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Boys With Luv

Mjin POV

I hate my life and I want to die! Its been a month when my parents died. Uncle PDnim gave me a month to grieve and pull myself together.


I was still in Jins apartment when I woke up hearing my ring tone. He was hugging me as he sleeps comfortably. He peeked and asked "uhh you awake babe?" And he is still sleepy.

"Deh, just need to go to the wash room and go home. Sleep more and rest. Anyway I will see you later remember it's my first day with you boys." After saying that I kissed him and smiled before I got my phone and answered it inside the washroom.

"Yoboseo!" And that the last word I said. The person on the other line asked me to go to the hospital where my parents were brought to because of the helicopter crash. My whole world shattered when they advised me that they are both unrecognizeable and we need to wait for what was left of them.

End of flashback

We kept the news in secret for my own protection. I asked my foster family in the Philippines to help me out since my parents told me to be very careful with the people in our company.

As I continue to help out Uncle PD Bang and to keep my promise to my father. It was decided that Uncle will be helping out with our businesses as I can not be revealed yet as the heiress of the richest tycoon on Korea and the 5th richest man in the whole world.

It has also been a month that I was just focused on managing things that my parents left with me. A month since I last saw him. It was the first time I'll open my old phone. There were messages from him but I can't read them all.

Mjinniessi? Babe? Love? - Mr WWH Jinnie

Hi! Just want to know what happened, its been a week...we haven't seen you. Please reply. Is it because of what happened? - Mr WWH Jinnie

Yah! Don't ignore my calls please I love you! I miss you! - Mr WWH Jinnie

But one caught her eye and made her cry.

Mjin, no one knows about what happened. If that is the reason please come back. I miss you! I don't want to lose you. I will not tell anyone unless you say so. Just want to be with you. I will not ask anything or say anything just show up be with us. Be with me. I can't sleep and talk. Please please answer me. Just want to know your fine. - Mr WWH Jinnie

This one was a heartbreaker.

I ask PDnim to give you RJ to comfort you... why you return it? Do you hate me that much? - Mr WWH Jinnie

Mianhe! I know now why you return it. I saw your kiss and I know you hugged our baby and cried. I can still smell your sweet scent with RJ. Please dont cry... I am also hugging RJ every night thinking you are with us. Crying with him because I miss you. Please come back we both miss you. - Mr WWH Jinnie

I am back in my apartment that Mom and Dad fixed for me. I stayed in my bedroom for a week before deciding it's time for me to catch up to the real world. I was more focused on work for my cold state was more oozing rather than my sunny side. It seems that the darkness gubbled up all the light in me.

Uncle mentioned that they already finished the photoshoot for their new album. I looked at them... my eyes caught V with his blue hair... a smirk lightly showed as I saw Yoongi having a purple hair... then my eyes fixed to someone I missed Jin his eyes looks sad. "Mianhe but I have to do this."

I have one week to prepare to see the boys. In have not eaten a normal meal for weeks now. So I decided to wear a disguise going to the convinience store near us because I gave my bodyguards their off. I got my short black hair wig and a my black fisherman cap. I looked at myself and I xan still recorgnize myself. So I got my gray contact and put dark shades of make up on. I even added my mole on my left cheek. Wore a nerdy glass and a black mask.

I just paired my oversized black hoodie with my black torn slim jeans matching it with my black Vans. I think I saw this look already but who cares.

Author POV

The boys were about to finish a shoot and was about to go home. They were all trying to be enthusiastic as they've been noticing their eldest not being himself for almost a month now.

"That's a wrap" The director shouted and everybody clapped their hands.

"Hahaha! Suga Hyung, why were you dancing like a horse?"  Jungkook copied Suga while he laughs at him.

The others joined laughing as soon as they saw how funny the dance was.

"Ahh that's why our face almost bumped." Jhope said

"Okay let's go, director said they got all they needed." Namjoon signaled them to follow him.

"Yes I can sleep!" Yoongi also known Suga was giddy knowing they will have time to sleep tonight.

"I can play with Tannie" Taehyung was so happy while he get his bag.

"I will message the 97liners we might be able to hangout tonight." Jungkook was busy with his phone.

"Hmm... Hyung Sejin can I go with Hyungs tonight?" Sejin answered Jimin with a nod but reminded him to wear proper desguise.

"Suga lets drink before we sleep?" Jin asked Yoongi since he was his roommate.

"Can we buy food along the way?" Yoongi asked the driver, he does not know the reason but he knows Jin needs him to be his buddy now.

They were all settled inside the van. Jungkook was still fixed in his phone and so was Jimin. Jhope and Rapmon was just listening to music and humming. While Jin, Taehyung and Suga was sleeping.

Jin, Rapmon and Suga requested to be dropped off to the convinience store near their apartment.

"Hyung are we buying Soju?" Rapmon asked his Hyungs.

"Deh! Get 2 packs and get sodas as well." Jin said to Suga as he get meat

"Jin, I will get chips and ramen." RM went to the chips section.


Suga saw a figure wearing black clothing, cap and eyeglasses in front of him. He also saw the person almost touch the broken glass that fell. 'That smell oddly familiar but... ahh maybe I'm just.'

"Oh Mianhe! I didn't see you?" The person clothed in black said as he/she crouched down to remove the broken bottle.

"Aish! You should be careful and dont..." Suga said coldly.

"I'm sorry! You don't have to be rude. I'm gonna get those." Suga got flusttered when he heard her voice and saw her eyes as she moved her mask under her chin.  She continued picking up the shatered glasses.

"OUCH" Her finger bled as one of the glass cut her finger.

"Miss let me do that for you." The store staff went near them to clean the floor.

"Ahh okay, komawo, don't worry I will pay for them. By the way do you sell first aid kit here?" She asked the staff but Suga got her hand and dragged her.

"Yah! Yah! What are you doing?" She was resisting and trying to pull her hand.

"Please be quiet and sit." He got his bandana, put pressure first and tied it tightly to her bleeding finger and left her.

That made her stay still for his voice was firm. But her thoughts were already swearing for it was the first time a guy dragged her. She was always treated nicely by those who knows her.

"Oh this kid is annoying! Who does he think he is? AISH!" she was talking to herself while she removes her cap for a bit and fixed her short hair for her normal platinum hair was peakng a bit. Then she placed her cap and wear he mask.


I saw Suga dragging someone so I followed him. As he left  the person removed her cap. It was like the time slowed down as I saw her platinum hair peaking thru her wig. Her voice was weak but I know its her. I know those slender neck but why is she in disguise.

I walked towards her as I hear her voice.

"Oh this kid is [email protected]#€# annoying! Who does he think he is? AISH!" I heard her swearing in english.

"Ahh ohh Hi!" I approached and bowed to try talking to her.

"Hi!" She smiled "Do I know you?" She looked at me looking curious.

"Aniyo! I just want to know why my brother dragged you here?" I asked her as I sat beside her. Hmm I missed that smell. My eyes got teary but I don't want her to leave so I will play along. I see her gulped and I know she is trying to really not let us identify her.

"That rude kid is your brother? How unfortunate!" Her tone was sarcastic but still weak. She seemed to have been in a lot of stress. She smiled sweetly and I so missed those smile and lips. My mind is wanting to kiss them.

"Yes he is! He is just straightforward but he is good." I was trying to ease her annoyance.

"Arasso! If that's what you say." She faced me and leaned her head towards me. Woah her face was really pretty and my eye widened as her face almost touched mine. Tracing from her eyes, nose and those lips. I missed them why is she not saying its her.

"I trust you, you look like a goodboy! Hihihi" she giggled as as she patted my cheeks with both her soft hands.

"You know what, I really need to go now kid. Can you do me a favor please give this to the cashier and this to your brother." She ruffled my hair as she stood up and winked at me.

"May name is Jin not kid, can I atleast know your name." I was almost shouting for she was walking towards the exit but got some ramen and chips.

"ITS JENNIE! byeeeiee!" She waved her hand at me and as I looked at what I need to give the cashier it was two 100,000₩. I was going to tell her that it was too much for 3 bottles of Soju but she was gone already.

"Hyung, did you see the..." Suga asked me while he was holding an ointment and band aid on his hand.

"Oh here a girl gave me this and said Komawo!" I handed him his bandana. He run towards the exit while I go to the counter to meet up with Rapmon to pay and also give the her payment.

"Sir, here's the change for the broken bottles." The cashier was giving me the change and chips that she purchased.

"Ahh keep the change I will just get the item she bought." Oh I saw that she bought cheese ramen, choco-almond pocky, banana milk and choco-drink. These are Mjinnie favorite as I she told me.

The cashier also gave me a bracelet they believed was hers  since it was found on the floor where she dropped the soju bottles.

"Aish! You should have stopped her so I can treat her wounds." Suga was compalining as we head to our apartment.

"Well she was in a hurry and who am I to stop a stranger." I just smirked and remembered how she tried so hard not to reveal who she was.

"Hyung, did you buy those separately." Rapmon was looking at the bag I was holding. It was the ones she purchased, I decided to keep it.

Mjin POV

As I run with 2 ramen on my hand my tears fell as I see Jins face. When I reached my apartment Jazz was waiting for me. "Miss where have you been?" She asked very worried. "I just went out to get this." I replied while showing her 2 spicy cup ramen.

"Spicy Rameun miss... I thought you never like those." She said. "Yes but something happened and I need to run so I didn't noticed." She also walked towards me with a ointment and band aid.

"Miss you better be careful when you're alone. We don't want our future president getting hurt you know." She aaid while she mended my wounded finger.

Then she went to the fridge and got ingredients for her favorite Cheesy Rameun and I saw gimbap rolls she will cut for me. "Miss I will just prepare this but you need to freshen up okay. I will call you once Im done." Jazz was my angel, she knows what I want.

I went upstairs to change into my PJs. I got my RJ PJ and headband. I was kinda always wanting RJ merchs this time and sometimes shooky. As I put on my facial mask I noticed how light my hands were.

Did I removed my RJ bracelet. Yes I asked my jeweller friend to make me a bracelet with 2 Alpaca charms one is RJ and the other one MJ shes the one with pink ribbon. Both have pink gems. Im not going to deny it is me and Jins bracelet. Actually I have one for him but I am too shy to give him.

"YAHHHH WHERE IS IT??" I was shouting while looking for it the one that I have in my Jewelry box was the pink one and thats Seokjinnies bracelet not mine. "Aish!!! Motherer where did I lost it." Still screaming in my room.

BLAAAG! my door openned and Jazz came in. "Miss what happened. You were screaming!" She said worrieldy.

"Jazzissi, my precious bracelet is gone." I said to her pouting.


"Jin-Hyung that girl she looks like MJinnie... but she has a mole and her eyes are gray not brown. But her scent and..." Yoongi stopped as if he was sounding that he was too observant of her.

"Yah! How do you know her scent, where you two a couple? Are you dating?" I was a bit annoyed for he was sounding he knows a lot about her.

"Aniyo! Remeber how many times we bumped to each other. She was so annoying when we met her. Why should I like her." Suga said annoyed. "But being friends with her will be nice." He continued.

"But she is not her. I miss my MJinnie." I said in low voice while I fix the groceries the Jennie left.

"What Hyung you miss your Mjinnie?? When did she became yours?" Yoongi asked looking a bit annoyed to me.

"I... I mean our Mjinnie!" I said and he laughed. "Hyung I will just go to my studio okay see yah" Suga said leaving me in our room. I got all the things in my pocket and noticed a bracelet it was Jennies.

I looked at it and it was an Alpaca... actually it looks like RJ but it has a ribbon with blue Gem. I looked at the initial insde the Gem showing MJ. So it was really hers but she was so thin and not looking well. She is still pretty but her eyes were not as bright before.

I fixed the bracelet and wear it for the meantime. I heard RM calling us for a meeting.

"Guys we need to clean the guest room. Our new tutor/stylist will be living with us. I think she will be our junior manager while Sejin and PDnim will be busy." RM announced.

"Wait did I hear you right? You said she and she will live here with us?" Suga immediately asked. "Is that okay for a girl living with 7 guys?" He again asked sounding a little annoyed.

"Yeah, and why do we need new stylist since we are waiting for MJin to come back. Is she not coming back
?" Jimin was curious. I just kept mum and played with her bracelet in my wrist. I am really thinking what happened to her. But they can't know for I haven't asked her what we really are and if its ok for them to know.

"I miss Noona! I was thinking we can bond and be friends. Why she suddenly backed out is it because of us?" Jungkook suddenly said sulking. "Yes she didn't even said goodbye to us and PDnim nor Sejin gives us details about her. They just say she left and will advise us for any update about her." Tae-Hyung was also sulking.

"I don't want to say this but maybe it's because of Suga. He was harsh on her that day. She might think we don't like her." JHope said in a low voice but Suga heard it. "Why me? If she can't stand me then she is not worth to be part of our team. She is weak if I am the reason. So her not being here will be GOOD FOR ME." Suga said almost shouting.

"Well that's good to hear coz I will be staying around to annoy you." Then a familiar voice spoke behind us. We all looked who it was and bowed to her.

"Anneongseyo! So you talk about me when I'm not here. I find it rude." Oh its her my MJinnie. But why is she so thin and looking cold.

Don't get me wrong she is still hot as ever. She smell good and wooah she change her hair to a straight blonde and she's looks like a teenager with her casual white floral dress.

We were all just looking at her. Since, she looks different. She was so fragile looking with her fresh outfit. Her make up was so light that shows her natural beauty. Her lips was showing the natural pink with just having her strawberry balm.

"Yah! No welcome back to me guys. Do you all hate me that much for all not to say Hi!" She sweetly smiled at us as she was pulling two lagguages.

"Oh my Noona welcome back! Is it really you? You look gorgeous!" Jungkook was the first to get out of trance. He run to her and hugged her.

"Nooona! We missed you are you living with us from now on?" Taetae also run to hug her followed by Jimin.

The three boys was hugging her as she nods to Tae-Hyungs question.

"Ahh Uhhm Yes, if I will survive breathing since you three are killing me with you tight hugs." She said as they all release her and apologized. "Hahaha, it's okay, I missed you  guys too."


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