from dusk till dawn.

can’t help falling
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Jennie’s POV

I walked into the dorm, exhausted. All I could think about was cuddling up into bed and taking a nice, long rest. A rest from all the chaos and drama that comes along with being a trainee in one of the top, most competitive agencies.

I threw my bag onto my bed and changed into my flannel pajamas. As I walked down the hall to the restroom, I heard the faint strumming of a guitar.

The melodic tune led me to the door of Lisa and Chaeyoung’s shared room. Lisa and Jisoo were out shopping, so it could be only one person. 

I suddenly started to get nervous. Should I go in? Does she want to be alone? Would she just think I am a nuisance? Should I just open the door? Should I knock first? 

After what felt like 15 minutes of contemplating, I finally gained the courage to knock. The strumming stopped.

“Hello? Who’s there?”

“Ah, Chaeyoung-ah. It’s me, Jennie.”

I heard some scuffling behind the door, and suddenly the door flung open and there stood Miss Roseanne. Hair in a messy bun and an old oversized shirt on with shorts so ragged and short that the shirt only revealed the very end of it’s heart-patterned linen. The entirety of her long skinny legs were showing except her feet, which were covered by baby pink fuzzy socks and matching pink bunny slippers.

“Unnie! What’s up? Oh my gosh! Were you trying to sleep? I’m sorry. Was I being too loud?” she questioned in an adorable panic.

“Nonono, I wasn’t sleeping.” I waved my hands frantically trying my best to put her heart at ease even though my heart was far from it.

“Oh okay good.”

“So what’s up?” she asked, curiosity and slight concern ridden in her voice.

“I just heard the beautiful strumming of a guitar and my feet led me to your door. Before I knew it, I was knocking. It was like your playing put me into a trance.”

She smiled shyly, looking down at her bunny shoes while tucking some loose strands of hair behind her ear. “No need to lie about my horrid playing but please, come in. I’m surprised you even knocked. Normally when Jisoo unnie comes in, she just barges in like its her own room.”

“Sorry for that unnie. She’s a little crazy.”

“Nonono. That’s not what I was trying to say. I’m just saying that you should be able to do that to. What’s mine is yours, so don’t be afraid to make yourself comfortable like it’s your own room.” She jumped onto her bed and sat with her guitar in her lap. She then patted to the space right next to her on the bed. “Come sit unnie,” she said with the warmest smile on her face.

Ten songs later, and we were jumping around, throwing a concert for the collection of plushies Lisa and Chaeyoung accumulated from the many nights spent at the arcade. 

All of the exhaustion I felt just an hour earlier evaporated from the sun-like energy Chaeyoung exerted. 

Now our roles reversed and Chaeyoung sat on the bed, panting from all of the jumping. 

I settled down next to her and grabbed her guitar from her now useless arms. 

“Rosie can you teach me how to playyy. It’s not fair that you have all the talent and don’t even share it with the rest of us. Enlighten me,” I pouted.

Chaeyoung chuckled softly.

“Okay, first of all, not true. The rest of you, being you, Jisoo unnie and Lisa, i’m assuming are WAY more talented than I’ll ever be. And second of all, I can’t afford to teach you how to play the guitar. The fact that I can play the guitar a little is the only edge I have on the rest of you girls, and if I teach you, I’m basically sabotaging my dreams because you’ll get insanely good (because you are good at everything that you do) and then Sajangnim will realize that I’m not unique and that he’s made a huge mistake and send me home.”

“Okay, none of that is true... except for the part about me” I said while flicking my hair arrogantly. 

She laughed wholeheartedly and that made my whole heart leap. Every time I get a laugh out of her is a tiny victory for me.

“Pleaseeee” I gave her puppy eyes.

“Okay fine, but only if you treat me to meat at that one barbecue place that we pass by everyday on the way to the agency but can never go inside because it’s too expensive and because the managers track our dietary measures like hawks.” 


“Nice! An expensive but free meal to teach someone how to do something I’m bad at!”

I laughed, but little did she know that I definitely got the better end of the deal. I would’ve bought the best, most expensive meat at the nicest restaurant in the world to spend more one on one time with her.

“Okay, let’s start with the basic chords.”

She scooted behind me and held my hand in hers as she maneuvered my fingers on the strings. I felt her breath on my ear as she rested her chin on my shoulder, trying to get a better view of the guitar. I grew nervous as the closer she got, the louder my heart beat.

“Here. Ta-daa! This is the C chord. Now strum,” Her free hand grabbed my right hand and strummed down on the guitar, causing a harmonious tune to come out. 

“Waaaahh! My first strum,” I said in excitement as I whipped around to look at Chaeyoung. That’s when I realized her face was still peering o

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