War of Hormones

Boys With Luv

Suga POV

Normally I don't get bothered easily, specially if it is regarding girls. But there is something different about her. I even thought I was done with the thought of her on our first encounter but there is something in me still trying to understand what happened earlier, my thoughts still revolves arounf questions about her. "Who is she?" "Why do I feel this unknown feeling whenever I am close to her?" and a lot more. 

the level of annoyance in seeing her, whichi is really getting into my nerves lately. Why is my body arguing with my mind everytime I am near her. My eyes never wants to miss any of her movement. My heart beats like fast to the verge of exploding. Everytime she acts cute and do something that interests me which is every move she makes. My mind freezes and nothing goes out of my mouth because of the debate of my body and mind so I try my best not to be obvious.

Whenever my body moves on it own,  my brain tries so hard to command it to stop so to avoid making me look like a fool. I get surprised of each result every encounter I have with this woman. This makes me hate her so much because I know I want her and it will be impossible for me to own her. Now the greatese challenge is how to pretend that I am not interested at her since we will work closely together as PD Bang planned.

My thoughts were interrupted when Jin Hyung shouted. "Aigoo! Hobi Stobit! I am so sorry theesse boys are being such  babies right now." He bowed to apologize, she just smiled at him and responded while she walked in between me and Jin Hyung "It's okay." and then winked at Hyung. 

"By the way I am the Kim Seokjin, the..." before he can continue the maknaes shouted in unison, "OLDEST" which made her giggled, woah "Kyeopta" I shouted on my mind. Yah! Min Yoongi what are you thinking shes not cute. I remain silent as again the debate in my thought starts. Until I heard Hyung flirt with her.

"Oh I thought, I can call you MINE, hahaha." Woah Jin Hyung is laughing like a hyenna forget windshield wipers sound. She brushed her hair with her finger tips as she flicked it, and allow the air spread the fresh fruity ctiric scent of her hair. That's it , I need to stop... Let me force myself... Stop it Suga she is annoying. Then it just happened, I fake coughed to get her attention.

"Ahemm.. before you continue your flirting, let me introduce myself. Min Yoongi, call me AugustD or Suga for short. The handsome pale porcelein skin and genius producer of BTS. So that's about it and you will be my stylist yeh... so why should we make such a fuzz yeh" I said it very fast and with swag just like a rapstar.

"Oh aren't you feeling a little too cocky, Mr. Min" Wait wait her facial expression changed, she looked cold again and glared at me. "If I am not mistaken I will be assigned to My new BF....F Hobi not you. So don't be too full of yourself Mr. Pabo" Aha, that made her annoyed, I saw her facial expression while she was walking back to Jhope but... the I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me and her chest hit mine that made me a little flustered inside but still maintain my cool.

This is it I sniffed that fruity scent of hers and that I am starting to get addicted with. So I whispered in her ear just enough so that only she can to hear. "That is just temporary since I know you will be assigned to me sweetie. We are going to be collaborating soon that you have no choice but to be close to me and by the way, I know the secret Jagiya!" We had a staring contest for a good couple of seconds but it feels that the time stop. I was looking at the most beautiful eyes and her soul was pouring out in a very good sense. She looked cold at far sight but when I looked deeply in her eyes she is the most gorgeous girl I met with the brightest soul inside. We were smelling our minty breaths as we were too close and then she pushed me.

"Woah, you hold your horses Mr. Min! NEVER EVER touch me again."  Woah she is angry.... she glared at me like she was already killing me and her face was really red that time.

"Okay that's enough, Mjin will be assigned to JHope. She will be his stylist and intern for everyone. She will be available but I will be with her most of the time since she will be my back up manager. Understood boys." Sejin announced.

I felt guilty and just kept quiet as I observed her walked to near the window and looks so pissed but after a while it seemed she is just dazed.

"Oh Suga, Jin, Jhope and RM we need to talk, you guys needs to stay, while the maknaes can go to the practice room." Sejin signaled them to go.

"I think, I'm no longer needed here. May I be excused... for I start tomorrow not today, Right?" She spoke with her sweet natural voice with Sejin.

"Oh Mjinssi, I am sorry but PD Bang told me to brief you today." He said apologetically.  "We need to talk and plan how things would go, he said we really need to get your intake on things since we are prepping up for the US tour. We are banking on your skills as you have lived there and specially teaching the boys English."

Oh shes good in English hey... well I know that she is a relative of PD Bang and hell I saw her video she is a good singer and rapper but mostly in defferent languages.

She did a cover of CLs Sunbaenims Hello es and she was really cool! That's why I told her I will collaborate with her soon.

Authors POV

The Maknae Line went to the training room as the rest followed Sejin to a seven seater table to start their meeting. Mjin was the last one to be seated and the only vacant seat was beside Suga. Suddenly all eyes were on her. As she was walking towards to the chair beside Suga, she removed her jacket and placed on on the chair, showing more flesh since she was just wearing a spaghetti straps then walked towards where Sejin and RM was seated which is facing the three boys Jin Suga and Jhope. She bend forward her chest clmost reached the middle part of the table, then she placed both her hands on the table and slide it lightly like feeling the smoothness of the table top. Her movement allowed her cleavage peaked a little and of course that made it ab awkward environment for the boys. All of them were gulping hard and some secretly sliding their hands on the side of ther chair. Even Sejin was was bewildered that he didn't even noticed he was straing at her with his mouth hanging like it is almost drooling. 


JIN - OMO she smells good and her skin was so flawless, white as snow that matches her pinkish lips since she is not wearing make up. Oh my MJin what are doing are you punishing all of us showing that flawless skin of yours and wow your calvicle is so attractive and oops sorry I think my eyes can't stay away from that part (cleavage area)

RM - OH God why is she doing this to me. She is so close I can smell her fruity sweet fresh scent. Her neck is so inviting and her skin was so white and her cleavage is soo...

JHope - Woah I can almost see it. I am suppose to close my eyes but my eyes betrayed me. She is so y, flawless and clean. Black suits her and it complments that pinkish lips. (As he gulps hard)

SUGA - These guys are so . I can feel all their heat just looking at her. Woah her cleavage is showing and she is as pale skinned as me and her flawless skin were even. She is so plump on that area and her movement is inviting me. I just want to grab her and take her away from these s and keep her in my room. Wait something is not right, it is reacting as I have these thoughts... Oh God...I am so !

Authors POV

"BAAMM" She slammed both palms on the table which break all disturbing thoughts of the boys and it even made them flinched. "Oh I am sorry did I surprise you guys. Everybody made their movement as if they were not thinking of prverted ways towards her. But poor RM... Mjin hover her arms over RM and leaned her face closer to RM but he seems to be facing her chest and gulped hard as he was almost red as a tomato. 

"RM can I take your seat since its cold at that side?" She pointed where she was supposed to sit which made Suga confuse and try to feel if it was really cold there. That made his brows furrowed getting what Mjin was pertaining to.  "Oh maybe if you didn't remove your jacket then you may feel warm. Showing too much skin is not good and you will get colds." He commented.

"Aish! If I will be joining this meeting I want to be comfortable and to add I just don't want to be near cold blooded animals like snakes." She said glaring at Yoongi.

"SNAKEU! Waahh! Where?! Snakeu!!!??" Hobi reacted which made him put both feet up on his chair and hugged it as he trembles, for he is afraid of snakes. "Aish! Jhope you stop that there are no snakes her and you two stop it, let's just finish this." Sejin was the one who transferred beside Suga and Mjin sat in bteween Hobi and RM.

Suga was so annoyed that he did not take his eye off of her and likewise she was intensely glaring at him, both waiting for someone say something. Until she swithced her eyes towards Jhope. Suge felt that she avoided what he is trying to say just by the intense glare at her. She walked towards Jhope and the poor thing was caught off guard. She was touching his hair and tapping his shoulder. Looking at his face closely, where her face was just inches aways and that made the young man froze for her chest was also near him. Poor boy looks like a tomato about to burst holding his breath or did he stopped breathing.  

"Oh, so Hobi needs a new look and since he is the first to go to US, JHope should be starting his English class tonight and I hope Namjoon will help me out in telling me which member really having a hard time with the american language." She then lightly taps Jhope cheeks. "Breathe My Hobi." She smiled and alked to the chair that RM vacted to seat beside Suga. Mjin was so excited with the ideas that is coming up on her mind, it was so obvious when she wants what she is doing. Coz when she does it shows as she giggles a lot and sway on her chair like a child. "Kyeopta!" Jin and Sejin said it aloud but Suga was just whispering but his eyes were glowing seeing her like that. It changed when he saw her stand up and put her arms around RM.

"Thank you in advance I know that you will help me coz I heard you are the best idol leader." She tighten her hug on his shoulders that made the young man smile and made her poke RMs dimples. "by the way, those are cute I love it just like mine" She showed her dimples and walked towards Jhope that she also wrap her arms on his shoulder. "You will be safe with Noona when we go together in the US hahaha!" 

"Deh! I see that you are getting fond of these 2 boys." Sejin was a keen observer as she was already comfortable as one of her hands is stil on Jhopes shoulder as she sat down. "Neh! I feel like I gained 2 brothers as I hopefully wanted more siblings when I was a kid." She paused and removed her hands on JHope and just tapped it lightly. " Coz I feel that they will behave well and for me their my new bros now." She was so cheerful that time til. "And of course you are not here to look for siblings but you need to teach all of us English, Right. I hope all schedules be sent tomorrow for I also have things to schedule." A cold tone was heard across and that was Mr. Min.

"Well Mr. MIN YOONGI, don't worry I will be giving your schedule for your English lessons and also French. But you need to provide where you guys are comfortable learning. I need a quiet space with the one on one lessons. Plus you are also set for an intensive training for social skills. I already have the syllabus if you know what that is." She smirked and just write notes on her planner as she dictated some more things planned by PD Bang

The boys was just looking at her since she said it in straight English. Even RM was not able to follow because she fast talked everything. Suga was looking at RM like "do you get what she is saying?" but he just responded with a gesture the he does not know what MJin was saying. MJin saw that in her pheriperal view and translated everything in Korean and ended it with "Arasso! I hope Mr. MIN got it for it's already in Korean." She was saying while she was walking near his side then slammed a hand on the table to get his attention. "Geugeo bunmyeonghae? (Is that clear?).

Sejin and the 4 boys almost flew from their seats but Yoongi was unbothered that made Mjin more annoyed. "Blah blah blah, blah that all I understand. You should talk a bit slower and in our language...  and just to remind you Miss, you are here to teach us not just show off." He just responded as cold as he can.

"Good! You know what I'm here for and you will know more as time goes. I promise you that once I'm done here, it's either you'll regret or you wish you never have known me." Mjin was firing up that scared the boys. But Suga stood up and face her. "Well you too just be ready once its our time to have our one on ones." He also glared at her and they started a glaring contest. "Ooohh I'll definitely wait."

Jin who was just observing and trying to process everything was the first to speak. "Yah you two are like havign a lovers quarrel and it's not entertaining at all." Both looked at him with intensely like lasers emiting form 2 paris of eyes. That made Jin sat, it seems that Yoongi is dead seriou being angry and also Mjin. That was Jins thought and made quiet. Mjin saw how innnocent Jin looks that made her soft and just avoid looking at Suga swithing her attention to Sejin. 

"Aish! Sejin if there's nothing else I prefer to go to my baby outside and spend the rest of the night with him arasso. Tell PD Bang that I accepted this challenge. Arasso!" She got her jacket and went back to RM and Jhope to get their phones and typed something. They were all dumbfounded for she was typing with 2 phone at the same time. 

"Saved my number if you guys have questions text me don't call. I will be the one to call. Arasso! NEVER GIVE MY NUMBER to anyone coz I know who knows my number. Bye cuties." She smiled at Sejin, Jhope and RapMon but mouthed F*** Y** to Yoongi as she walked towards the exit.

"Soon I will..." he mouthed back at her. She just shrugged it off and walked away.


Observing that lady doesn't seem she is just an intern nor a stylist. Her voice is so commanding. The way she talked to Managernim sounded so commanding that she is like way above him. Her clothes are way to expensive for an intern. 


Aish that girl is really getting to me. "Yah! Yoongi why do you hate MJin that much. Do you happen to like her?"

"Ha...Ha...Ha..." I tried to laugh it off by sounding a little sarcastic in answering Taehyung. "She is not even close to my ideal type and I heard she is too old for us. Her presence is just an annoyance to me."

"Woah, you really dislike her. Well I know she's our Noona but she is hotter and younger looking than other Idols we know." Jimin is making his point again.

Well he is right after all. I really like her style but I am afraid of getting close since I already fell for her. I just don't want to get hurt.

"If she's older then... I might be able to..." woah is Jin Hyung thinking of what I am thinking. He didn't finish his statement but I know what he means.

I don't know if Jin was just messing around or serious but she will never fall for this guy coz I can sense she is more into cold handsome guys


Chincha I don't know why but this girl is really getting into me. I know she is older. Way too old for me (Mianhe) but even younger girl idols is no where near her beauty and hotness. But why is Yoongi acting this way towards her. Normally he never get bothered with girls.

I heard him laughed nervously and and commented he is not her ideal type but I remembered that all that MJina was Suga's ideal girl. Maybe she is over the ideal of my bestfriend. Woah his last statemnt was cold.

"If she's older then... I am the perfect candidate." Said the last statement lowly. "I might be able to..." I stopped ther but continued my state in my mind 'do th sweetest and naughtiest stuff with her.'

"Hyung what are you thinking your face is so red." JHope said with his teasing look. "Nothing I am just thinking (Giggled) and excited to work harder."

Looking at Suga he seems playing the seesaw game. He looks interested but keeps pushing away the feeling. Well I don't play that. This is my chance to have a girl that strong and talented. She will be worlwide handsome just like me, oh I mean beautiful. 


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