Buried In the Sky

"Hey." He says looking down. 


I open the door wider. "Come in." He follows me in. "How did you find me?" I ask him as I bring him to the living room. 


"I looked at your apartment. Then asked the place you work. Then went to you parents' house who recognizes me as Tae's husband. They told me that you have a few cousins here so I check houses and here you are." Jin explains to me.


Right after explaining though, he avoids my eyes. "Sorry. For saying that." I apologize. I didn't know Jin would react like so.


"So..who's the other guy?" I look up. He doesn't know who Tae's cheating on him with? That's write, I never told him. 


"Jungkook." As his name left my mouth I could see a shadow cast over Jin's face. I expected him to get mad like before. Instead he just nods with a blank face. I look down to his hand. He was still wearing the ring. He still has hope.


"I'm gonna make dinner. Want some?" I ask standing up. He gives me a nod. I cook kimchi fried rice and set the table. I don't know what's going through Jin's mind and that is killing me. Did he see Taehyung do something? 


Did he tell Taehyung he knows? I don't ask any of these questions and just eat. I'm washing the dishes when Jin asks me something.


"Can I stay here for a while?" 




I called my cousin who agrees to let Jin stay. I was surprised when he thanked me and went to his car. He pulled out a duffel bag with his clothes and necessities. He was planning on staying with me. 


I make pancakes for breakfast. Jin hadn't come out of his room even after I told him breakfast was ready. I know he's awake though because Jin usually is at this time so I tell him that there are pancakes and fruits on the table. 


The sun is shining brightly today so I get in my swim trunks and hop into the pool. The pool's outside so the water is warm because of the sun. I swim and drink soda as I enjoy myself. 


"Jimin." I look behind me and Seokjin was standing there. "Thank you for making breakfast." He said looking everywhere but me. 


"No problem." I smile at him but he doesn't give me one glance. I haven't seen Jin smile at all since he came. He usually is always so happy and upbeat. "Do you want to swim with me?" I ask hoping he would. 


He shakes his head. "I don't feel like swimming." I watch as he turns and walks away. 


"Can you bring me my phone? I forgot to take it with me." I ask at him. A few minutes later Jin is crouching down by the pool and setting my phone down. "Thank you." He nods ready to stand up. "There's something on your hand." I tell him as I swim over.


He looks at both of his hand. "I don't see anything." I take his right hand and pretend to examines it then I pull on his hand and he falls into the pool. 


Wrong idea. Jin doesn't look so happy. He looks like he's about to cry. "Sorry..I thought it would be fun." I bite my bottom lip. What the hell was I thinking? Of course Jin wouldn't smile immediately after being pulled into a pool.


I'm looking down trying to come up with something to say when I feel water splash my face. I look up wiping my face. Jin scoops another handful of water and splashes it on my face just as I was about to say something. 


"See. Do you like it?" I open my mouth and some water comes out. Jin laughs and that makes me laugh. 


"Yeah I like it. I like to have fun." I grin as I chase Jin splashing water at him who was still partially dry. He stops running from me and I could see a smile on his lips. I stop splashing water at him and just stare, happy that I made his smile come back. 


While memorized though, he splashes water at me. Seeing that I come out of my daze. He swims away laughing. I swim after him. 


I grab him by his arms and turn him around to face me. His hair and face is all wet and he has a smile on his face. I brush his fringes out of his eyes feeling his eyes on me. He grabs my hand.


He laughs as he compares our hands. Mine was smaller. "I want to have cute hands like yours." 


"Really? I wish that they could be manlier." At that moment I just want to kiss his hand that's holding mines. I look down at his hand and see the sparkling ring. He's still married to Taehyung I remind myself before putting some distance between us.




Jin has been staying with me for three days now. He's looking better and colors are back on his face.


It was night by now and Jin was still outside. I go out the back door and he was sitting with his legs in the pool.


"Why are you still out? Aren't you tired?" I ask as I sit down by him dipping my feet in the cool water.


Jin's hand reach down and touched the water. His ring was gone. 


"Is your cheek okay?" Jin asked quietly. 


"No." Jin turns to look at me apologetically. "I'm just kidding. It's been over a week now. It healed."


He still looks sad. "Stop worrying. It's fine." I poke my cheek. "It doesn't hurt."


He touches my cheek. "Ow!" Jin moves his hand away. I laugh. It didn't hurt. I just wanted to see his reaction. 


He slaps my thigh. "Why do you keeping joking?" 


"I just wanted to see your reaction." I tell him. Jin caresses my cheek. 


"It must've hurt a lot. It was really red." I nod. It did hurt a lot especially since it wasn't the only thing hurting. Jin looks into my eyes. "I didn't want to believe you."


His thumb brushes my lashes. "So I pretended nothing happened. But I ended up going to Taehyung's workplace. He went out for lunch."


"So I went to his favorite burger place. He was there but not a-alone." Jin was still caressing my cheek. "I didn't see his face." Jungkook.


I put my hand on his hand that was on my cheek removing it and holding it instead. He continued. "I told him to think about it. As long as he needed." 


I pull Jin to an embrace. "Sorry." He says with his face in my shoulder. I pat his head.


That's why he's here. He's waiting for Taehyung to choose. 




"Where are you going?" Jin asks as Jimin puts on his shoes. 


"I'm going for a walk." Jimin grabs his jacket and puts on his cap.


"Can I come?" Jin asks. With a yes, Jin rush to grab his jacket and polaroid. He puts on his shoes. Jimin was already outside. He jogs after Jimin. "You left without me."


"You caught up." Jimin says putting his phone away. Just as Jin starts walking Jimin starts jogging. 


"Why are you jogging? You said you were going on a walk." Jin complains. He was not in the mood to exercise. 


Jimin just smiles. "I haven't gone in a run for a while. It's good to jog." Jimin then jogs faster as Jin tries to catch up. They run for some time.


"Can we stop for a bit?" Jin says stopping and wiping his sweat. Jimin stops too and they both sit down on a bench. 


"Let's go!" Jimin stands up not a moment to soon.


"We just sat down. Rest a bit." Jin pulls Jimin back down. "You're sweaty too." Jin notices the sweat on Jimin. He thought it was just him. Jimin takes off his cap and starts fanning himself. 


Jin scoots closer to him wanting some of the breeze. "Your ears are pierced!" Jimin moves away flustered of how close Jin was to him. 


"Yeah." He touches his ear. He used to wear earrings but stop. 


"Why don't you wear earrings? It must look so cool." Jin says and Jimin stands up. 


"It seems like you're not tired anymore. Let's go." So he puts on his cap and starts jogging. Jin jogs after him. They reach a hill. 'Good' Jimin thought. He haven't ran a hill in a while. But as he's going up the hill, he realizes he doesn't hear footsteps behind him. 


He looks back. Jin was slowly walking up the hill taking pictures with his polaroid. Jimin walks down to him. Jin snaps a photo of him before putting his camera away. "This hill is so big. Let's just walk." Jin tells him. "Take our time." 


Jimin shakes his head. "It's better if we run up so we could get it over with faster. Come on." He starts to jog but Jin continues walking. He stops and waits for Jin. "Are you just gonna walk?" 


Jin gives a simple nod. Jimin crouched down. "Get on." Jin looks surprised at his request but doesn't complain and wraps his arm around Jimin's neck. They piggyback up the hill. 


"Okay." Jimin breathes out. "We're here." They had finally reach the top of the hill. "You can get off now." He tells Jin who was still on his back. 


"But I like being carried." Jin holds Jimin tighter as Jimin tries to shake him off. 


"But I'm tired." Jimin says pouting. Jin wipes his forehead covered in sweat. 


"I'll wipe your sweat and be your entertainment." Jin tells him as Jin continues wiping his sweat. Jimin never thought that Jin would be wiping his sweat. He always saw Jin do so for Taehyung.


So he continued walking home with Jin on his back but he was smiling the whole time. 


-Jungkook's p.o.v-


Taehyung hasn't spoken to me for a while now. He must be with Seokjin. 


I look down sadly. I shouldn't be sad. Taehyung belongs to Seokjin. They're married for god sake.


Yet, here I am. Missing him. I was invited to their wedding but I couldn't bare to go. 


Actually, I went. The wedding was so beautiful. Taehyung looked so handsome dancing with Seokjin. 


So I just left. Taehyung still met up with me. And I went with it because I'm greedy and selfish.


We met when Jimin brought me with him. I didn't look twice at Taehyung. But a few days later. I saw him at a convenience store.


I was working there. A girl was stealing snacks and putting it in her backpack. I groan knowing I have to confront her. Taehyung saw and he grabbed her backpack.


He brought it to me and paid for it then brought it to the girl who was waiting outside then came back in.


"Why did you do that?" I ask him as he paid for a soda. 


He smiled at me. "Because." He then took the soda. "Bye, Jung..kook." 


He left and he remembered my name.




I act like I don't see Taehyung's waving hand as he moves through people to me. 


"Hi Jungkook! I didn't know you come to places like this." Taehyung smiles at me. 


I remember what Jimin told me. "He charms everybody. You'll like him sooner or later. As friends or romantically."


I scoff at Jimin's words. Taehyung was okay. Why were people making such a big deal out of him? He's overrated.


"Yeah I come here." He sits by me and asks the bartender for a coke. "Soda?" 


"Yeah. I like it more than alcohol." He sips on it like a child but when he pushes the drink aside his face changes and he looks..manly.


I continue meeting him. We meet at clubs, restaurants, and internet cafes. Taehyung talks a lot and I first found it annoying but I kinda like it now. 


He's good a playing the games I play. He's never really done the stuff I've done to. 


"This is illegal." Taehyung looks around as I spray paint. "I don't want to go to jail." 


"You won't if no one sees and you can run." I throw him a can. He catches it. 


Then to my surprise starts spray painting. "What are you doing?" I ask looking at his drawing. 


"You can't see it. It's a cat." I laugh at his bad drawing. "What about you? What is that suppose to mean?" 


I had written the words 'ARMY' and was now spray painting lots of colors around it. "I don't know. It just came to me." 


"It looks nice. What if in another universe or lifetime you lead a big army. So that's why your mind chose to do that." I chuckle at his theory. "No. Really. The many colors are the diversity your army was."


That's not bad. "You're putting too much thought into this. But not bad." I tell him.


He smiles at me. "What?" I ask finishing my painting. 


"For the first time you complimented me." 


"What are you guys doing! Stop!" Taehyung's eyes widen and his mouth opens. I grab his wrist and we run as the police chase us. Taehyung looks back. 


"Don't look back." He looks at me and he's smiling? Why is he smiling? I must've slow down because instead of me holding his wrist, we're holding hands and he's dragging me after him. 


Taehyung pulls us into a restaurant and people gives us looks as we catch our breaths. "That was fun." He tells me and still smiling. Does he ever get tired of smiling? We decide to eat since we're at a restaurant so we sit and wait for our food. "Do you do that all the time?" 


"Not all the time. What kind of a person do you think I am?" I cross my arms. "I just do it when I'm bored." Taehyung laughs at me but stops when they bring the food. I watch as he stuff his mouth and chew. 


He looks cute.


-Jimin's p.o.v-


Jin snaps a picture. "Let me see!" He shakes his head laughing and runs to his room. I chase after him and grab the picture. I was doing a dumb face while cutting onions. "Why did you take a picture? I look so dumb. I'm throwing it away." I go outside with the photo. Jin follows me with his polaroid.


"It's not dumb. You look cute. I just want to keep it for memories." Jin tells me. He tries to take the photo. I move my hand before he can get to it. 


"No." I say stubbornly. Jin sulks. "Even if you think I look cute. No." Seokjin thought I look cute. Anyways, I open the garbage lid. 


"No!" He tries to pull me away but doesn't succeed and falls on the ground with a thud. I close the lid and help him up. 


"Fine. You can keep it but don't tell anyone." He nods eagerly and takes the photo. Before either of us could say anything the bell rings. Jin puts the polaroid and photo away as I go to the door. He rushes to the door as I open it. 


"Jin." Jin moves behind me a bit. 


Taehyung looks at both of us. "I need to talk to Jin." He tells me. I move out of the way so Tae could see Jin. Jin peers up at me as if wanting me to do something. I look away. He has to talk to Taehyung. Jin goes to Taehyung and they talk by his car. I close the door awkwardly. If Jin goes, he goes. 


It seem like the pair would be talking for a while so I go to my room passing Jin's. He left his door open probably because he rushed to the door. I go to close it but stop when on the bed I see the many photos he has spread out on the bed. 


I go in. There's a lot of photos of Taehyung. Then a lot of him and Taehyung. Some of us three. Some of Taehyung and I. But none of me alone. Or just him and I. I feel sad. But recently Jin has been snapping pictures of me everywhere. I see him with his polaroid a lot. Did he throw them away? Did he not want them anymore?


"Jimin?" I look at the door. Jin was standing there. "What are you doing?" 


"Nothing." I reply. "I guess you're going back with Tae." I walk past him but he grabs my arm. 


"You don't look very...happy." Jin tells me eyes searching mines. I pull my arm away. Why does he keep doing this to me? I know he doesn't love me. I know I'm the only one feeling this way. So stop looking at me like you care!


"Hurry and pack your bags. You don't want Taehyung to wait long." I say harshly and leave Jin in his room. I go to my room and lock it. After a while I could hear Jin close the front door. I look out the window to see Tae helping Jin put his bags in the car. 


I close the curtains. I fall on the bed feeling all the colors drain from me. Leave. Leave and never come back.

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