role reversal.

can’t help falling
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January 2019

Jennie’s POV

I was happy. So happy. And in our love-drunk stupor, we got reckless. Jong-in oppa said to just trust him, but in the end we got caught.

I was scared. So scared. I felt like I could hear all of Korea talking about me behind my back, inserting their own opinions on MY private relationship. Everyday more threats came in from crazed fans of Jong-in oppa, and everyday I felt like he was apologizing for actions that weren’t his own. We were damaged beyond compare. 

So what else could I do?

When we finally broke it off, I felt like my whole world was collapsing around me. I felt like I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t function in general. I was too filled with regret to focus on anything else in my life.

I went into this relationship not really knowing if I really liked Jong-in oppa, and I came out of it regretting how I wasted precious time we could’ve been dating hesitating. 

It was crazy to me how a relationship I didn’t really think about in the beginning could take such a toll on my heart. I don’t know whether it was because it was my first real relationship, or if it was because I really did come to love Jong-in oppa. All I know is that the first few weeks after the break up, it hurt like hell. But then again, I don’t really remember the first few weeks very well; because I was drunk as hell for most of it...


Chaeyoung’s POV

The night that Jennie unnie’s breakup was announced to the media, Jennie unnie went out with Irene unnie. 

Now, I don’t know exactly how much Jennie unnie drank, but I do know it was enough to make her completely black out. And mind you, she was definitely not a light-weight like me...

Anyways, Irene unnie dropped her off around 2 am and I knew this because I was waiting in the living room when Jennie unnie came stumbling in, her arm draped over Irene unnie’s shoulders. 

“Ah! It’s MY HUBBYYYYY!!” Jennie unnie slurred, almost falling over while pointing at me.

Irene unnie stumbled to keep her from falling while I ran over to grab Jennie unnie by the other arm.

“Hi Hubby,” Jennie whispered as I placed her arm over my shoulder to support her. “Hehe. Huuuubbbbyyyyyy~~~ It’s been a long time since I’ve called you that huh Rosie? It feels weird on my tongue. Hhhhuuubbbbyyyyy...” Jennie rambled on in a drunk stupor.

I ignored her, more focused on holding her up than her nonsensical rambling. 

“I got her sunbaenim,” I reassured an exhausted Irene unnie as I half-carried, half-guided Jennie unnie to the couch.

“Ooo!! Sleepy time!” Jennie unnie slurred enthusiastically before sprawling out on the couch.

“Thanks Rosé-ssi,” Irene unnie said as she slumped onto the couch next to a now fully horizontal Jennie unnie.

“Please, call me Chaeyoung.”

“Oh, okay,” she cleared , “Thanks, Chaeyoung-ah. And you can call me unnie by the way.”

“Oh! Thank you for taking care of our Jennie-nim while she goes through this tough time, unnie.”

“Yeah.... I mean, she’s in pretty rough shape. I tried to get her to stop drinking like 2 bottles in but she kept insisting that she needed to forget today...”

“Sorry you had to deal with that, and this...” Chaeyoung said, gesturing to the mumbling, squirming Jennie, who was now half-asleep.

Irene unnie chuckled sadly as she looked down at Jennie unnie, “Of course. I’ve never been through this kind of thing, but I can imagine how hurtful it is to breakup with someone so publicly and because of the publicity, so I don’t blame her. That’s why I took her out in the first place, to get her mind off of things. But I should have been more assertive with limiting alcohol. Sorry to be bringing her home like this.”

“Nonono, don’t be sorry. I’m just grateful that she has someone to be there for her during tough times other than us members... Oh! Your members! They must be worried about their unnie not coming home this late at night. Please go home. I can take care of her from here,” I insisted.

“Are you sure?” Irene unnie questioned, looking back and forth between me and Jennie unnie.

“Of course. And if anything, I can wake up Jisoo unnie or Lisa and have them help me.”

“Okay, I’m going to take off then,” Irene unnie decided, standing up. 

“Yes, you’ve worked hard unnie. Please drive home safe,” I responded while bowing slightly.

“Good luck!” Irene unnie said as she headed out the door.

I heard the door lock automatically behind her and turned around to look at a fully knocked out Jennie unnie.

I nudged her to get her up and to bed.

“Unnie... unnie... wake up,” I whispered. “Let’s get you to bed.”

“Chaeyoung-ah...” I heard her groan, “Is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me unnie.”

“Aw, my sweet little Rosie Posie is here to help out her unnie?” she asked after opening her eyes very slightly to check if it’s really me.

“Yes, I’m here. Now let’s get up.” I grabbed her arms and dragged her upper body up, but just as I got her upright, she laid straight back down. 

“Unnie, cmon. Don’t make this too difficult. I waited all night for you to come home and now I’m tired... Let’s get you to bed so I can go to bed,” I complained as I tried to get her to sit up straight again.

“You waited for me?!” Jennie unnie asked, suddenly perking up, her eyes wide with wonder.

“Yes, of course. Now, get up,” I responded quickly, trying to take advantage of her sudden burst of energy before it fades away.

“Chaeyoung-ie, you are the kindest person. I can’t believe you waited all this time for me!!” Jennie unnie said dramatically.

“Yes, I’m such a great person, now c’mon,” I dismissed her compliment and picked up her arms, trying to drag her off the couch.

But instead she pulled my arms hard, so hard that I flopped onto the couch right next to her.

“Hey! Don’t dismiss your unnie like that!” she pouted, pinching my cheeks with her fingers. 

“Hehe. Your cheeks are so fluffy,” she giggled as she tugged on them. “These chipmunk cheeks are one of the reasons I fell for you, did you know that?” she blabbered.

She gasped and covered with her hands dramatically, releasing my cheeks.

“Ow! Unnie, that hurt,” I said rubbing my cheeks. But then I realized what she just said. “Wait what did you just—“

“Screw it! Hey!” she interrupted boldly with determination, her eyes intensely stared daggers into mine. She grabbed hold of my face with her hands once again. 

I winced, not knowing what to expect next.

“I like you,” she revealed, her eyes so serious, but her flushed cheeks from the soju contradicting everything. She then pulled my face into hers and pecked me quickly and softly on the lips.

This time I gasped and put my hands over my mouth, blinking at her in confusion.

“Hehe. Cute,” she giggled. Jennie unnie then got up and managed to stumble to her bedroom all by herself as I sat there in complete shock of what just happened. 

Did she just reveal that she likes me???

But before I could process anything, a crash from Jennie unnie’s room interrupted my thoughts.

“Jennie unnie?!?! Are you okay??” I whisper-yelled as if the crash had not woken the other two girls up already. 

As I peeked into her room, I saw her sitting on the floor with an empty drawer and a buttload of clothes sprawled our in front of her.

“Yeah, I just pulled too hard on my dresser,” she giggled, pointing to the empty space where the drawer used to be. 

“Okay, you should get some sleep. Cmon, lets get you into bed,” I said as I came up behind her to pull her up from the armpits. 

“Wait! I wanted to change into my pajamas and wash up first!” she explained as I threw her onto the bed. 

I chuckled to myself. How could she still be so responsible and orderly despite being so drunk?

“I can help with the pajamas but you’re just gonna have to go a night without washing your face, unnie.”

“But I don’t wanna break out. My face is so oily right now, I feel like an oil monster,” she mumbled nonsense, half asleep. 

And by the time I was done picking out some pajamas from the spilled pile of clothes on the floor, she was already fast asleep.

So super slowly and carefully so I wouldn’t wake her, I changed her clothes and maneuvered her body so that she was underneath the covers. But apparently she was still awake, because as I pul

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