Twenty Eight Degrees


When Chanyeol's boyfriend falls ill with a mysterious man-made disease and the government doesn't do enough to find the terrorist, he sets out to fight the creator for the cure himself. Fighting by his side is less-than-badass Baekhyun and his wife, military extraordinaire Sookyung.


Male, 31 years old, severe hypothermia, cause unknown. 

Breaking: Viral outbreak in Lab 32, South Korea's leading research laboratory. 





I'm super excited to share 28°C with you all. I see it stylized as that, 28°C, but AFF works better with words in the title, which is why I spelled it out. 

This is an old story idea that I'm now motivated to write, so we're doing this, dammit. 

Also, this is my end of a challenge to -Tigress- with the prompt "Body Temperature". Do read her end (To The Dawn) as well. 

28°C contains a lot of medical blabber and a lot of medical terms. I urge you strongly to read the author's note at the beginning of the story so you don't get too confused (unless, of course, you have a lot of medical knowledge).

Be aware that I have taken fictional liberties with the medicine in this fic, although I do try to stay as realistic as possible. (Also, I have taken other fictional liberties as well, lmao).

For American readers, 28°C equals 82°F LOL. 

I hope you enjoy! Comments and feedback are welcome. Honestly, I would love feedback!

(Also, in lieu of the joyous news I just want to point out that Jongdae, in this fic, is straight. If you have any reservations about reading stories about him in ships, don't worry - you can still read this story - yay!)

// Yours truly
Kim Minji

                                           NOTHING BURNS LIKE THE COLD






written by kim minji


           * Park Chanyeol
           * Kim Minseok
           * Byun Baekhyun
           * Do Sookyung



           * Xiuyeol
           * Side!Baeksoo



           * thriller (-ish)
           * medical
           * angst
           * realism



           * genderbended characters

           * minor character death


copyright belongs to missminew and this story must not be redistributed  or translated without my permission.

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           * My amazing friend J for beta-reading this. 

           * my lovely friend K for listening to me rant and for approving this story idea as something worth pursuing. 

           * Reviewed by;
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so, im a little early but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i'll probably upload the ending chapter in the days to come too, don't think i'll wait until sunday so.
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