Buried In the Sky

Jimin crumples the invitation. He throws it on the ground but could still see the words You Are Invited To. He plops down on his sofa. "Why?" He whispers softly into his hands. 


He pulls his knees up and buries his face. He doesn't know how long he stayed in this position until he fell asleep.




Jimin glance to the side. He was asleep. Jimin contemplates if he should just leave or bring him to the bed. He stands up and heads for the door but then he hears murmuring. "Jimin.."


Jimin stops in his tracks. He goes back to the couch. "Yeah, I'm here." Even with no reply, Jimin decides to bring him to bed. He carries him bridal style and leaves the bright t.v alone in the dark living room.


He stumbles as it is dark but manages to turn on the lights. He sets him down on the bed carefully not wanting to wake the other.


Jimin watches as he stirs a bit before settling in a comfortable position. He knew he should have left right there and then but he stayed. 


Jimin inspects the other's features. His hair looks really nice. Jimin wants to touch it. His cheeks looks really soft. They probably are really soft. He wonders how they look like when he's blushing. 


'I should leave. I should leave,' Jimin thinks as he moves closer. He looks at the other's lashes settling on his skin. The other's slow calming breathing. He stops thinking and is only looking as he leans closer...




He only gets up when the sun peeks through the window and shines onto him. 


He moves from the sofa and goes to his room to take a shower. He ends up spacing out and just stood there as the cold water drowned him in unwanted memories.


He shakes his head as if shaking away his thoughts. He nearly jumps as he sees his reflection. He does not look good. He brushes his teeth then puts on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. 


Then he blow drys his hair. He eats some leftovers before styling his hair. He grabs his suit and puts it on. He grabs a pair of black dress shoes. 


Done. He looks better now. But he doesn't feel better. Jimin smiles at his reflection. His phone rings. "Hey, Tae." 


"Are you done? I want you over here ASAP." Jimin chuckles half-heartedly. 


"Are you nervous? Don't worry I'll be there."


"Good. I don't want you running away."


"Why would I run away? I can't do that to my best friend," Jimin says exaggerating.


"Yeah, that's what I wanted to hear. But you can stop it now." Jimin chuckles. 


"I'll get going soon. Don't worry," Jimin assures Taehyung before hanging up. He looks silently at the picture of him and Taehyung as his lock screen. 




Jimin groans. He has not move in a long time. There was lots of traffic. "Why at this time?" 


Jimin turns on the radio. He skips through the stations trying to find a song he knows. He freezes as a song plays. 


Don't be sorry,

That makes me more pitiful

With your pretty red lips

please hurry, kill me and go

I'm all right


"So you listen to this song a lot?" Jimin immediately turns to the voice. There was a man sitting in the passenger seat. Jimin rubs his eyes. "Your eyes, nose, lips." The man sings along with Taeyang. 


Jimin was confused. "You're just in my mind." The man just smiles at what he said.


"You must love him a lot. I mean if it was me, I wouldn't be going to his wedding. But that's just me." His voice was perky as he said so. "There's many ways to love."


Jimin's eyes widen. "I don't lov-" 


"But at the same time, you had no choice. He asked you to be his best man. How could you have said no." 


Jimin shook his head. "He's my best friend. What was I suppose to do?" 


"Um...I don't know. Tell him your feelings!" The man yells flailing his arms. Jimin moves back surprised from the man's words and actions.


"No! I can't do that. Taehyung...He doesn't know that I love.." Jimin's sentence trails off as the cars start to move. 


"So you're just never gonna tell him?" The man asks in disbelief.


"Yeah, I won't. Ever." Jimin is now driving as traffic has started to move. 


"Why? Why not Jimin?" The man complains.


"Because I can't. Because I don't have the guts to. Because I won't. Because there's a lot of reasons," Jimin states. 


"But look at you. You're not happy at all. You're so glum." 


"Even though this day will not be my happiest. So what! Two people will be really happy and will remember this day forever." The man just scoffs. "And what are you doing here? I don't need to talk to you," Jimin says coldly.


"Actually you do." The man says as in matter of fact. "You should stop the car right now." Jimin was paying attention to the man that he was not looking in front of him. 


He stops and sighs. More traffic. "Remember when you first met Taehyung." Jimin was silent as the man spoke. He does remember.




Jimin sat quietly at his desk as the students all chatter amongst their selves. He knew he shouldn't be embarrassed but he was. He knew that his Busan accent was there. Oh how he wished he could just hide away his accent.


"Hey!" Jimin looks up as a cheerful boy pulls a chair to sit next to him. The boy looks at him expectantly as if waiting for a reply.


Jimin gives a small wave. But even with just that, the boy smiles a big smile. "I'm Kim Taehyung. You are.."


Jimin didn't want to speak. He didn't want to be laughed at. But the boy was so friendly. "I'm Park Jimin."


"Jimin? Doesn't that mean something like your wisdom is high in the sky."


"Yeah. My wisdom will be higher than the sky. How do you know?" Jimin was surprised that Taehyung would know.


"My grandfather studies names so I know a little bit." He smiles shyly causing Jimin to smile too. "Also you look like that would be your name."




"You guys became friends then. Best friends. You two did everything together." 


"Yeah. We did." Jimin just stares out the window. 


"He's a nice guy. He's handsome, charming, and sociable. Who wouldn't love him?" 


"Yeah. Who wouldn't love him?" Jimin says sadly.


"After college and getting a job, you two still stuck together. Remember Hoseok?" Jimin glance away from the window and sits up.




"Go Jimin! Go Jimin! Go Jimin!" Taehyung cheered as Jimin danced. People cheered as he finished winning the little dance battle. "Yeah, that's my best friend!" 


Jimin thanks Taehyung as he hands Jimin a can of coke. "You were like a burning flame. You had this very intimidating look in your eyes too. I almost thought you were someone else until you smiled after finishing."


Jimin chuckles. "You're over exaggerating. I wasn't like that."


"Nah, he's right. You were like that." Jimin and Taehyung looks towards the voice. "I've seen you around. You're good."


"Oh, really? Thanks." 


"Are you on a dance team?"


"I used to but now dancing is just something I do for fun." Jimin decided to be something else and not a dancer. 


"That's a shame. I would like to see you on stage." The stranger presses his lips together displease.


"He is on stage. Every time he dances," Taehyung pipes in.


"Right." He clicks his tongue. "Can I treat you guys to dinner? Name's Hoseok." Hoseok offers a bright smile.




Jimin eats quietly as Taehyung does most of the talking. "So you're a dancer too. You and Jimin should have a dance-off. It'd be so cool!" 


"I don't know. Hoseok is an actual dancer. He'll just beat me by walking." Hoseok laughs while Taehyung just shoves more food into his mouth.


"I think you're very talented, Jimin." Hoseok gives him a warm smile which he has been doing for quite a while but this time Jimin smiles back. 


After they finished eating, Jimin waits outside while Taehyung and Hoseok went to the restroom. "What's taking them forever? Don't they know it's freezing out here!" Jimin goes back in the restaurant. 


He pushes the bathroom door open a little and immediately stops. 


Taehyung and Hoseok were kissing. Hoseok's hand reached up and caressed Taehyung's cheek. Taehyung opens his eyes and Jimin abruptly closes the door.


He quietly rushed outside. He tried to calm down his racing heart. There was no meaning for his heart to be like so. He didn't have a reason to care. He could feel the cold stinging but he stood there like he saw and felt nothing.


When they finally came out they said their goodbyes to Hoseok. Jimin kept looking at Taehyung as they walked home. Especially his swollen lips.




"But you never saw Hoseok again. You guys didn't talk about him after that." The man opened the window. Jimin looks over to him. His eyes were closed and he had a soft smile on his face. The wind blew his hair slightly.


"Everything was pretty good though. You two helped each other. Played video games. Went to clubs. Even shared an apartment for a while. But that was not it." 


"Stop," Jimin looked away from the window and at the man. "I don't want to listen anymore." The man scoots closer to Jimin. 




Jimin catches his gaze. "Because..."


The man laughs and moves away. "You know you can't say because forever. What was his name again?"




Jimin was running home. It was raining cats and dogs but he had an umbrella. He still got a little wet but anyways he was so glad he wasn't running in the rain. He's thanking Taehyung first thing when he gets to their apartment. 


He doesn't have much further but he slows down. Standing by the street was a guy. He was all wet. His face was scrunched as he looked at the cars that passed by. 


The man looks up at Jimin who was holding the umbrella over the both of them. "Hey! Do you want to go inside until it stops raining!" Jimin yelled over all the noises. The guy nods.


Jimin takes a glimpse of the guy when they're inside. He's pretty small and he's shorter than Jimin. He's also pale which Jimin hopes was not from standing in the rain so long. 


Jimin opens the door with his keys and lets the guy go inside first. "I'll go get you a towel and some clothes. Wait here." 


Jimin grabs some of his clothes and a towel. He shows the guy to the bathroom. The guy comes out and the clothes fit. "Were you waiting for someone?" Jimin asks. He nods.


"Do you need to use the phone?" Jimin asks. The guy shakes his head. "Tell me if you need anything. I'm Jimin." Jimin turns on the t.v. 


"I'm Yoongi." They watch t.v in silence for a couple of minutes before Yoongi spoke again. "Thank you, Jimin." 


Jimin peers over to Yoongi who's eyes were on the t.v. "You're welcome." He then notice that there was a big cut on Yoongi's arm. He immediately goes over to Yoongi. "What happened to your arm?"


Yoongi moves his arm self-consciously. "I'm okay..." 


Jimin goes get the first aid kit. "You should put some ointment on or bandage it at least." Jimin takes his arm. He then put some ointment on the cut. Yoongi wincing quietly. He bandages it too. 


"Thanks, again." Yoongi said quietly as he finished up. Jimin looks up at Yoongi. 


"No problem." He puts the stuff back. Then they just sat quietly again. Taehyung hummed as he walked to the fridge. 


"Hey, Jimin." He's about to go back to his room but then notices Yoongi. He walks over to them. "Hi. I'm Taehyung. What's your name?" Yoongi just stares at him but then Taehyung smiled that smile.


Jimin could see Yoongi's eyes widen and pink dusting his cheeks.




"Of course, Taehyung would just come in and make hell of a show." The man says enthusiastically. "He is something."


"Okay! I get it now. Taehyung is gorgeous," Jimin says.


"Yep. Drop dead gorgeous. You're not telling me that you don't feel a little bit-"


"Let's have a break. I'm almost there," Jimin tells the man loudly. 


"No. You're not almost there. Maybe you should give a call to Taehyung to tell him that you might be late. Look at all these cars." 


Jimin leans back in his seat. "I don't want to talk to anyone right now."


"You're talking to me." The man smiles.


"I don't have a choice," Jimin says blankly.


"After Yoongi things were fine. You two stop living in the same apartment. You focused more on your work. There was that one time Taehyung went to visit his family down in Daegu for a month."


"He came back and told you so many stories. You two were spending time with each other again. He now wants a family of his own. A beautiful, adorable spouse who would be good at cooking because he thinks he at cooking. Which he kinda is."


Jimin listens as the man continues speaking. "He wants lots of kids too. Since you two haven't been hanging, Taehyung hasn't partied in a while. So you guys went to a club. And it was boring. There was that one dude, Namjoon who became a close friend of you guys."


"Then you got busy with work again. Taehyung called and wanted you to go to this new club with him. You did and that was when you met him." 




Jimin pulls out his phone again. "Tae, where are you?" he texted. He didn't get any replies and so he decided to get a drink. 


"Jimin!" Taehyung comes out of nowhere and hugs Jimin. "I feel like I have not seen you in forever. You cool." 


"Yeah, I'm good. Just working to earn." Taehyung was a happy person but he was definitely happier than usual. He also just kept on smiling and his eyes were shining. Jimin wonders why.


"What about you dude? You seem like you're having fun." 


"I'm fun. I mean I'm good and I'm having fun. But while you were working I was kinda just skipping around. You know Namjoon?" Jimin nods and takes a sip of his drink. "Well, he-"




Jimin tells the man to stop. "Why? I was just getting to the good part."


Traffic started moving pretty fast now and Jimin doesn't have to worry about being late anymore but he doesn't want to hear it anymore. "I'm good now. You've already said so much." 


"But there's more to the story. You and I both know that." 


"I know....Jin." Jimin looks at Jin who was sitting in the passenger seat. Jimin finally said his name. "But I don't want to hear it anymore. You know what's going to happen. Why are you telling this to me anyways?" 


"Because...the person you love is getting married."

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