Buried In the Sky

"So my brother's getting married tomorrow and I was wondering if you can come." Jimin was currently cutting vegetables as Jin was at the stove. Taehyung went out to buy some groceries.


"Taehyung's going?" Jimin asks. 


"Yeah. But I want you to go too." 


Jimin considers for a bit. Should he go? He doesn't want to go everywhere with them. "I think I'll be busy," he lies. 


Jin shows up next to him. "Really? I really wanted you to go. It was going to be so fun. You could even meet new people." 


Jimin grimaces at his last sentence. He did not want to meet new people. "Too bad. I can go next time." Jin brightens at his answer.


They ate dinner at the table and chatted. After that Jimin left. He was awoken when his phone rung continuously. "What's up, Tae?" He says tiredly. Why would Taehyung be up at this time?


"Jimin, my sister's in labor." Jimin sat up. "I'm on my way there now. That means I won't be here tomorrow. I don't want Jin to go alone. Can you go with him?" Jimin was stunned. "Please Jimin. As a friend. He's also your friend." 




"I'm sorry that I'm not Taehyung," Jimin apologizes as they drive to the wedding place. 


"Don't say that. I'm glad that you're coming with me. Taehyung haven't visited his family in a while. This is a good time for him to see them." Jimin studies Jin's face but it's genuine that he's not mad or upset. Just a tad bit sad.


Jin introduces him to his relatives. He's amazed at all the decorations. The day goes by quickly and Jimin soon finds the sun setting. He finds Jin.


Jin smiles upon seeing him. "Having fun." He nods. 


"But I think I'm gonna go now." Jin looks puzzled by this. "But there's still the evening party. Can't you stay?" Jimin presses his lips together and shakes his head looking sorry. "Taehyung told me that you're a great dancer. Can't you stay and let me see you dance?"


He reddens at this but Seokjin doesn't seem to notice. Jin looks at him with pleading eyes. Jimin hesitates. "Okay. I'll stay." Jin smiles and Jimin swears he saw Jin glow. 


He helps Jin with some things and soon the moon's out. Music plays and they watch the bride and groom dance. After that people started to join in. Jin's family knew how to party. 


He watches amused until Jin pulls him onto the dance floor. Jimin starts blubbering but Jin shakes his head. "Please show me some moves. Just one song." 


"I...." Jimin wasn't sure. He loved to dance but he didn't want to right now. He felt flustered but then a new song started playing. It was a song he always danced too. Then before he knew it, he was dancing and people were surrounding him. 


He lost Jin's face in the crowd and just danced. When he finished they clapped and cheered. A smile instantly showed on his face something he always did after he finished dancing.


"Wow. You were amazing. Taehyung was right!" Seokjin pats him on the back. 


"Thanks. But now that you saw me dance, can I see you dance?" 


"But I don't know much about dancing." 


Jimin smiles encouragingly. "Just do whatever you know." He follows Jin onto the dance floor anticipated.


Jin looks at him. "Don't laugh at me." 


"I won't." As the song started playing, Jin connects their hands. He puts his other hand on Jimin's shoulder. Jimin stares surprised. Jin wasn't looking at him as he did so. Jimin puts his hand on Jin's waist pulling him closer just now realizing how small his waist is.


They sway to the music. It was Eyes, Noes, and Lips by Taeyang. Jin is biting his lips nervously. Jimin looks to the side his face flushed. If Taehyung was here he wouldn't be here. Also, Taehyung is tall but he. Seokjin's a bit taller than him. 


"I always wanted to dance with Taehyung with our face side by side. But he's taller than me and won't stop growing. So instead he looks down at me." Seokjin pouts at this.


"You can dance like that with me." Jin smiles at him.



-Jimin's p.o.v-



I sigh as I finished another day of work. I did not realize how much time I spend being with Taehyung and Jin until now. I guess I could go watch a movie. That would be fun. 


The next few days, I was bored as hell. I even worked overtime. I was driving home one time and took a different route. There, I saw a pet store. 


I ended up going inside. I look at the hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits first then the underwater animals. Then at the more exotic animals. Finally at the cats and dogs.


I go to the dogs first but gets sad when I remember my dog that passed away. So I go over to the cats. There's one particular kitten that catches my attention. A calico cat. 


I start playing with it and it just looks at me unamused. "He's hard to entertain," someone says behind me. The person behind me walks up so they're next to me. "Looking for a cat?" 


The voice is awfully familiar but I just can't catch who it might be. "I was just passing by." I turn around and freeze.


The person looks shocked too. "Jimin?" 


"Yoongi?" Yoongi rubs his neck awkwardly. "I didn't think I would see you here." I didn't think I'd see you ever again. "How have you been?"


"I've been good. Thank you for letting me stay at your place that night." 


"No problem." Jimin watches Yoongi shift from foot to foot. 


"How's your friend...Taehyung?" 


Of course he'd bring Taehyung up. "He's good. He's on a trip with his boyfriend." Yoongi looks a bit down by what I said. I turn back to the kitten who was now watching Yoongi and I with big eyes. "Does he have a name?" 


Yoongi looks at the kitten. "Not really. Do you want to take a closer look at him?" Before I could even answer, Yoongi takes a key out. The kitten moves to the back. Yoongi offers his hand. "It's Yoongi. Your favorite staff~"


The kitten comes out. Yoongi hands him to me. "He's so adorable." I take him in my hands. In the corner of my eyes, I see Yoongi looking at him fondly. "You don't want him?" I ask.


Yoongi shakes his head. "I'm too busy. You could take him. He seems to like you." 


"I'll take him then." Yoongi's eyes brighten. "I'll call him Ren." 


Yoongi tilts his head. "Why?"


I smile. "It's short for serendipity." 




Yoongi sits awkwardly on my sofa as I show Ren his new home. I sit down next to him. "So you like animals?" 


"Kinda. I guess. I like them more than people at times." I laugh at what he says. I look at him and he's looking at me. "You have a big heart, Jimin." 


I chuckle quietly. "Really?"


"Yeah, though I don't know you much. I can see that." I turn to look at him. "You're one of the few people I like more than animals." I blush at what he says. He scoots closer. "You look cute when you blush." 


I look into his eyes. "I wanna see if you look cute when you blush." He stares at me flustered. Then I did something I thought I would have never done. 


I kiss him. I push him back on the sofa. I was now on top of him. His cheeks were pink now. "You do look cute." He blushes more and I connect our lips again. I close my eyes and just think of Yoongi.


But my mind keeps thinking of him. Him. I push him away and only focus on Yoongi. But he keeps coming back so I kiss Yoongi more and more. Trying to get rid of him. But then Yoongi stops kissing me. I continue kissing his neck.


"I'm sorry but..I have someone already." I stop. Yoongi doesn't look at me. I get off of him. He gets up awkwardly. 


Then after some time, I open the door for him. "It was nice seeing you again." I say avoiding his eyes.


He stands still for a bit then leaves. "Bye, Jimin." Forever.


I close the door. I listen as his footsteps move farther away. Then I kick the door. I fall down and bring my knees up to face. Why? Why? Why? Tears slip out of my eyes and I'm crying softly. 


I run my hand through my hair. Then Ren comes up to me. He looks at me with big curious eyes. I scoop him up in my arms. Why? I set a kiss on the top of his head.




"Oh, so you met him again!" Jin says. Jimin grips his steering wheel. "But while you were kissing him..Who were you thinking of?" Jimin whips his head up. 


"I wasn't thinking of anyone," he denies. Jimin's eyes were full of emotions.


"Yeah right. Well anyways. Taehyung and I came back home."




"So Jimin. Did anything happen while we were gone?" Taehyung asks eagerly.


Jimin's thoughts immediately go to Yoongi. "No. Nothing. Why?"


Taehyung pouts disappointed. "I don't know. I just felt like something happened." Jimin tilts his head. It feels like Taehyung always know things. It's as if the universe favors him and wants him to know everything. Even if it's just a nudge.


Jimin looks at the clock. "It's getting late. Maybe you should go home," he suggest to Taehyung. Go to your Jin.


"I was thinking that maybe you and I could go to a bar," Taehyung asks quietly.


Jimin raise his eyebrows. "Again? We just went." What was Taehyung up to? It's not good to drink so much.


"I know. I know. But just cuz. I feel like so too." Jimin sighs when he could see that there was so way of changing Taehyung's mind.




"I think you need to go home dude," Jimin tells Taehyung concerned. 


"What? I just got here," Taehyung complains and grabs another cup. Yes, they just got here but Taehyung already seems tipsy and he's drinking more.


Jimin grabs the cup. "Did something happen in Daegu, Tae?" Taehyung narrows his eyes at him.


"Of course not!" Taehyung grabs the cup again and drinks it. He grimaces at the taste but continues drinking. Jimin watches him worried. Did something happen at Daegu? Taehyung gives him a cup. "I haven't seen you finish a cup yet Jimin?" 


Jimin's forehead is creased with worry. "I don't think Jin will like this." Taehyung ignores him though. 


"I'm so lucky to have him. He's real nice. My family loved him. But it's just..." 


Jimin leans in wanting to know what Taehyung is spilling. "I'm too lucky!" Jimin slumps at that. 


After Taehyung passed out, he drives him home. He knocks on the door and is greeted by Seokjin's kind face which immediately turns to shock. "He passed out." Seokjin helps bring Taehyung in. They drop him off on Seokjin and Tae's bed. 


Jimin stands by the door and watches as Seokjin wipes Taehyung's body. "Jin.." Taehyung grabs Jin's hand. 


"I'm right here." Jin kisses his hand. Taehyung pulls their intertwined hands to his mouth and kisses Jin's hand, burping after it. Jin swats the air. "For the first time you stink."


Jimin watches solemnly. It should be him there. 


He realizes his thoughts and leaves, going to the living room instead. He sits down on the couch and turns on the t.v. Why did he think that? He watches the movie for a bit until Jin comes out.


"Thank you for taking care of Tae."


"I didn't take care of him. You did. I just brought him here," Jimin says. Jin nods. "I should get going." Jimin stands up about to go.


"Wait. You had a couple of drinks. Stay the night." Jin says. Jimin agrees and sits back down. Jin sits with him. They watch t.v. silently. Jimin doesn't realize how much time had passed until he looks to his side.


Jin was sleeping, his head almost leaning on Jimin's shoulder. 


-Jimin's p.o.v-


I watch memorized. Is this why Taehyung fell in love at first sight? I can never hate you, Jin. You're just too good of a person. I didn't like you at first. Because of Taehyung. But now. I think I changed my mind.


I stand up though my eyes still stare. I should go. I move towards the door. "Jimin.."


I stop in my tracks. De he just call my name? I go over to his side. "Yeah Jin, I'm here." He murmurs a couple of words but none I could make out. 


I pick him up bridal style. He should sleep comfortably. I could smell his shampoo wafting off him. It smells nice. I thought that since Taehyung and him live together, they'd use the same shampoo. But no. 


I put him down on the bed next to Taehyung. Though I know I should go I don't. I look at his features. His soft hair. How will it feel under my fingers? His smooth cheeks. Taehyung kisses them everyday. His cute lips. Those pink, plump, full lips that Taehyung kisses everyday and every night. I can't stop staring. 


Slowly, I move closer. I caress his cheek. It feels so soft just like I thought. I wish I could hold his cheek everyday. I move closer. How can someone be so memorizing even in sleep? I can't hold it anymore and lean in...




 I pin him against the wall engulfing my nose in his scent. He smells nice. Since when was I so interested in smell. He pulls me away from his neck and slam our lips together. I kiss him strongly. 


It's so sloppy but I don't care. I just want more. Need more. He has his arms wrapped around my neck as I caress his cheek. We pull away for breaths. My eyes are closed. I could feel the night air kissing our skin. I put my face in the crook of his neck again. "Seokjin," I breathe out.


He pulls me so I'm looking at him. "Jungkook." He tells me. I redden as I realize I just call someone else Seokjin. Jungkook doesn't seem to mind though and takes my lips again.


I don't know when it all happened but I soon started..thinking of Seokjin. Maybe after that night when I almost kissed him. What was I thinking? He was asleep and his boyfriend was right next to him, unconscious too.


I could have taken advantage of him. But I would never do that. I try to distance myself with the couple. Instead I hung out at clubs more and without Taehyung. There, I met Jungkook.


We got each other's numbers and called whenever we needed one another. We never exchanged name. He figured mines out but I didn't until tonight.


We fall onto the bed together and before I knew it, it was morning. I look over to my side where Jungkook was. He was sleeping with his chest on the mattress and back exposed to the morning air. I pull the blanket over him and get out of bed.


I pick up my clothes and put them on. "Leaving so soon, pretty boy." As I'm buttoning my shirt Jungkook wakes up.


"Yeah," I reply. "You should too. It's getting late." He gets up and heads for the shower. When I get home I feed Ren before hopping into the shower.


The reason I call and hook up with Jungkook so much is because when I'm with him..they're gone. When I'm kissing him I don't see them anymore. I don't see Taehyung and Seokjin anymore.


Something the alcohol used to be able to do. 




"It was like Jungkook was the medicine to your pain." Seokjin says from his seat. That's what Jimin thought too. But medicine can only help so much. And Jungkook was not that strong of a medicine. 


Jimin was still driving. It felt like he would never reach the wedding place. He looks over to the Jin in his mind still talking to him. 


Jimin wasn't sure what Jungkook thought of him. Did Jungkook use him to forget like he did? 


"One night when Taehyung and I invited you over, you brought Jungkook." 




Seokjin opens the door excitedly, not having seen Jimin in a while. He greets Jimin but was at loss of words when someone steps from behind him. Jin looks at the two. Who was this other man? Was this why they haven't seen Jimin?


"Seokjin, this is Jungkook. Jungkook, this is Seokjin." Jungkook smiles and Jin smiles back. 


"I thought I was the only handsome friend Jimin has. Guess I was wrong." Jin thanks Jungkook. Then he feels an arm around his shoulder. 


"You brought a friend?" Taehyung asks Jimin eyeing Jungkook. 


"Yeah. Jungkook meet Taehyung." Jin tells them to sit down in the living room as he gets some beverages. Jimin follows Jin into the kitchen instead making Jin jump when he sees Jimin. 


"Aren't you supposed to be in the living room?" Jin grabs some drinks from the fridge. 


"Thought I should give you a hand," Jimin takes the drinks from Jin unexpectedly causing Jin to fumble. They drop a bottle and both reach for it at the same time. 


Jimin gets to it first and Jin's hand lands on his hand. Jimin looks at the bracelet on Jin's wrist. New. Taehyung probably got it for him. 


"Your hand's so small. It's smaller than mines," Jin comments. "We should compare our hands. I think Taehyung's hand is the biggest." 


"Taehyung will win." Jin looks up as Jimin spoke. Their faces were close but Jin doesn't seem to be faze by it. "Taehyung usually wins." 



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