Buried In the Sky



Jimin jumps away and picks up the bottle. Taehyung was still sitting with Jungkook in the living room. "Can you come show me that cool move you taught Jungkook?" 


"Coming." He hurries to the living room leaving Seokjin behind. So Taehyung didn't see them. The four end up playing video games together.



-Jimin's p.o.v-


"Do you think he'll like this?" Jin turns around to show me a shirt.


"He'll like it but it would be because you bought it for him," I tell him honestly. Jin looks back at the shirt. "But that's just what I think." I didn’t want to hurt him.


"What does Taehyung like then?" Jin asks me. 


"Well he doesn't show it but he loves clothes more than you know. He loves fancy shirts and cool pants." I grab some clothes as I spoke. I've known Tae for a long time. He wears typical clothes boys our age would. Just T-shirt and shorts with snap backs there and there. 


But I see his ogling eyes and know he likes fashion more than he shows. Jin look surprised when I push some clothes into his arms. "Try these on. They're clothes Tae would probably like. You could choose the one you like and we'll get it in his size." 


Jin goes into a fitting room unsurely as I wait. When he comes out I have to hold in my laughter. He looks out of his comfort zone in Tae's fancy clothes. "Do I need to try them on? Can't I just pick them out with my eyes?" 


I go up to him. "This is good. We can tell how the clothes feel and it's fun." I tell Jin as I fix his sleeves. He still looks bothered. "It's okay. You look cute."


His flustered face goes away and he looks at me. Oh no. It slipped. "That's what Taehyung would say." He nods his head as I slap myself silently. 


After a while Jin picks some clothes. It was going to be Taehyung's birthday so we went shopping. I already got Taehyung a present. It was a camera. He's been interested in photography lately.


Jin pulls me into a store. I look around. It was a store full of clothes. "I think you got Tae lots of clothes already..." 


"I know that." Jin looks offended. "Lets just play around. I want to dress you up since you did that to me." I smile sheepishly at his words. It was true. He makes me wait in a fitting room as he grabs some clothes. 


He barges in with lots of outfits. "Wow Jin, I don't think I can wear all of this." I stare at all the clothes.


"Of course you can." Jin says excitedly. "Hurry up." He then closes the fitting room door. I run a hand through my hair. Might as well do it. 


Outfits pass by and I got to say I enjoy it. Jin's always with an eager face when I open the door. I have one more outfit when Jin knocks on my door. "Are you alright Jimin? It's been an awfully long time." 


I've been struggling on how to put this shirt on. It looks cool on the model but is so complicated. "I'm fine. I think." 


"Let me in. I'll help you." Jin offers. I stop fiddling with the shirt. Jin in here? Jin seeing me topless. I blush at the thought. "Jimin?" 


"Um..I think I'm good..." I didn't want him to come in.


"You sure? I can help. Please." I go over to the door. Whatever. He has a boyfriend and I'm just his friend. I unlock the door and he comes in. He doesn't glance at me twice and grabs the shirt. 


I lock the door as he figures out the shirt. "Ah, here we go." I turn around as he puts the shirt on. His fingers grazes my shoulders. Then I turn to look at him as he figures the rest out. I look at his studied face. 


"Okay done!" He looks up and our noses touch. I look away as he moves away and rubs his nose. "You look good." I turn to the mirror. I do. Jin comes closer to me as if inspecting something. My heart's beating as his hand comes closer to my face. Then to my forehead. 


I close my eyes and try to calm down my beating heart. I can feel his hand on my forehead as he pushes my hair back. I peek and can see him puckering his lips. He touches my hair and moves it around as if styling it. 


"Ta-da!" He gestures to the mirror. My hair doesn't look bad. I look over to Jin who has a big smile on his face.




"Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Taehyung~ Happy birthday to you~" 


Taehyung blows the candles as everyone else claps and cheers. We're in Daegu with his family and friends. Jin gives him a kiss on his cheek as he opens his presents. He puts an arm around my shoulder as he opens my present. "Camera! Thank you Jimin!" He hugs me tightly. I hug him back.


We're holding his party outside. I walk away from the crowd and look for stars in the sky. 'I wish that you would love me, just like yesterday~ And every time my heart beats~'


I shake my head. Where did that come from? What was I thinking? I look up. A star twinkles. Does that mean something?




The next week feels real slow. Taehyung and Seokjin are all lovey-dovey. I guess that’s how they usually act but it’s getting on my nerves. Every time I try to get away I’m pulled back as if the world wants me to suffer.


Another thing I hate is my heart which keeps beating at the wrongest time. One time Seokjin and Taehyung were playing hide and seek but not just around the house. I thought I was safe at my place when Seokjin knocks on my door looking for Tae.


“Taehyung’s not here.” Jin doesn’t listen to me at all as his eyes scan around. “Really. You can go. He’s not here.”


“I don’t know. I feel like Taehyung’s here. Can’t I just look around?” Seeing that that would be the only way Jin was leaving I walk him around the house. Also, maybe because of his puppy eyes. He looks everywhere as I watch him. 


He even opens my drawers for whatever reason and I redden as he comes across my boxers. He looks through quickly then leaves my room. He has looked everywhere now. “I guess he’s not here.” Jin taps his cheek as if thinking. “But..” 


He search the living room again as I open the door. “If you want to find Tae, you should go look at that burger place he loves. He would go there not because he it’s a good hiding spot but because he can eat while he waits.”


“True..” I turn to him and he’s still looking around with his back turned. I turn back to the door. My eyes widen. Taehyung was walking to my door. ‘He’s here’ I mouth. Tae his head to one side not catching what I said. 


‘Seok-Jin is here’ I mouth slowly pointing behind me. Taehyung is still trying to figure out the last part when Jin appears at my side. “I guess you’re right. He’s at that burger place.” I nod and look behind him. Tae was hiding behind a bush that Jin was sure to pass when leaving.


‘Distract him’ Taehyung mouths pleading. 


“Thank you for letting me look. Bye, Jimin.” Jin gives a little wave before turning to the door looking outside. I grab his shoulder and spin him around. 


He looks shock and stumbles a bit. “Ah...Jin. I um..” Jin tilts his head. “I think that..Tae’s at the back of my house. I didn’t want to tell you but I want you to win this round.” I lie. Sorry Seokjin. 


I pull him back into my house glancing at Taehyung who’s running off. We’re in the clear. Taehyung better give me something good. “Wait-“ Jin stops, making me trip a bit. “I don’t think he’s here. I should go.” Jin turns around back to the front door.


If he leaves now he’ll see Taehyung. I pull him back. 


I open my eyes. I didn’t think I pull him back this hard. He was lying on me. His eyes stare back at me. Pretty. He looks away then moves off of me. 


“Yeah he’s probably at the burger place maybe it was just Ren I saw.” Jin nods his head then gets up. He waves before rushing off. I touch my cheek. It was really warm.




To get away from the couple I was at a cafe. I’m on my phone reading an article when someone sits down across from me. I look up with some food stuff in my cheeks. Jin smiles shyly. “I know your secret.” 


I sit up. What secret? “The one about me and a little bit of Tae.” My eyes widen and I shake my head. It’s just a dream. But Jin continues watching me. 


“What secret?” I ask. Jin scoots in closer. He looks into my eyes. 


Then with a big smile starts laughing. I sit still with no smile, now registering what had just happened. He was just joking. 


“I just wanted to see if you had any dirty secrets but I guess not.”


“Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be at work or with Taehyung?” Jin slumps at my question. 


“The only time I’m free from work, Tae’s busy. So I came to this cafe and here you are.” He rests his face on his hand. 


“You could hang out with me.” I suggest and he nods eagerly. We leave the cafe and just walk around. 


“How have Jungkook been?” Jin asks. Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t contacted him in a while. 


“We haven’t seen each other for a few days but I think he’s good.” We walk in silence until I spot something. I grab his hand and pull him after me. 


“Karaoke?” He looks around as I pay. 


“You never karaoke before?” He shakes his head. “It’s fun.” We go into our own room and I go through the songs looking for something familiar. Jin sits quietly clearly not comfortable. “You can choose first.” 


“I-I don’t know. You go first.” I put the microphone in his hand. 


“I want to hear you. Please?” I ask Jin. He grabs the microphone slowly. 


-Seokjin’s p.o.v-


I take the microphone. I’m not bad at singing. I should do it. It will be fun. But I’ve never sung in front of others before. Jimin will be my first. I choose a song that I know all the lyrics to. 


Taehyung’s always listening and singing to it. His voice is so angelic. I feel more confident as the thought of Taehyung surfaces my mind. 


Jimin looks awed as I sung which made me more confident. After finishing, he claps loudly. “You don’t need to exaggerate.” 


“I wasn’t. You did a good job.” Jimin chooses a song right away and starts singing. I sway to the music and his voice. He has a nice voice. After that we sing and dance around the room. 


It felt good. I never thought Jimin could be so fun. We leave the karaoke room and Jimin looks sincerely really happy. That made me feel even better. Before I knew it we were sitting and drinking soju. 


We talked a lot but I don’t remember much. There was something about thinking it was y. Then there were food too. I remember Jimin putting meat into my mouth. It tasted so yummy. Then he was sitting next to me or was I sitting next to him?


I remember him rubbing his forehead. Jimin took me somewhere and then I was on someone’s bare chest.


-Jimin’s p.o.v-


We had just left karaoke when I saw a restaurant. We didn’t have dinner yet so I asked Jin to eat dinner with me. 


We finished eating but then he asked me if we could drink soju together. So I ordered that. We drunk and talked a lot. Just telling each other stories. 


“When I was little I got bit by a dog because I was trying to grab it’s leg.” I tell Jin.


“Why were you trying to do that though?” He asks.


I press my lips together. “It was...y.” He bursts out laughing and I laugh with him. 

After a while of just drinking soju I ordered some food so Jin can sober up a little. I pick up a piece of meat and bring it up to my mouth but see Jin’s eyes so I end up feeding him. I turn to my side to answer a text.


When I turn back, Jin’s sitting next to me. He’s really close to me. I can feel his breath. He kisses his hand and brings his hand up to the skin under my eye. 


“I like your eyes.” 


Then he leans in and our foreheads bump. We both move away and I rub my forehead. His head falls onto my shoulder. “Taehyung..” 


I freeze. Taehyung? Was he really that drunk? “When we were at Daegu because your sister gave birth..Sorry that I made you upset.” Jin hiccups. “I just didn’t like that that girl was so close to you.” 


I pat his head as he closes his eyes. So the two got in an argument before. “Jin.” He doesn’t answer. “You’re a very special person. Don’t worry. You’ll be with Taehyung for a long time. You two may even get marry.” 


Jin looks up at me. His hand caresses my cheek. “Everything will be fine.” He tells me then rests his head on my head before falling asleep. I take him to my car. 


I knock on the door and Taehyung opens it shirtless. I push Seokjin into his arms. He looks confuse. “Don’t worry. He’s alive. Just tired and a couple drinks.” Jin wraps his arms around Tae. 


“Thank you, Jimin. For bringing him back.”




Jimin knocks on the door excitedly. He and Jin were going to the movies today. Just the two of them. Taehyung had some work to do. The two haven’t hung out since karaoke night. Jin doesn’t remember much of it and apologized.


So he wanted to make it up by bringing Jimin to watch a movie.


After what felt like forever he turns the knob. Unlocked. He strolls in. There was no one around. Hmm. Unusual. But he doesn’t think much about it and goes over to the sofa. He hears some sounds coming from a room down the hall. 


“Jin?” He calls. No replies. He stands up. “Tae?” Silence except for the quiet shuffling. He makes his way down the hall hearing more and more. He wanted to stop. To turn around. Leave.


He was never here. Never here to pick Jin up. Despite of it all, he continued down the hall. It was coming from Tae and Jin’s bedroom. His steps slowed and his feet felt heavy like there were rocks tied to them. 


He could see the light peeking out from the door which was not shut all the way. He could hear the sounds more now. Knew exactly what it was. But his stupid hands still pushed the door a bit.


He opens his eyes a tad bit and saw Taehyung’s bare back who was on the bed. Someone was beneath him. Though he couldn’t see he knew exactly who it was. Seokjin.


Why did he look? He sinks down onto the carpet. His heart felt extremely heavy. Of course Taehyung and Seokjin do this kind of thing. They are lovers for god sake. Why did Jimin think there could still be something there for him.


Stupid. Stupid him. His phone buzzes in his pocket. He pulls it out. It was a text message from Jin. Is Jin texting him that he can’t make it to the movies because something important came up? 


He rolls his eyes and grabs his phone prepared to see the fake text. 


‘Where r u

I’ve been waiting forever

Are u still coming

The movie’s about to start’


His eyes almost bulge out. Wait a second. Is Jin actually at the movies? But he just saw Taehyung and him. He looks back into the bedroom. It’s definitely Taehyung in there. But if Jin’s waiting for him...


Who’s in there with Taehyung?

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