When One Goes Missing

Bad Base
“We need to keep a close eye out for any of Super Junior’s forces,” BI says. “With that…anything that comes in radar, tell us, Yuri.”
“Got it, sir.” The said lady replies. “What about the newbies?”
“They could mainly be in combat until we have the kids in there spill it,” Taeyeon says.
“You saying that our tech force is not capable of anything, they could figure out how to get into any database.” Soohyun(I think that was his name) says angrily. “And in time spam probably less than your tech nerds combined”
“If looks could kill, all of us are dead,” I laugh.
“Shut up DK,” Seohyun snaps.
“On that note, let’s talk about last night. Why didn’t you get it on?” BI asked.
“They probably all are juiced out without proper nutrients,” Taehyun says.
“I see,” BI says.
“Such a shame,” Hyoyeon says.
“Yeah, Momo is a freak,” Bobby says.
“s are the best,” Yoona says.
“Once it is all done, I call first shot,” Song says.
“No me,” I say.
“It’s whoever earns it,” BI says. “Dismissed for now”

Winner Room
Mino POV
“Good lie Tae,” Seunghoon says.
“I’m still trying to get that outta my head. Gross,” I say as Peniel agrees.
“Someone text Leeteuk. Looks like we have to get the GPS on our own,” Seungyoon says as I see Hyunsik already on it.

Good Base
Sungmin POV
“HYUNG WE GOT ANOTHER UPDATE!” Kyuhyun yells as everyone comes in.
“Call in the rest,” I say as we do so and everyone huddles up.
“What is it Hyunsik?” Jihyo asks.
“They won’t give us the Coordinate plan until Hoshi and the others spill where the base is, so we have to hack into their database,” Hyunsik says.
“You, Taehyun, and Ilhoon do so. Tell us when you do,” Kangin says as Hyunsik nods and signs off.
“Now we wait,” Jeonghan sighs.
“It’s all gonna end, Donghae and Dokyeom. Promise,” Nayeon says.
“How could you promise that?” Donghae asks.
“Don’t even think about it, Choi Siwon,” Heechul yells.
“With faith,” Siwon half teases, smirking.
Heechul rolls his eyes. “Oh, brother.”
“Stop it you two. We could keep promises because they stupid.” Kiseop says as we all laugh.

Bad Base
Winner Room
Sungjae POV
We are 20 minutes into trying to hack into the database for the coordinates.
“BOBBY! WHERE’S MY DAMN GUN?” We head BI yell.
“CHECK WINNER’S ROOM, YOU MORON,” Bobby answers as we quickly put the computers in the closet.
“Yo have you seen…why the hell is Ilhoon in the closet?” BI asks.
“I thought it was in here…Changsub, give me my goddamn tie” Ilhoon lies as Changsub loosens his tie.
“Ok then. Where’s my gun?”
“Like we would know,” Seungyoon says.
“Never mind,” BI says leaving.
“That was close,” Seunghoon says as we take the computer systems back out.

5 Minutes Later
“We’re in,” Hyunsik says.
“I’ll send the coordinates to Leeteuk,” Taehyun says.
“Good work Tech boys,” Eunkwang says.

Good Base, Gun Room
UKISS Jun POV(weaponee)
“Why are we here again Hyung?” I ask.
“You need to prep for this,” Leeteuk replied.
“We don’t need to go all out though,” Heechul whines.
“Just stop being a diva and grab your guns,” Jihyo says.
“We would need it in order to save the others,” Dokyeom says
“He’s right. Now let’s continue,” S Coups says giving Soohyun his backup gun out of reflex. 30 minutes later, we get a call.
“Hello?” Leeteuk answers. “You did? I’ll text the others. We’ll give you details once we all go in.”
“What is it?” I ask.
“Taehyun and the others got in. Call the techs as I text the combat.”

Seventeen Base, Training Gym
Seungkwan POV
“Good hit Joshua,” Kangin says as he looks back and saw a broken plastic dummy.
“Too hard Ryeowook,” He says.
“A little harder,” Jeonghan tells AJ.
“Give him a break. He’s still recovering,” Kiseop says.
“Nice shot Dahyun,” Nayeon says. After a while, I jump to the sound of a ringtone.
“What’s up Taehyun? Really? That’s awesome,” Kangin says hanging up. “Let’s go back to the main base. Taehyun got in the system and Leeteuk texts me to tell everyone that we need to give details” We all leave and arrive at the main base.

Good Base
Kiseop POV
“Everyone here?“Leeteuk asked as we all, including Winner and BTOB on the screen, nod.
"We just sent you the location of the main Base for IKON,” Minhyuk says as the GPS comes up on Kyuhyun’s screen.
“Cool. Here’s the plan.” SCoups pauses. “One of us would send IKON a warning video: either give us Hoshi Eunhyuk and Momo or we will attack.”
“Henry will do it,” Soohyun says.
“Ok. They will say no, so what about when that happens?” Eunkwang asks.
“Seventeen's Jun would have a car ready for your techs so they would go to this base to help ours,” Jihyo says.
“Ok go on,” Jinwoo says.
“Then the leaders and weapon intelligence would keep IKON and SNSD busy while the CoLeaders and hand-on-hand combat could go inside and get the others. Kill all and any bad members inside,” Jeonghan says.
“Everyone including us?” Minhyuk asks.
“Yes. We need all the help as we can.” Kangin answers.
“So the co-leaders and combat could meet inside while leaders and weapons could meet at the perimeter,” I add. “Once we get them, bring Hoshi and Momo to the back while Eunhyuk by the other meeting spot.”
“We will be there as soon as you give us a signal that they said no,” Leeteuk says.
“Got it. Singing out” Seungyoon says hanging up.
“They’ll reject,” Hangeng says.
“No doubt,” Heechul says after.
“Maybe,” I say.
“Most likely,” SCoups says. “Jun get ready to send them the video.”
“Already on it,” The said kid answers. “The8. Camera” The8 gives Jun a camera and after he finished filming Henry's warning, he sends it to BI.

Bad Base
Changsub POV
“EVERYONE COME HERE,” Taeyeon yells as we all come in.
“What’s up unnie?” Hyoyeon asks.
“Check this video that Yuri just got from Super Junior.”

“Hi. This is Henry from Super Junior. We have a warning for you wipes. Either you give us back our members or we will come and force them out. Goodbye” the video ends
“Like we would. right boss?” Yoona asks.
“Right. Get ready for them coming. Leaders and weapons outside the perimeter. Co and combat stay around the ones we kidnap. Techs give us updates.” BI says as we all leave.

Winner Room
We come in and immediately video call Leeteuk. Everyone was waiting for us apparently because everyone was still huddled up.
“Yo,” Sungmin says.
“Of course they said no and now they are getting ready for everything,” I say.
“No doubts,” Siwon says.
“Outside meeting spot is near the parking lot. Inside meeting spot will be by the back door. Meet us there. We are on our way. You better remove your second faces before then,” Leeteuk hangs up as we do just that.
After we almost kill them and they all run off, we go to the meeting places.

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