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Boys With Luv

Gimpo Airport

Camera shutters, flashes of light all round and people start to pile up in one exit. 

What else do you expect the worlwide idol group BTS is arriving from Bangkok. Fans were screaming and shouting as they saw a group of security trying to make way for someone. While at one pont there is someone quietly observing.

"Huh, this is bad timing why are there lots of people?" She asked her lady bodyguard. "Mam it seems that a popular group was with us in the plane."

"Ahh yes BTS the boy group was with us. Just give me my sunglasses and hat. I don't want to be involve in such things." The bodyguard gave her the things she needed. Her cold aura was felt and all she wants was to get into the car and rest.

She was wearing an oversize loose grey asymmetric stripe shirt partnered with her black ripped skinny jeans using her killer 5 inches high heel black sandals. She also used her wide sunglasses and hat.

 "Are you ready miss?" Her bodyguard asked her. She was about say yes, when someone pushed her back, "yaaahh" she was about to fall flat on her face, when she was pulled by a hand and just like dancing she spin a little til she was already facing someones chest.

Her eyes were still close and hands were on her face while her rescuers hand is still hugging her tightly while staring at her. She slowly opened her eyes to see who's holding her waist. Locking her in an embrace and not allowing her to breathe properly. 

"Are you okay miss?" The guy asked her. "Ahh ohh yeah I think so. Ouch!" She removed her sunglasses that bumped between her face and hard chest tht hurt her nose. Still in an awkward position the froze seeing her bare face and just stared into her eyes switching to her lips once in a while. Untik ehe his lips and that made eyes widen and woker her from her trance.

"Hi!" That broke the guys daze. "Hhi! kwenchana?" He asked in a low horse voice. "Deh! You can release me now." He got shy as he released her and blushed a little. The guy was wearing a white mask and a black cap. "Ahh, yes should I... I mean I should."

She made a step backwards to have space between them before bowing. "Kamsahmida." After bowing her bodyguard went to her "Miss is everything okay?" Then she nodded to respond. "Ahh again thank you! I need to go now!" She waived goodbye and he was just looking at her.

Her bodyguard found another exit which allowed the idol group use their original exit. Some photographers still took a picture of her knowing she is the only child and heiress of a major company and university in Korea.

In the Philippines she was able to live normally but in Korea, the arrival of the only daughter of the richest business man in Korea was a big deal since she was deemed mysterious and was not introduced to the public.

"UNNIE!" A lady wearing casual clothes but disguised with a black cap and mask shouted at her. "Jisoo!" She run towards her cousin and hugged her. "Aish! Why did you arrived when BTS also arrived it was hard for me to disguise.

"Mianhe! I didn't know that we have the same flight from Bangkok. "I watched their concert and it was DAEBAK! Let's go I can't wait to give you girls the things I bought for you in Bangkok." Well she watche it but just saw the dancing and heard the music for she was not interested on how the members lloo for she always tells her students that talent is more important than the look if you are a performer.  

"Arasso! But Unnie can we drop by my agency. Dara Unnie is excited to see you." Jisoo pulled her in the van like a little child drag by her mother. "Aish you keep calling me Unnie but you always treat me like I'm younger than you." She removed Jisoos cap and ruffled her hair.

"Yah! Unnie don't mess my hair, we're going to take selcas and send to Dara Unnie so she will regret not going with me." She took out her phone and took their selca. Miyeong-jin covered her face with her hat in the first selca and Jisoo captioned it 'Guess who arrived.' And send it to our YG group chat.


BPJisoo: 《picsent》 guess who arrived??

BPLisa: I know I know

Dara_Toki: kyaaahh!!! Waaahh!!! I can't wait to see you Unnie. Jisoo you left me?

BPJisoo: Unnie I can't be late! My Ahjumma cousin might go hulk on me.

Dara_Toki: I know right!

Cute_Mjin: YAH! Let's see who looks like an AHJUMMA! And if you are going to have a treat or threat Hahaha!!!

BPLisa: My pretty Unnie Jinssi.... can't wait to see your cute face.

BPRose: Daebak! Unnie MJin in the house!!!

Dara_Toki: My BFF and best teacher we are all waiting. Take care!!!

BPJisoo: OMO OMO you guys are the worst. Unnie you know I am just joking, remember I am the only one who woke up early to welcome you first.

Cute_Mjin: Aigoo my students are all sweet. See you soon.

Before going to her new apartment, they decided to drop by YG building.

"Unnie! It's nice to finally see you in person. How long has it been? 3... 4 years?" Lisa was so excite meting her English teacher on line in person. They were able to see once in Manila when they had a concert there.

"Yes and we just had a quick dinner then, if not for Jisoo we were not able to meet you at all." Rose said as she gave her ice coffee.

"Well she is my cousin and since I was small we only saw each other twice... but now we can always visit her since she will be staying here indefinitely!!!" Jisoo was excited being with her cousin.

They normally just chat on line or do video calls to be close. "Aigoo! These kids are so sweet! By the way, where's Dara?" Myeong-jin was looking for her bff Dara. They were close since the Sandara Park of 2ne1 lived in the Philippines for quite sometime and studied in the school they owned there. She was was the one who always made Dara feel comfortable in that country.

"Unnie! Kamusta?" Sandara was shouting and greeting her in Filipino. "Dara!!! Okay lang ako. Ito may dala ako from the Philippines and Bangkok hope you'll like it." Myeong-Jin gave Dara her favorites dried mangoes, choconut, pancit canton, etc... she also gave her a bag from Bangkok.

"DAEBAK! kamsahmida these are all my favorite." Dara was jumping with happiness. Then she 2 big paper bags to Black Pink girls. "KASAHMIDA! UNNIE!" The girls were all jumping as well and started eating the dried mango.

"Oh! I will be sending a box the day after tomorrow. Can you please give the others my treat to them specially Mr. YG. Arasso!"

"Deh! Unnie." The girls replied while they munch their candies. "I need to go girls just tell my other students I said Hi" She left Jisoo with girls and went to her new apartment.

"Yoboseo! Deh abuji!" She answered her phone while she was enjoying the scenery from the car window. "Myeongie my baby... where are you? You're Eomma is worried sick why you are still not here."

"Mwo? You are in my apartment?" She was surprised that her parents was waiting for her in her new apartment. "Of course, we did some final touches on your apartment to make sure it is safe and done in you liking." Oh no she got worried coz once they say her liking it will be their liking.

"Ahhh... we are parking already see in a bit." She hanged up and went put the car. "This way miss." Her bodyguard assisted her. "Yoh! Jazz, why are there lots of men wearing same black suit." She was counting the men in black.

"Miss your father hired them to secure you here in your apartment. There were some threats in your family miss." That made her stopped walking and faced her bodyguard. "What? You should have mentioned this to me earlier." She was worried not for her but for her parents.

She reached her apartment and walked towards her parents. "Eomma..." she gave her mom a warm hug as soon as she saw her. "Aigoo! My baby, finally you are here." Eomma Jung hugged her tight and was tearing up.

How about me don't I have a hug. "Appa!" She run towards the old man and hugged him tightly. "Yah! Eomma.. Appa... do we have a problem?" She looked at them worriedly.

"Oh we just need to have precautions, specially that you are a hot topic now. The only heiress of the Jungs is coming back here. Please understand after all these, once the news cools down we can go back living comfortably." Eomma Jung smiled to her sweetly.

That just made her worry more "Maybe it'll beat to blend in like what I do in the Philippines since no one knows who I really am." She suggested to her parents. "What are suggesting?" Abuji Jung was curious about her suggestion.

"Ahh let me live in a normal apartment not like this at the moment and just give me my own vehicle. I strongly suggest not to meet me often." She smiled sweetly to her father.

"Yah! Are you telling us not to see you everyday? Aniyo you just came we planned the whole week already." Her Eomma was not happy with her suggestion. "We can bond this week but I need to pretend not to be your daughter if it is in a public place."

Myeong-jin pouted her lips making his father hesitate in his response. "Aigoo! You know how to make me sift on you. Arasso!" Her dad was not yet finished and looked at her.
"You need to stay in this apartment and you will be responsible in keeping the secret but once you get caught or break the terms. We will introduce you to the public and live with us. Arasso." Her father got a pen and paper.

The terms constitute.

1. Needs to visit parents every 2 weeks.
2. Needs to be visible to special occasion specially family related once.
3. Accept all gifts to be sent by parents.
4. Accord all prior agreement with Abuji or Eomma

Those are the terms that she need to follow. She willingly signed the terms. They continued their mini reunion til midnight til her parents decided to leave her.
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