Love Your Enemies

Keep Calm and Don't (Gay) Panic

For enemies, Seulgi and Irene sure do like to cuddle (and kiss) so much.

Or Joy and her observations.

Or enemies to lovers but make it gay.


For enemies, they sure are together a lot.

They both cannot remember when it began. Was it the time Irene accidentally tripped Seulgi during kindergarten? Or was it when Seulgi clumsily spilled water on Irene’s homework in first grade?

The reason doesn’t even matter now that the only thing they care about is the immense hate they have for each other, so much that they kept on competing (and fighting) with each other since they were kids.

They battled for nearly every single thing. Dancing, singing, sports, even the minuscule ones such as who can peel fruits the best during cooking class. In truth, nobody ever won because if ever one of them would lose, the loser would win the next round.

It has always been like that.

But that also make them stick around with each other. They always meet up to make silly challenges and petty insults. They’d spent their weekends in a cafe or somewhere just to, example, compete about who can drink a blazing cold frappe the fastest with them, of course, ending up having brain freezes. They’d go home together and predict if most people will enter the train with their right or left foot. (They are also often seen in the library together. But that’s because they both at academics. Their tutor and common friend Wendy can attest to that. And yes, academics is an exception to the competition.)

So it’s no surprise that when Seulgi decided to be a trainee, Irene followed suit. They both got in to SM Entertainment and became the best trainees.

Maybe their competitive spirits are also the reason that despite the company debuting boy groups after boy groups, they both stuck around. They didn’t want to be the first one to back out even if they were losing hope.

They were so into the competition focusing daily on how they can outperform one another that they forgot one possibility that could emerge from this.

“You guys are debuting as a duo!! Congratulations!” Mr. Lee exclaimed one morning in April. They both looked at him in shock before facing each other.

They always thought about one succeeding to be in the debut group and the other having to move companies but debuting together? More than that, debuting not even as a group but as a duo?? Them?? Irene AND Seulgi???

That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

They are polar opposites, yin and yang, two sides of the same coin. They absolutely cannot last for a few minutes without annoying each other.

Can this even work?


Short answer: It does.

At least on the stage. They flow so well together up there that the audience couldn’t help but gasp at the incredible amount of chemistry.

But off stage?

It’s a different story.
(Or, actually, it has always been the same story)


Seulgi ran to the trashcan to throw up what she ate. She came back with red ears as she shouted, “Why’d you put so much chili sauce on my noodles?!!!”

Irene heartily laughs as she looks back at the angry girl, “Was it good?”

The fuming girl narrows her eye at her, “You were trying to get back at me for the salty drink I gave you!”

Irene looked at her and scoffed, “Aha! So you’re finally admitting it was you!”

“Okay, stop it! You two!” Joy, their manager, shouts and makes her way in between them, “Can’t y’all last a day without going at each other’s throats?!”

“She started it!” Irene glares at the taller girl. “No, she did!” Seulgi fights back.

Joy sighs at the two. They are always bickering like children and pulling off pranks with each other now that they can’t really compete and must work as a team.

It wasn’t a secret to her or their staffs that they are enemies but she finds them a little weird to be one.

Maybe because they are quite close?

Whic leads to this great example:
Minutes after, both girls are huddled together playing a detective game on an iPad like the whole fight didn’t happen and Joy just hallucinated.

“You fool! You should click this.”
“No, it’s this one.”
“Oh, we’re stuck.”
“Whoa!!! It worked!”
“As expected, I’m too good at this game.”
“Dream all you can. You just got lucky.”
“Oh!! Would you look at that?! Yeah!”

They are both smiling while happily tapping that gadget with determined looks.

Joy thinks they are really weird because even with the constant fight, they are always together.

And they look cute at that.

So cute actually.






Observation #2:
For enemies, they sure do cuddle a lot.

Irene thought her hate for Seulgi reached a new height today. They have arrived to Japan for a 3-day schedule and had to share a room with each other which is not new because they only have one room at their dorm which makes them automatically roommates even in Korea.

They finished their schedule today and she was about to resign to bed when she noticed something missing.

She always ALWAYS carry her bear plushie with her because she can’t sleep without one. She knows she’s a little old for this but it’s an absolute super duper must in her life.

Turns out Seulgi took it out while adding stuff to their common luggage and forgot to put it back in. Now, unless she she fly back to Korea, she has to survive three days without it. Three ing days.

The younger girl saw her lie in the opposite bed after fuming in anger. Irene faces the wall to stop her tears of frustration. That along with fatigue has fueled the fire in her.

Although they hate each other, they do know how not to go over the limit of what is both accepted to them. Seulgi knows this isn’t one. They are both too tired from their schedules and moments of sleep are ones they treasure the most which she’ll deprive Irene because of what she did.

With guilt, she transfers to Irene’s bed, lying on the older’s side before putting her arm around Irene’s waist.

Irene jolted and immediately turned around shocked at the intrusion. The younger girl nonchalantly looked at her before saying, “I’m also a bear and... Well, you don’t know it but everyone says I give the best cuddles.”

Irene glares at her, “Do you mean you go around cuddling everyone?”

“No. That’s not what I m-“

Irene leans closer. She rests her hand around Seulgi’s back before nuzzling her face in the crook of the other’s neck, “Keep quiet. I want to sleep now.”

Seulgi pulls her closer and whispers in a very faint voice, “You asked me. Ugh.”

“Can’t you shut up already, Kang?”

“How about you shut up too, Bae?”

They both won’t admit but they slept peacefully that night.


The next day went smoothly. They had a fan meeting event for the promotion of a Japanese product they’re endorsing. The fans are bursting with energy as always. The energy was so up there that the tiredness came crashing as soon as they went back to their room.

Seulgi finished showering and applying a few beauty products on her face. She has always been a low maintenance kind of person. She entered the room with Irene doing her extensive beauty care routine in front of the vanity table.

She lied down on her bed and absentmindedly stared at Irene’s reflection on the mirror.

Even without make up, the girl was stunning. She has never noticed when they were children but Irene’s beauty glow during their puberty years hit her like a truck. She was glad that Irene didn’t boast about her hefty amount of admirers else Seulgi would’ve been shredded to pieces. Despite her popularity, Irene never paid them attention though because she was always busy competing with Seulgi.

Or maybe because Irene doesn’t really care about superficialities. Or maybe because Irene is so much more than a pretty face.

The shorter girl finished her routine and instead of going to her bed, she headed straight to Seulgi’s. Seulgi pretended to be asleep when she saw her approaching.


“I know you’re awake,” She says but the taller girl didn’t budge. She was quick to poke her with her foot.

“Ouch!!” Seulgi opens her eyes and glares at Irene. “What do you want?”

“Move.” Despite the confidence in the shorter girl’s voice, her hands had been restless on her sides, “I need to sleep.”

Seulgi smiles smugly at her, “Is this your way of agreeing that I give the best cuddles?” She raises both of her brows teasingly.

“Hell no.”

Irene rolls her eyes before taking Seulgi’s arm. She placed her head on it before snuggling to the taller’s side, “This is like... collateral damage.”

Seulgi laughs, pulls her closer, and places her chin on top of the other’s head, “You don’t have to be shy.”

Irene punches her in the stomach, “Ouch!”

“Can you stop being violent?!”

“You deserve it.”

“I was just saying the truth!”


They finished their schedule in the afternoon the next day and flew back to Korea right after.

It was nearly midnight when they arrived at their dorm. Both Seulgi and Irene were too tired to bother changing clothes or doing their nightly routine.

As soon as they entered the room, they lied down on Seulgi’s bed, arms and legs entangled with each other like it’s automatic.

Irene’s teddy totally forgotten on her bed that night.

And all the nights that followed.


It’s been a couple of weeks since they ended promotions. That also means a couple of weeks since they are like this.

They are both huddled on the couch watching the latest episode of Hospital Playlist with Seulgi spooning Irene from behind.

“Let’s watch something else,” Irene says while trying to reach the remote.

“No, you only watch shows for old people,” The younger says as she holds Irene’s wrist in place.

“You want to watch Invincible Youth right?”

“I do not!” Irene turns around to repeatedly smack Seulgi in the arm.

“Ouch! Stop it!” The taller girl locks her in a hug which made Irene stop and nuzzle closer to Seulgi’s neck.

“I’m not old but okay watch that while I nap,” Irene said with muffled sounds.

Seulgi laughs at that then makes some soothing movements on Irene’s back in order to make the shorter girl drift faster to slumber, “Just go to sleep, old hag.”

Irene smiled secretly at this. Seulgi can be so annoying and caring at the same time. Just like how she can be so hot then be so cute in a second.

She can cut you with her gaze but also kill you with her eye smile. She can be so cuddly but looked so ripped at the same time.

It’s unfair how she’s so effortless in this. So effortless in making Irene hit a nerve yet make her heart thump at the same time without intending to.

Although she doesn’t want to say she likes it, she does.


It was an hour after when they are both awoken by loud knocks on the door. Seulgi peeked through the hole and saw Joy and Yeri, their friend and composer waiting outside.

She let them in and they are both carrying boxes of pizza and chicken, “We’re here for an impromptu movie night, jobless people!”

They ate food while watching a random movie that Yeri picked but both the younger ones were drained from working that they asked to resign early to bed.

“Which bed do you want to sleep?” Joy asks Yeri knowing that they have to separate since, obviously, the two elder girls will never ever sleep beside each other. “I can sleep at Ire-“

“You both sleep on my bed,” Seulgi said while lying on the couch and playing an fps game. Concluding that Seulgi will probably sleep on the couch, they both bid goodbyes to her and Irene, who offerred to wash the dishes.

After a while, Irene was startled when Seulgi back-hugged her from behind, “You are so slow as expected of an oldie. I want to sleep already.”

She turns her head to glare at her, “Then go wash the dishes instead. You keep complaining.”

Seulgi giggles, displaying her crescent eyes, “I don’t want to~”

She stayed like that while constantly teasing the older girl until Irene was able to finish the task. As soon as its done, Seulgi grabs her hand to pull her to the bedroom.

Joy woke up in the middle of the night very briefly. She saw Seulgi spooning Irene on the other side of the bed. She laughed.

What a dream.


It’s not a dream. She realizes in the morning.

Joy was staring at the older girls that are still cuddling in their slumber while Yeri continuously snap photographs one after another as substantial “evidence”.

Seulgi stirs awake which made them both freeze- caught in the act. Instead of reprimanding them, Seulgi places her index finger signaling them to keep quiet. “Irene is sleeping,” she said in a hushed whisper.


The three girls were playing console games in the living room when Joy decides to open the topic.

“Since when were you and Irene-unnie... uhmm... in cuddling terms?”

Seulgi, still focused on the game, answers her, “She was just feeling cold.”

“I’m feeling cold now. Will you hug me too?” Yeri comments on the side.

The older girl continuously taps the controller, “That’s your fault because you decreased the temperature of the air conditioner.”

Yeri gasps, “But you hugged Unni-“

Irene emerges from the bedroom having just woken up. She makes her way to Seulgi and taps the taller girl’s knees. Understanding what she wanted, Seulgi opened her legs and Irene settled in between with her back pressed at Seulgi’s front- both seated on the floor. The taller girl wraps her arms around and settles her chin on Irene’s shoulder, “Did you eat breakfast?”

Irene cutely shakes her head side to side which made Seulgi click her tongue in disapproval before grabbing her sandwich beside her on the floor and offering it to Irene.

She tries to take a bite but Seulgi took it away when she almost did. The younger one bursts out laughing and Irene pouts while glaring at her, “I hate you.”

Seulgi stops and tries to feed her the sandwich once again, “For real. I swear.”

She tries to take a bite again but then Seulgi shoves it too fast in . She laughs again at her while Irene continuously hit her with vigor, “You piece of !”

Once the laughter died down, Seulgi continued playing with her arms still around Irene who continued eating. The two other girls were totally perplexed by the behavior that they ended up just looking at them.

After she was done eating, she was quick to comment that she can beat Seulgi’s high score.

“Do you even know how to play?” Seulgi teases her.

“Watch me,” she says while grabbing the console.

She does end up beating not only Seulgi’s score but also Joy and Yeri’s. In their defense, the two maknaes couldn’t focus on the game- not without glancing at Seulgi’s hand which is caressing Irene’s clothed stomach.


Aside from lounging at their home during their break, both artists make sure to at least attend dancing and singing lessons while waiting for their comeback announcement.

They’ve been frequenting Tapaha, having been acquainted by Irene’s close friend Jennie.

Joy arrives with refreshments as soon as the lesson was done. The choreographer thanked her before bee-lining to leave the practice room.

With only three of them left, Joy handed over the drinks to the two other people in the room, who were panting so hard from the intense dancing they did.

They both sat on the floor at the corner of the room with Irene crawling her way to Seulgi’s side. Seulgi was quick to put an arm around her shoulder while Irene rests her head on the taller’s shoulders.

Seeing them being cuddly to each other was surely a shock to Joy at first but she’s gotten used to it these days.

She has surely seen the great chemistry that the two have if one would set aside their rivalry. In fact, she and Yeri had shipped them so hard when she first worked with them. She was a er for enemies to lovers kind of stories and hoped for the two to be one of those. That was until she had to keep the two from bickering on a daily basis that made her give up on her ship along with Yeri.

Speaking of her, she suddenly remembered she need to hand to composer the drink she bought for the younger, “I’ll go to Yeri for a bit then I have a meeting with the higher ups. You guys can practice a bit more because it will take a while.”

“Sure,” Seulgi replied while placing her head on top of Irene’s.


After three rounds of practicing the routine, the two decided to take a break again. As soon as the music stopped, Seulgi was quick to lie down to the center of the floor, arms spread widely on both sides, “I’m tired! I will nap here first.”

“Why do you keep napping at the center of the practice room?!”

“It’s none of your business,” She retorted while closing her eyes.

After a couple of seconds, she heard Irene mumble, “Is it nice to sleep there?”

She opened her eyes and gestured for the other girl to lie down as well, “Try it for yourself.”

Irene laid down with her head on Seulgi’s chest while the taller one was quick to put an arm around her and engulf her in a hug.


Joy had just finished her meeting and went back to the practice room. Inside she saw two figures sleeping soundly with arms around each other.

She grabbed the blanket that Irene always carries and wrapped it around the two girls before leaving the room with a smile on her face.






For enemies, they sure do kiss a lot.

It’s been a month since Irene started filming for a web drama she’s starring at. She’s been given the revised script for next filming and it includes... a kiss scene?

Irene and her friends (and not-friend Seulgi) knows it’s gonna be her first kiss and she’s damn nervous about it. She decided to take it positively. One, she is a professional. Two, it’s with Haneul, the most popular and sought-after actor at the moment. And lastly, “I won’t be like someone else here who would probably grow old without ever having a first kiss.” She says as she obviously refers to Seulgi.

“Who says I won’t have one?” Seulgi scoffs at her.

“Did I mention you?” She shoots back.

Seulgi glares at her, “I’ll have my first kiss too.”

Irene glares at her before rolling her eyes,”Whatever. They won’t be better than Haneul.”

“Oh really. You do know Jisoo likes me? She seems like a good kisser don’t you think?” She smirks at Irene.

Of course, she knows Jisoo. Who doesn’t know her? She’s not only the most popular actress in Korea, she is also an icon in Asia. She has expressed great interest in Seulgi during several occasions. She was bold enough in one of them as she commented on Seulgi’s post one time about having a date.

“You would never!” She fights back before Joy once again emerges to stop the two, “Jeez, guys, go kiss each other or something instead!”


It was later than night that they continued on with the topic. They are still very much annoyed at each other but despite that, they have always slept cuddling each other now no matter the circumstances.

Seulgi couldn’t sleep and sighed, “Irene?”

The older girl hums in reply.

“You’ll film that scene tomorrow right?”

She hums once again in approval before Irene opens her eyes and looks at the other girl, “Yes. How about you? Did you accept her invite?”

“No... I...” Seulgi gulps and looks down from Irene’s eyes to her lips.

Irene follows her line of sight and, unconsciously, looks at Seulgi’s too.

An idea seemed to click and they both look at each other knowing they have the same thoughts. And maybe Joy is to blame.

“This is just so we are e-equals,” Seulgi says.

Irene nods, “Y-yeah. Don’t take it the wrong way.”

Yup, Joy is definitely to blame.

They both closed their eyes as they leaned in. As soon as their lips touched, butterflies erupted in their stomachs.

It was magical. So magical but none of the two will ever admit it even if they both wished that the time would stop and it won’t end.

Of course, the need to breathe won’t let that happen and they part after a few minutes.

“I don’t think Jisoo would want to kiss you. You’re so bad at it,” Irene says.

Seulgi laughed at the absurdity, “Well I don’t think Haneul would want to kiss you too. You’re just as bad.”

As expected, Irene smacks Seulgi but this time... with her lips.


They woke up the next day trying to hide smiles on their faces, “Good morning”

“Good morning.”

Before they noticed, they both leaned in to give each other a lingering peck like it has always been part of their morning routine.

And even when Irene bid goodbye to go to work, Seulgi briefly pinned her to the back of the door to savor her lips one more time.


When Irene returns from filming, Seulgi was quick to say something, “Yes, I know. He isn’t as good as me.”

Irene smirks in return, a brilliant idea in mind, “Oh really? Did we even kiss?”

She approaches the taller girl, “I forgot since he was so good that his lips are the only one I remembered.” In reality, it was just a peck that barely even touched and with tens of cameras and people around, they were both stiff as a pole while filming the scene.

Seulgi raises an eyebrow at this as she presses her forehead to the other girl, “Should I remind you?”

Irene continues to taunt her, “Then remind me.”

They both are not sure who leaned in first but the softness of each other’s lips made them think it doesn’t really matter.


Irene was sitting on the couch, aimlessly switching channels when she receives a phone call from Seulgi.

“What is it, loser?”

Seulgi ignores the word, “I just wanted to say that I will only go back and stay for an hour because I have another schedule and I need to get stuffs but I can do you a favor during that time.”

“What are you even saying?”

“I know we haven’t seen each other today and, clearly, you’ve been missing me so I will do you a favor by making out with you instead of using my precious time to nap.”

Irene tries to sound annoyed at this but the corners of are tugging up. Good thing Seulgi cannot see, “You and your delusions, Kang.”

Just after that, Seulgi emerges from the door. She put her phone on top of the counter near the door before removing her shoes.

She approaches Irene while smirking, “I know you want it, Bae.”

She her lips before locking the smaller girl in her arms. She stops barely an inch from Irene’s lips, “Am I wrong?”

“You really talk too much,” Irene says before closing the distance.

In a minute, Irene is pinned to the couch while Seulgi expresses dominance over . She swipes a tongue inside which Irene welcomed with warmth.

When Seulgi started trailing the kisses down to Irene’s jaw, the older girl briefly opened her eyes, about to moan but... saw Joy by the door looking so shocked?!!!

She pushed the girl on top of her so Seulgi landed on her , “Ouch!!”

“Supris- Oh what the !” Joy places a hand over . Wendy appeared by her side, “What the indeed. Hehe... Uhm... It was supposed to be a surprise but we got shocked instead.”

Joy went on to explain that she saw Wendy after dropping off Seulgi. Their friend apparently wanted to drop off some of her baked goodies but both of them aren’t answering their phones. So, Joy accompanied her upstairs and found the dorms unlocked.

“So that must be why nobody was answering,” Wendy says.

“And someone was too eager to even lock the door,” Joy adds.

The two girls caught in the act were quick to deny, “It was a misunderstanding.”

“Really? What was happening then?”

“It was...” Seulgi looked at Irene for help.

“CPR! I-I couldn’t breathe and Seulgi hear and rushed inside so she didn’t get to lock the door.”

“Oh was it good?”

“Yes it was very- Wait. What?!!” Irene replied.

Wendy laughed at them, “It’s okay, guys! We got shocked but not too shocked. Don’t worry.” She places her cookies on too of the kitchen counter before turning back at them, “I mean I have always seen you guys stare at the other when the other one is not looking. Not only when I was tutoring. I have known you both for very long. I’m actually shocked it took this long.”

Both girls panicked even more and denied in chorus, “I wasn’t looking at her!”

Wendy laughed at them before looking at her watch. As much as she wants to tease the two, she really needs to get going. She bid goodbye and Joy said she will give her a ride. Seulgi, still with a red face, was quick to add that she will be joining them and she should go to her other schedule earlier than intended.

She took the stuffs she needed to bring. Once they are near the door, she looked back at Irene and leaned on instinct before realizing the other prying eyes around them. She stopped a good inch from her lips before looking at Wendy and Joy then back at Irene, “Uhm. I was just checking.”

Joy laughed, “Checking what? If her breath smells good?”

She glares at the manager before leaving the door. The two girls followed.

Seulgi was uneasy while waiting for the elevator. It was the first time since they kissed that Seulgi didn’t give her a goodbye kiss so she was trying not to be bothered about it.

Wendy noticed this and pitied her, “We already caught you making out. You can give her a goodbye kiss.”

Seulgi looks at the both of them.

“We will wait for you at the lobby,” Wendy added with a smile.

“Uhh. I’ll be quick! I... I forgot something.” Just like that, Seulgi dashes out.

Once Irene opens the door, Seulgi was quick to capture her lips in a lingering peck. And when she was about to create some distance, Irene pinned her to door to deepen the exchange more.

“Thanks for the ride offer, Joy, but looks like I cannot take the offer this time,” Wendy gestures to the clock in the lobby. It was a good 10 minutes since they arrived.

“No, Unnie. We’ll just come back for Seulgi. I have a feeling she’ll take longer.”

They both laughed and made their way to the car.






Observation #4:
For enemies, they sure do love each other a lot.

“Let me guess... You two are not together yet?” Joy questions Irene.

“She hasn’t confessed yet,” the older girl replies with a pout.

“Then why don’t you??”

Irene looks at her with wide eyes, “Are you insane? Irene Bae confessing?! She should confess first!”

Joy face palms. This is like a deja vu of her conversation with Seulgi. They are both aware of their mutual feelings for each other but neither wants to confess. This is them competing all over again.

“Don’t worry, Joy. I have a plan to make her confess.” They both said to her on separate occasions.


It was a good week after that when she knew about Seulgi’s plan.

It was something green.

Something evident.

It was jealousy.

Irene is known to be possessive and the reason Seulgi was unaware of her fanboys and fangirls when they were still studying is that Irene used to glare at them secretly.

Now, that glare is being directed to Lee Naeun.

She and Seulgi have been hanging out lately having been introduced by their common friend Moonbyul. If eyes could melt things, Naeun would’ve probably lost a hand now with how Irene is glaring at her hand on Seulgi’s arm.

Naeun and Seulgi’s faces were so close and it’s irking her how she can’t hear anything they’ve been talking about- just their giggles in a distance.

“Unnie, I’m sure that fish is dead. Why do you keep stabbing it?” Joy asks her. Irene looks at the fillet she’s been trying to eat. Fork stabs were evident on it. She has surely lost her appetite.

The three of them have gone out when Naeun arrived to meet Seulgi because she was just around the area.

She sighs at the fate of the poor fillet who died for the sole purpose of being eaten but she couldn’t even take a bite.

She looked back at Seulgi who’s now bidding goodbye to her friend. Relief was about to wash over her until she saw Naeun plant a kiss near the corner of Seulgi’s mouth.

She hastily stood up and left, “I’m going home.”

Seulgi noticed and smirked at Naeun who grinned back at her. “I got goosebumps, Seul. I thought I was gonna die because of your stupid plan,” Naeun turned around ready to leave. “Good luck!”

Seulgi smiled and followed Irene.

This is how Seulgi’s plan is.

She would make Irene jealous. Irene would be angry. She would follow Irene. Seulgi would ask why. Irene would confess to her that it’s because she likes her.

Easy peasy.

The first 3 parts are complete but when Seulgi caught up to the other outside the restaurant, she has never expected to see Irene crying. Irene hardly cries. Seulgi knows that.

But now, she’s the reason for her pain.

“H-hey,” she tries to coo the other girl but her hand was swatted away. She insisted to grab Irene’s hand and kiss it, “I’m sorry.”

The older girl glares at her, “Do you like her?”

“No!!” She cups the older girl’s face while Irene continues to sob, “Just tell me if you really like her.”

Seulgi wipes away her tears, “God no! I like someone else!” This made Irene stop sniffling and looked at Seulgi in the eye, “Who is it?”

The other girl avoided eye contact, “It’s... Uhmm... Well...” Panic was evident in her reply. This isn’t how the plan should go! She started to sweat. Irene should be the one confessing after all.

“So it’s really her.”

Seulgi was quick to look back at her. Irene might cry again and she doesn’t want that to happen, “I told you it’s not her.”

“Then tell me who,” Irene says, eyes already b with the next wave of tears.

This made Seulgi panic even more and before she can think about it, she started to say the next few words, “It’s you that I lik-“

She stopped.

Irene doesn’t cry as much that is true. But Seulgi forgot one thing.

Irene is an actress. A really good actress.

She realized midway in her sentence when she saw the corner of Irene’s lip go up a bit. She groaned and covered her red face with her hands, “I really hate you, you know.”

She heard the older girl laugh out loud. This time, Irene was the one who reached for her hands and uncovered her face, “Sorry? That wasn’t what I heard.”

She looked down unable to face the smaller girl, “I didn’t say anything!”

Irene tilted her chin up until they are both looking at each other, “Repeat it please, Babe.”

With that endearment, Seulgi was a goner. It was too much for her gay heart. Bae Irene is too much. And even her love for her is too much.

“O-okay. Only because you asked so nicely.”

And so, for the first time in their lives, Seulgi has finally raised the white flag. She took a deep breath, eyes closed, “I... I really like you. I am ing in love with you. And, , this is so embarrassing. Say something.”

Irene was giggling while watching her struggle, “Something!”

Seulgi groaned at the reply! The audacity!! “Yah!!!”

The smaller girl cups her right cheek and teasingly replied, “I really hate you too. You know.”

“Oh come on! Aren’t you gonna say it back?” Seulgi pouts at her.

She looked so cute that Irene can’t help but to peck her, “I don’t feel like it.”

“Say it back~ say it back~” Seulgi’s pout grew even more. The aegyo display was giving so much butterflies to Irene’s stomach but she can’t let go of an opportunity to tease Seulgi yet.


She pecks her one more time before running away, “Hate you!”

Seulgi runs after her, “Yah! Come back here!”

With her long strides, she was quick to catch Irene. She spins her around before making the smaller girl face her, “I love you.”

With glint in her eyes, Irene replies, “Thanks.”

Seulgi whined, “Ahhh~ I can’t with you!”


Joy snaps a picture of the two love birds from the window of the restaurant. She was quick to inform their friends.

Seulrene Fans Club
Joy: [sent pic]
Joy: The ship has officially sailed!
Joy: [crying emoji]
Yeri: YES!
Wendy: finally!!!
Wendy: Okay but wait!!! Realized smth
Wendy: So now looks like you will either keep walking on them while fighting or making out more often!!
Yeri: or MORE than making out actually
Yeri: lol
Joy: wdym yeri
Joy: oh
Joy: OH
Joy: !!!!!
Joy: ahshsgdudjsjsia!!!
Joy: !!!!
Wendy: indeed!!!! Hehehe


A few days after that, the comeback plans were finalized. And though the preparations were in a rush, everything went smooth after.

The two girls just finished their first pre-recorded stage, still in their ending poses where they share a close proximity with each other- faces nearly a few inch away.

As always, Irene looked at Seulgi with so much honey in her eyes. She has always looked at her with so much love.

She pressed their foreheads to one another, “I really hate you but...”


Irene bit her lip, “...replace hate with the word love.”

Seulgi giggled at her, “You are so bad at this, Bae. Can’t you say I love you like a normal person?”

Irene smiled at her, “I love you, Seulgi. So much. I want to keep doing this with you.”

“Me too. The bickers, cuddles, kisses, and everything else. I love you too. So much more?”

“No, I love you more.”

“No, I love you even more!”

“I love you the most!!!”

“Shut up. I love you more. Periodt.”

“Hell no. In this essay, I will tell you…”









“Are they seriously fighting about who loves each other more?” The staff asks their manager, Joy, who is so embarrassed at the two.

“Yes, I swear they are both stupid. Can I borrow your mic?”


Joy took a deep breath.

“STOP YOU ERS! Your mics are still on!”

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