He is into her but she's taken

Boys With Luv

After Jin prepared their breakfast he asked JHope to set up the table in the dining area with Jimin and Jungkook.

"Noona and Hyung are still sleeping do we need to wake them up" Jimin whispered to JK.

"Aish! Aniyo Hyung will get angry if we interrupt." JK was wearing his ert smile while thinking of what MJin and Suga might be doing.

"Wae! Wae! Noona is sleeping with who Hyung? V-ssi??? JHope interrupts queeling and almost shouting while he was walking towards the dining area. 

"Woah! I am not! But I wish I was. Who is sleeping with Noona?" Kim, Taehyungs defensive voice resonated in the Dining room.

Everyone in the dining room except for JK looked around and "NAMJOON!!!" JHope, Jimin and V shouts.

"Yah why are you shouting my name?" Namjoons just got out of his room." Hobi and V-ssi gave out a loud relieved sigh, "Oh, it's not RM Hyung.

"So I am guessing its..." JHope was looking around not seeing Jin and Suga.

"YOONGI!" Yes, that was Jin he shouted and almost dropped the serving dish full of pancakes that MJin loves. He then runs to Mjin's room and opened it.

He was able to see her sleeping peacefully, alone. He walked slowly beside her and sat beside her, caressed her cheeks as the sun reflects on her face.

'Why are you so pretty and I wish you could accept my love. I only wish to be with you until I get old and die.' Jin was teary-eyed seeing her and knowing he can't be with her. His eyes say how much he loves her. He was just sitting beside her just looking at her in awe and he continues to lightly caress her cheeks. 

She blinked her eyes twice, see's him just staring at her. But Jin was too focused on staring her face and hair that he didn't notice she was already looking at him.

She wiggled her body and slid it towards Jin's lap which made him smile. She smelled his scent which made her more relaxed. Her lips arched a bit into a small smile. She stretched her arms a bit to hug Jin's waist while he pats her head and her hair lightly. 

"Jin-ssi what are you doing here? Someone might see us." She asked in a soft sleepy voice. 

"Aniyo, I locked the door. MJ-ssi, did Suga..." he was about to ask her but she answered right away before he even finished the question.

"Deh! He slept here, to prove something to the boys but look I put pillows between us." She sat up in front of him and smiled sweetly while tapping the pillows beside her. Knowing thet the door is locked she made her way to face her back to Jin and guide his hand into back hugging her while she is sitting on his lap. 

"Woah! Why did he slept with you?" He asked sounding annoyed but still in a soft voice. "He knows something about me and I am not yet ready to tell you. He was told to by my uncle be my boyfriend until we fixed all that needs to be fixed in my life." She was explaining it as calmly as she can. She even got one of his hands to hold it and squeeze it to let him feel she needs him to understand.

But Jin started to complain. "Wae, why him? Why not me? Tell me and for me to understand... No... I will talk to pdnim." He was about to stand up but she stopped him.

"Stop! Jin, I will tell you things but not yet everything, arasso! You know that PDnim is out of the country that's why I'm here. He is taking care of what I should be taking care of. Now lay here with me I will tell you everything about me." She started telling her everything about Jin. Starting on who she is, who her family is and where she's from. Almost everything about what she needs to tell him.

"Oh so you are just like me but richer. My poor baby, you've been alone after that day. Why not tell me? I would have been by your side. and will never leave you." Jin was caressing her hair and hugging her tight while kissing her head. "Mjin-ssi!" He called my name in the softest way. "Never keep secrets from me and I promise you I will never leave you!" He sniffs and kisses her head then forehead.

"Komawo Jin-ssi!" She lifted her head to face him since her head was lying on his chest and gave him a soft peck on his lips and smiled. "Sarangheo!" hearing her say that in the sweetest way made was all that takes for him to just cuddle her. They both felt peace and love lying next to each other.  

Until she opened saying her next words. "Starting today Yoongi will be my boyfriend. MIANHE my love. I need to follow my Uncle." She said.

"Ba... ba... but... I can speak with." She stopped him by kissing him sweetly. "Sorry but you are not allowed. NOw if I can not stop you then all this will be stopped which results in me not seeing you and the boys forever." She bowed her head and started to cry.

"Huh! What No!" He said while we both sat straight again and heard a knock.

"Shhh... someones at the door." Jin kept quiet and they both listen. "Woah, he can't see you here. Let me go out first, after 15 minutes that's when you go out, arasso!"

"Yah! Mjin, open the door I left my phone there."  Mjin quickly looked for the phone. Got her sweatpants and her Oversized hoodie wear them and run towards the door. Jin saw that she forgot the most important thing to wear. "OMO she forgot to wear her bra." 


Suga POV

We had our breakfast and I can see Jin Hyung was not himself that day. No matter how he tried to hide I know that something is off with how he smile or laugh. I can feel that his eye is always observing MJin and looks away whenever I look at him. 

While I also see MJin glancing at Hyung even if she tries to busy herself eating or laughing with the other boys story. I can't stand this, I don't want to hurt my best friend and the first person whom my heart belongs to now. But I also can not give her up. What should I do? 

I texted PDnim about the situation that I can't do it and it would be better if he talks to Hyung for he is more mature than I am. But PD Bang just rejected my proposal saying I just need to trust him on this.

"Guys PD Bang would like us to have a meeting with him after breakfast," RM announced. "MJin Noona, PDnim requested to speak to you 30mins before the group meeting." RM looked at MJin and smiled.

"Arasso! If you can excuse me I think it's time for me to set up the meeting room." She was about to stand up with her plate but Jin stopped her.

"Let me do this for you." He said getting the plate from her. "Aniyo, I can do this Jin-ssi. Komawo."  She said sweetly but Hyung was stubborn and he pulled the plate with a force that made her fall. It was like a slow-motion scene where the boys where shouting "Noona" and she was just saying "Yahh" and Jin was trying to throw the plate and tried to grasp her but failed.

I don't know why my reflexes were way quicker at that time. Even though I am 2 seats apart from her I was able to run at her back and caught her. I was holding her waist and almost hugging her. While both her head and her upper body fell on my chest. Her hand was holding my neck and the other one my chest.

We both hear our hearts pounding. She was just looking surprised at me and I was just looking at her with all concern. The first time our eyes met with softness and that made my heart almost explode. It looked like the time stopped and that felt like forever until Jin Hyung shouted.

"Yah! Why do you need to be stubborn? Look you almost hurt yourself." He said which made MJin glared at him while we are still in our falling pose. "Yah! Why di you pull the plate harshly." She answered while still glaring at Hyung. While her hand was still around my neck and the same position I was before. 

"Yah! Why are you still in that position." Jin commented again and now glaring at us. That made Mjin looked at me and where my hands were place then looked back at Jin hyung and looked at me once more. I saw her gave a little smile with a smirk and then winked at me. She then look at our glaring Jin Hyung. His eyes were like shooting lasers at me right now.

"Maybe because I fell and someone was fast in catching me. Unlike you, you were in front of me and you didn't." The last part was all in mumble that made all of us just stared at her. She was so cute when she nudged her head on my chest like a little girl after saying her piece. She was pouting and her face was red as s a tomato that says she was embarrassed.

"Awww...Kyeopta!!!" The rest of the boys said loudly after that they giggled. I was also saying it in my mind since I was also trying to digest how I was able to catch her and was not able to let go of instantly. Yes I know my mind was saying to stop the time for seeing her like this is precious to me.

"Noona are you just going to stay in Yoongi Hyungs arms?" Jungkook asked. Which made her flinched and looked at me once more. She finally stood straight and pulled herself a couple of steps from me.

"Mianhe and Komawo for catching me." She bowed and smiled. Waah! my heart is pounding so fast that it makes me wanna puke, she looked so fresh and sweet with her cute smile.

"You know I will always and ready to catch you anywhere and anytime you fall, Babe." I winked at her and swayed a little bit while I giggle. "Woahh! Is Suga Hyung doing an Aegyo right now!"." Jimin almost shouted since he can't believe how I am acting in front of her.

"Baba...Babe!" Jin yelled again... "Aish, Yoongi how many times have I told you I am not your babe." The first time she said this in a sweet soft annoyed voice and tapped my cheeks as she was about to walk away. I held her hand pulled her and spun her til she bumped to me.

She was looking at me and I was looking sincere to her. "If I am not your babe then I am your Love, right!" After those words left my mouth while looking at her beautiful eyes. My lips just kissed her soft cheeks.

She was surprised by my actions that she was just looking at me. "I know love you are not yet comfortable to announce it but they will know eventually." I looked at the boys and went back to her.


After breakfast, Jin went straight to his room. While the maknaes clean the table and washed the dishes. MJin started her meeting with her Uncle through video call in the meeting room.

In the meeting room

"Yah! Uncle, why are you punishing me?" MJin was complaining if the setup.

"I just want to protect you and Yoongi is the best choice. He has no interest in you." PD Bang mentioed. "And even if he falls for you he is the guy I think who really matches you."

"Aish! How would you know that Unkie... what-if I already liked someone." She said pouting to his Uncle. "Oh really... who is he?" PD Bang asked.

"You know before I really like Yoongi and he even is my bias but after knowing them closely... Unkie I Love Jin... I tried to stay away from him. Especially when mom and dad died, I even planned to be cold but whenever I see him. It was different, I don't have the heart to ignore him." She explained to his Uncle.

Bit PDnim convinced to wait for the right timing with Jin. He needs to make sure of everything but at the moment she is stuck up with Suga.

"Miannhe, my sweet MJinnie but that's how it works here. It is just impossible for you and Jin. There aare precations and soon you will know why. Your mom and dad also chose for you not to be involve with the Kims." PD Bang explains. 

"Well, if that's the case just break this Suga deal and I promise to control my feelings. Let me just have it my way and I promise to just focus on business." Mjin Coldly answers his uncle. Deep inside she was heart borken., She knows that if family business is involve and also dictating her about her personal life it means there are deeper reason. She was raised to always have their family business a priority for it's success depends on who will lead it and a lot of people her family helped out relies on all their business. That is why their family is loved by their employees. 

"Thank you my niece. I know this is hard for you but please understand you need to stck with Yoongi at the moment. He is the best person to watch over you if not I will be forced to hire bodyguards for you." PD Bang said. "Arasso, Arasso I will agree just tell him not to invade my presonal space." 

Her uncle ignored her last statement and asked the secretary tp call the boys to in his office. While they were waiting for them MJin slmmed her hands on PD Bangs desk. "Yah!!! Don't Ignore me!" She shouted and the boys were all suprised seeing her doing that in front of their boss. 


RM: I thinks Noona is not just an intern and employee of PD. There is something withher actions that really make it obvious. 

Jimin: Wahhh Noona is eally fierce. 

JHope: Whoah Noona is on fire again. 

Tae Hyung: Awww why is Noona angry and wait she is shouting at PD. 

Jungkook: My Noona is having troubles again. 

Jin: Somethings wrong again and Im afraid that this is something about us again. MJinnie I hope everything is ok. 

Suga: I think she knows now that she can't bargain. I really hope to help you and not hurt you. 


PD Bang noticed the boys at the entrance and signaled to come in and that made Mjin walked to the sofa and sat. The boys followed her and sat with her. Jin was already walking towards MJin but Suga beat him in seating beside her. 

MJin was just looking at PD Bang annoyed while the boys wait for her uncle to talk. "Guys I just want to announce that we need to start practicing for the FESTA and the awards show. Mjin will be helping out with some choreographies and the over all feel of the stage. She already gave me ideas and I know you boys will like. Since the new song will be showcase I need you boys to give her the feel. 

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