Who is your favourite side-character?

  • Lee Ahreum
  • Jeong Sohee
  • Kim Songmi
  • Cha Mikyung
  • Lee Yejin
  • Kim Yeonseok
  • Therapist Wu Yifan
  • Dr. Huang Zitao
  • Others? (Please leave in the comments)

Personal Message


the night won't be too long

being an adult is;

- going to bed at 6 pm because why not
- buying take out because no one can tell you not to
- lounging on your bed until 12 pm because nobody tells you to get up
- buying fancy things just because you like it
- not cleaning your room because you don't feel like it rn
- getting however many pets you want because no one can stop you
- watching gay thai dramas an entire weekend because gay thai dramas are A+
- spending hours watching kdramas and kpop mv's because why the not
- buying kpop albums because you get to decide what to spend your money on

it's also writing fanfiction when it fits into your schedule, meeting new people and moving to new places and enjoying life. 

life doesn't stop at 25. enjoy it for many many years and don't rush to get it all done before 30. it's not worth it. 


hi, my name is minji, i have a cat named himchan and we live in an apartment in northern europe, i work at a hospital and i have a lot of fun being exactly who i want to be. 

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