene giggled at her and faced her brothers, “I was just taking Seulgi home.”


They nodded at her, “Oh how was it?” They tried to sound so nonchalant and curious as if they did not watch the both of them during the whole duration of their dinner.


“It was lovely,” Irene said as she takes Seulgi’s hand once again. They stared at each other.


Daesung coughs again still not used to seeing their youngest being held likes this. ”So, there’s a second date?”


The older girl looked at them with the brightest smile on her face, “Yes. And a third, and fourth, and so on and so forth.”


Seulgi blushes.




Seulgi: Sorry about that.

Seulgi: I still really want to kiss you :(

Irene: Me too :(

Irene: Want me to sneak in?

Irene: Just like the old times?

Seulgi: Can you?

Irene: Watch me ;)


Irene turned the car around with a smile on her face.


As soon as she made her way through Seulgi’s window, the younger was quick to attach her their lips together.


Seulgi carried Irene and made her sit on her bed before once again mending their lips together. Irene holds the back of her neck urging the other girl to deepen their kisses. Seulgi got on top and pushed Irene’s shoulders until her back hit the mattress.




“Wait. We never really asked Seul how she feels about this?” Dongho asks his brothers while they are watching a movie in the living room. It was nearly an hour since Irene left and Seulgi resigned to rest in her room.


“From the way we saw it, she definitely likes Irene.” Daniel continues to much on his popcorn.


“Not that. She might feel uncomfortable about how others will see their relationship because they are both females,” Dongho adds.


“I’m getting your point now. It’s our job to assure her that it’s okay and we’ll continue to support them all the way if this manifests in a relationship,” Daesung nods.


“Let’s go to her room now and talk to her.”


The boys knocked at Seulgi’s door but they got no answer. They knocked once again and still nothing. They assumed Seulgi was already asleep too tired from today’s happenings. They tried and opened the door which turned out to be unlocked just so they could kiss the forehead of their Baby Bear goodnight.


Once it opened, they noticed there are two figures on the bed. Seulgi is on top of the Irene while engulfed in a make out session.






















Oh, they are making out.









































They are making out?!!


“WHAT IS THIS!!!” They all shouted in chorus.


Seulgi and Irene got the shock of their life and immediately scrambled to sit upright, “W-we can explain!”




The couple went on to explain their relationship and the history of why they came up with this plan. All throughout their story telling, the faces of Daesung, Dongho, and Daniel are devoid of all emotions.


“I understand if you don’t want me for her anymore but I really love her. I will fight for her,” Irene said with tears in her eyes.


After a few minutes of silence, Daesung let out a heavy sigh, “We can never be against this relationship. We are just hurt that Seulgi didn’t have that much faith in us.”


Dongho nods, “We love Seulgi so much and we are happy if she’s happy. And she’s happy with you.”


“So, don’t mind us and be happy together,” Daniel adds.


This made both Seulgi and Irene tear up. Seulgi got up to hug her Oppas, “Thank you so much!”


They happily hugged her back, “We love you, Seul!”


“I love you too!”


Irene watches them with tears in her eyes until they all turned at her, “Why don’t you join us, sister-in-law?”


She blushed so hard but didn’t stop that from approaching them and share a big group hug, or in this case, a big bear hug.


Once the group separated from each other, Daniel was quick to comment, “On other news, our Seul is a top!”


They continued teasing the girls until Irene had to call it a night and bid goodbye.


Before Seulgi went upstairs to rest in her room, her Oppas called her once more. The boys looked at each other and nodded.


Daesung retrieved something from his back pocket, “I really didn’t think you’d be the one to use this, Seul, but-”


He handed her some cards. Seulgi took it and began to read, ”30% off Velvet love m-“


She looked up at her brothers with a bright blush on her face extending to her ears and neck.


Did they just give her love motel coupons?!!




Having been spotted together in the university for a couple of days, Irene and Seulgi’s relationship spread like wildfire in the university.


They are now huddled in a bench after eating their lunch. Irene’s head is resting on Seulgi’s shoulders as they enjoy their time together in silence, “I’ve always wanted to do this with you.”


Seulgi kissed Irene’s forehead, “Me too.”


From a distance, three pair of eyes are once again looking at them.


“They are so cute together,” The three brothers commented.


“They are gonna have wonderful babies in the future for sure,” Daniel said.


Daesung looked at him sadly, “I’ll be so sad yet happy if that day comes. She’s still our baby but she’ll have another baby.” His mouth began to quiver.


Dongho patted his back, “She’ll be an amazing mom and wife.”


They all began to tear up, “and we’re gonna be an amazing uncle.”


Yeri, Joy, and Wendy are passing by when they heard the growing cries of the older men who they recognized as Seulgi’s brothers. They nudged each other, “Are they crying?”


The guys turned to look at them with a glare.




Yup, Seulgi’s brothers are definitely NOT crybabies.

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