Last Dance

Buried In the Sky

"The snow's so pretty-" Seokjin gets cut-off as touches his poor shoulder that got hit by a snowball. He turns to look at the culprit. 


Jimin's mouth was hanging open and he was holding snow balls in his hands. "I'm so sorry. I was trying to get Taehyung. Sorry." Jimin bowed his head as Taehyung snickers beside him.


"It's okay.." Taehyung and Jimin had already started throwing snowballs at each other forgetting about him. He sighed and try to go back to doing his own thing when a snowball rushed past his face barely hitting him. 


"Sorry, Jinnie!" He hears. Jin closes his eyes. You know, that snowball that Jimin threw did really hurt his shoulder and that snowball that Tae threw almost hit his wonderful face. 


Taehyung and Jimin were having a face-off in the open space throwing balls at each other as each had a pile by their side. 


"Ouch!" Both yelled in unison. Jin had threw a ball at each of them hitting their arms. "Jin?" Both yelled in shock.


They then continued fighting each other with snowballs. All included. Two would team up only to have one turn on them. It was a fun day.


Jin smiles at the sweet memory. More memories will be created. He checks the time. Where was Jimin? Jimin had something he wanted to tell Jin? He stands up and goes over to his car taking out his polaroid and pictures he took. 


There were many photos of Tae. There were also photos of him and Tae. Tae and Jimin. He envies their relationship. In his future he sees Taehyung and him married along with Jimin and his spouse whoever it may be. 


They would always hang out at each other's place. When they have kids they could play with each other. He hopes that will be their future. Maybe even something better. 


He brings his attention back to the photos. Some photos of Jimin but not much only two or three. He liked the photos of all three of them a lot. He just realized now that he doesn't have any photos of only him and Jimin.


Just then Jimin arrives. "Hey." Jin greets Jimin as Jimin came to his side. 


"The sun looks pretty today." Jimin comments. Jin looks at the setting sun. It did. 


"Let's take a picture." Jin holds the polaroid and snaps as they both smiled with the beautiful lighting. He puts the polaroid down. "So what did you want to talk about?" Jin sat down on the hood of the car. Jimin slowly sat with him.


"Um.." Jimin looked at him with his attractive eyes. He bites his lip and Jin was taken back by his thought. 'He looks hot especially with that sun in the back.'


He blushes at such ridiculous thought. Jimin is charming. Why has he not met someone yet? Or does he already have someone in mind? Jin brings his attention back to what Jimin was about to say. "I know I should've of told you this a long time ago but.." 


Did he meet someone but didn't tell him and Taehyung? He was leaning on his hand and unconsciously leaning closer to Jimin anticipating his next words. Before Jin knew it, his hand slipped. 


Jimin wraps an arm around his waist as Jin's head falls on Jimin's shoulder. Jin peers up. Jimin was looking down at him. They stayed like so for a few seconds until Jimin looked away. 


Jin sits up. "So you were saying.." Jimin nods and clears his throat. 


"Actually you can go first." Jimin suggests. After the little moment they had he wasn't so confident anymore. He could feel his face heating up like always.


"Okay." Jin waits until Jimin's watching him. "Ta-da!" He shows his left hand to Jimin. Jimin's eyes widen. "Taehyung proposed to me this morning. He brought me to the beach and then went down on one knee." 


Jin sighs dreamily. "I felt really bad though because when he first brought me there, I was complaining about how it was cold. But then he told me to just follow him and I did." 


"Congratulations." Jimin congrats him smiling. 


"Thank you!" Jin looks up at the sky. "I wanted to ask you to be my best man but I know Taehyung would ask you. Wait! I wasn't supposed to say that." Jin looks flustered. 


"Don't worry. I will just act like I didn't know." Jimin assures Jin. "Have you two thought of the date?" 


Jin tells him and goes on about other stuff but it was just going through one ear and coming out the other. He felt broken and his heated face was now cold.




"And here we are." Jin looks out the window. "Wow. It's decorated so beautifully and there's so many people!"


Jimin follows his eyes and could see the many people dressed formally in suits and dresses. The wedding was taking place outside. It looked beautiful. Jimin took a deep sigh. He was finally here.


At the wedding place. He felt like he's been driving forever remembering from when he and Taehyung became friends to when he met Seokjin to now. "So I guess storytelling's over!" Jin said almost happily from my side. "You should go now. Taehyung and I are waiting." 


He looked up at the Jin who was just in his mind. "Jin." He reached out and touch Jin's arm. "I.." Jin blinked at him waiting. " you, Kim Seokjin." 


And with that Jimin pressed a kiss on "Jin's" lips. When he pulled away he was all alone in his car like he was in the beginning. 


Then he got out of his car, fixed his suit, fixed his hair then walked towards Taehyung and Seokjin's wedding. "Jimin!" 


Jimin hugs him. "My best man is finally here! I thought you ran away." Taehyung jokes but smiles brightly. He was truly happy. Jimin smiles back. 


"Congratulations, bro." Taehyung shakes his head.


"Only when we get the wedding vows over with and after we kiss." Taehyung brings him around introducing him to guests. He was met with old friends too.


Before he knew it he was standing by Taehyung's side watching him smile widely. He's happy. Ever since Jimin came Taehyung only had a smile displayed on his face. 


He's so focused on Taehyung that he doesn't notice Seokjin was coming down the aisle. He only does when Taehyung's eyes widen. He looks away and at Seokjin. He was so ethereal. 


They held each other's hand and looked into each other's eyes as the vows were being spoken.


He looks carefully at Jin's lip as he said "I do." He sighed but then slapped himself in his head. They're both happy. He should be too. 




Jimin cheered along with their other friends as Taehyung and Seokjin danced. Then they went back to drinking and laughing while Jimin watched the couple dance. He could see Taehyung's moving mouth and could tell Seokjin was blushing despite the colorful lights dancing with them.


After that a fun song played and lots of people joined the dance floor. Everybody was laughing and having a good time. Taehyung was busting some moves that had Seokjin laughing but loving it too.


Afterwards he went to grab a drink. They chose a spot not crowded by buildings so you could see the sky perfectly. The moon was shining brightly with few stars there and there.


He smiled at the sky and took a sip. "Are you enjoying the wedding?" Seokjin asked and he jumped. 


"Yeah. It's fun and you two look so good. Ten times more handsome together." Jimin tells the couple. Taehyung laughs and Seokjin offers him a smile.


"You look good too, Jimin." Jin tells him. 


"My niece just woke up." Taehyung gasped and they turned to where Taehyung's sister was with a baby rubbing her eyes. "She's so adorable. Let's go see her Seokjin." So the couple left. 


Jimin walked back to the dance floor. He was just watching people dance not caring about anything. "Taehyung told me to ask you for a dance." Jimin whipped his head to the side. Seokjin stood by his side as Taehyung was now carrying the baby around.


"Sure." So Seokjin took his hand and they went on the dance floor. It was a slow song. So Seokjin wrapped his arms around Jimin's neck. "Um.." Jimin hesitates to put his arms around Jin's waist. Should he be so touchy with Jin?


"It's fine. Tae won't mind." Jimin was still uneasy about doing so. It's not like he didn't want to. But Jin took his arms and wrapped it around his waist. Jimin knew his face was red but because of the colorful lights Jin couldn't see. He cursed himself silently. Why was he still like this? 


"Why are you so stiff?" Jin asked. Jimin was just rocking back and forth trying to calm down. He could still feel the heat in his face. 


"I am?" Jimin pulls Jin closer. He wanted to rest their foreheads together. But didn't. Instead just stared into Jin's eyes. He should enjoy their second time dancing and last dance.


Jin looked back at him and for a moment he thought it was their wedding. Until Seokjin spoke. "I hope you find someone, Jimin. Someone that will love you a lot. And then you two can marry. We should have kids around the same time so they could play together." 


Jimin nods. "Taehyung loves you a lot." 


"I know. I love him a lot too." Then the song was over and Jin pulled away. Taehyung wrapped an arm around his waist. 


"See? Jimin is good at dancing." Jin nods while Jimin excuses himself. 


He sat down where there was no one. He could still hear the music from behind him as he lied down on his back. The grass brushed his face as he settles. He looks up at the sky. 


He sighed. Why was he so pathetic? He closes his eyes feeling the cool breeze brush over him. 




"Hey, Jin." Jimin greets as he walks in. 


"Hi." Jin closed the door and walked after him. 


"Where's Tae?" Jimin ask. The house was quiet. 


"Ah, he's at work." Jin sat down across him. Weird. Jimin thought Taehyung took some time off to just hang out with Jin for a while. Guess not? "He should be getting off soon. Want to help me frost cupcakes?" 


-Jimin's p.o.v-


"Sure." Jin brings over a tray of different flavored cupcakes. "Is there a special occasion?" 


"No. I just wanted to try something new." I pick up a vanilla one and grab red frosting. We sit quietly as we frost. I used a flat tip and was trying to make the cupcake look like a flower. 


It was working. The petals were turning out great. "Your's looks so pretty. Can you teach me?" I look at the cupcake Jin was holding. It was red velvet. 


"Your's look cute." I tell Jin. Seeing that Jin was still looking at my cupcake I agree to teach him. So we both grab another cupcake. "So you want to use this tip so you can make the petals." I show him as I spoke. 


I finish first and watch as Jin finishes. "That looks good." I tell him and he compares our cupcakes. 


"Your's look good." He was looking at me. I lean closer but he didn't move. "And charming." He was still holding eye contact with me but his cheeks were being dusted with pink. Was I making him blush? 


I move away. "I have something to tell you Seokjin." 


"What?" He says quietly. 


"I know I should've said this earlier but." I turn to look at him. "When you invited me to the movies, I went to pick you up. The door was unlocked and it was quiet. I heard noises when I went into the living room. It was coming from down the hall so I followed it. I got mad." It has to be now.


Jin raises his eyebrow not getting where this is going. "I got mad because I thought you ditched me. But then my phone buzzed and I realized you sent me texts and was at the theaters waiting for me." Please don't get mad at me.


"I looked back into the bedroom. Taehyung was on the bed but with some-" 


Jin stood up eyes wide. He looked sad, scared, and angry. "Stop. You're taking this too far now. Did Taehyung tell you to do this? Did he tell you to test my trust for him? Are you recording?" 


Jin was looking around probably for a camera. He did not understand. This is not a joke. "No. You don't understand. I'm not lying. Taehyung doesn't even know I know." I come closer to Jin. "I saw him in bed with-"


"Stop!" Jin's eyes were teary. "I don't like this." 


"Jin, I'm sorry. I should've told you earlier. Before the wedding but I didn't know what to do. Taehyung's my best friend and he's a good man but I had to tell you because I." Because I love you.


"Because what?" I open my mouth but couldn't say it. He pushes me and I fall on the sofa. "See. You're lying. If it's not a prank then why?" I look at his eyes that are filled with many emotions."Why are you doing this?" I stand up and walk up to him. "Taehyung's not a cheater." 


"Please, listen to me. I saw him cheating with you. I swear that I'm telling the truth. I tried to bury it in the sky but the sky is not for you to bury." I was looking at him desperately. He needs to believe me before this hurts more. 


If Jin is this hurt now then who knows how hurt he'll be when he finds out himself. Jin peers up at me and I just want to embrace him. Comfort him. My head whips to the side as I hear a loud noise.


I could feel tears come to my eyes. Jin had just slapped me. I touch my burning, stinging cheek.




I'm floating in the water. It's peaceful. I don't hear anything. My body feels relaxed. I come up to the surface and take in some air. 


It's been a week since I tried to tell Jin. I went to hide at my cousin's house who's currently on a business trip and let me stay. 


My cheek healed but me? No. Of course Jin wouldn't believe me. What was I thinking? I should've just kept my mouth shut. But I didn't and now Jin hates me. Now I'm alone. 


I don't feel like swimming anymore and dry off. I get changed into dry clothes and the bell rings. I go downstairs thinking it must be some package. But no. I open the door. 


"Hey." He says looking down.


-Taehyung's p.o.v-


"Everything fine?" I ask Jin as I climbed into bed. He nods but does nothing else. "Why do you look sad?" I cup his cheek as I look into his eyes. He removes my hand. 


"Nothing. Have you heard from Jimin?" Was that why he's worried?


"He called me yesterday." Jimin seems perfectly okay. "He may just be caught up in work. You know how he can become a workaholic from time to time." Jimin's a grown man. Jin doesn't have to worry about him. 


Jin still looks bothered after my assurance. "You don't miss me." I pout and pretend to look mad. 


"It's not that." He touches my arm. "I miss you." 


"Then give me a kiss." I tell him still acting mad. I'm confused though when he doesn't. "Jin?" He's staring into space so I kiss him on the cheek. He touches his cheek and look away. 


"We should go to sleep now. You must be exhausted." Jin turns off the lamp and turns so his back is facing me. I wrap my arm around his waist and moves him closer to me pressing a kiss on his head. 


"But I'm not sleepy." I whisper into his ear and kiss his neck. I kiss his jawline too. 


"Stop it, Tae. Not tonight." He pushes me away. I feel sad but moves away giving him space. I use my phone since I'm not feeling tired yet. I look over to Jin who I think is now sleeping as his breaths sounds even. 


'U busy tonight' the text read.


'Why?' I text back. 


'Just want to see u' I look at the photo Jungkook sent. It was a selfie of him and I. 


I love Seokjin. I truly do. But Jungkook. He's something else. He likes playing the games I play. He likes going to parties like I do. He's always doing stuff. New things and daring me to do them. 


When I'm with Jin, I'm teaching and showing him. Jin is home and comfort. He's someone I can always rely on and I know he's my safe place. Jungkook is someone that makes me do fun things. Sometimes dangerous and scary activities. Like bungee jumping and graffiti.


He shows me things my home and comfort doesn't. And it's wrong for me to have both. I have to choose and be with only one. I can choose to feel warmth, safe, and comfort or adrenaline, rush, and excitement. 


I love both. I've never met someone like Jungkook before. He's a really great dancer and can be so confident when doing so. He can also be really timid and shy. Lastly, he makes me want to love him forever which is something I thought only Jin could make me feel.


‘I can’t. Need to spend some time with Jin’ I text back before turning off my phone and putting it aside. I scoot back to Jin. “Jin?” No answer. I brush his fringes and cuddle him. 




My jaw dropped when Jin placed the key in my hand. “Jin.”


“You can sort it out. Think about it for as long as you need.” He turns around to leave but I grab his wrist. 


“I don’t understand.” 


“I know about you and the other guy.”

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