trouble in tokyo.

can’t help falling
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After realizing her feelings for Chaeyoung for like the 150th time, Jennie decided that it was time to be a little selfish for the sake of her and Chaeyoung’s fragile relationship. After so many years of holding it all back and trying to get over Chaeyoung by keeping her distance, she finally went for it (not in that way of course, she just started outwardly expressing her affection for Chaeyoung).

And filming for Blackpink House really helped. She took full advantage of the fact that the staff encouraged “fan service” and showered Chaeyoung with some well deserved love.

In fact, she tried to spend as much time as she could with Chaeyoung. Whether it was shopping and jet skiing in Thailand, or visiting a zoo, or solving a maze and horseback riding in Jeju, Jennie stuck by Chaeyoung’s side and didn’t let go.

And what was most noticeable was that she was much more touchy. In Thailand, she had a whole cuddle sesh with a sleepy Chaeyoungie one morning on the island (after a whole dramatic scene of running towards the bed to an arms-wide-open Chaeyoung). And then in Jeju, she purposefully allowed the flow of the balloon take over when they started to turn, causing her to end up cheek-to-cheek with a shy Rosie. And she became super clingy, linking arms with Chaeyoung wherever they went and not letting go.

It got to the point where the clueless sisters, Lisa and Jisoo, were starting to notice.

One day, in Jeju, Jisoo joked: “Chaeyoungie, 

you probably understand why I call Jennie Jendeukie now. Isn’t she so clingy? She’s too much sometimes.”

“Yeah, she’s definitely Jendeukie alright,” Chaeyoung teased as she exaggeratedly tried to get a pouty Jennie to let go of her hand.

But Jennie, being the stubborn girl she is, just gave her a nasty glare and squeezed harder.

And Chaeyoung didn’t mind. In fact, she was thrilled at the fact that her and Jennie were getting closer. It was just like the old trainee days, and she wouldn’t want it any other way. 


Jennie’s POV

Even after filming was over, we continued to get super close. This time around, I actually made an effort to spend more time with Chaeyoung. I really wanted her to know that I truly cared about our friendship, even if that meant pushing down my romantic feelings for her. So we started spending a lot of the down time we had in between promotions together, whether it was going to restaurants that Rosie wanted to try or just staying in the dorms, playing the Switch together. 

Even during our dome tour, we spent a lot of time exploring the streets of Japan together. 

Before our last concert in Tokyo, we had one night (the day was spent doing rehearsals) to have fun. I had no plans really, but for once in my life, I didn’t really feel like going shopping with Jisoo and Lisa. So naturally, I went to Rosie’s room to see what she was up to.

From the first moment she opened the door, I could tell she was already in full on relax mode. All the clues were there: she had a face mask, a bath robe, and slippers on; the bath was running; a throwback song was playing in the background; and a plate of fries was sitting on her bed.

“Jennie Unnie! Come in! Do you want a fry?”

she immediately bombarded me with her hospitality. 

“Nonono,” I insisted, still standing in the doorway, “I was just coming to see if you wanted to go out with me, but I see you were getting ready to rest for the rest of the night.”

“Unnie, what are you talking about? Pshh, I was just getting ready to go out!!” Chaeyoung replied, flustered.

“Then why are you in a bathrobe?” I asked teasingly.

“I was just picking out my outfit! You know how fashionable Japanese people are.”

“Okay, but why is there water running?” I asked, now curious as to why she was trying to hide that she just wanted to rest.

“Oh, I was just gonna shower up before going out! Ooo, another reason why I’m wearing this robe,” she said, as if she was improvising and found another explanation to her white lies. 

“Okay... so you do want to go out tonight?”

“Yes. Yes! Let me get ready real quick!” Chaeyoung responded eagerly. 

“But it really seems like you were just planning to stay—“ I said in confusion, not understanding why Chaeyoung was being like this.

“Meet in the lobby in thirty minutes okay?? Okay, byeee,” Chaeyoung interjected before closing the door in my face, leaving me stunned.

“That was weird...” I thought to myself as I walked back to my room down the hall. 

I quickly changed into a red, picnic blanket patterned (I know it doesn’t sound flattering but it was actually really cute) dress and threw on a white cardigan just in case it got a little chilly. 

Only about 20 minutes had passed at this point, but I was so eager I guess that I decided to walk down to the lobby early.

As I expected, Chaeyoung wasn’t there yet, so to kill time, I sat on a couch that had a clear view of the elevator and started looking for places for us to go. And to my surprise, I found out that the really cute cafe I’ve been wanting to take Rosie to was only a few blocks down from our hotel. So I booked us a table and started looking through pictures of the food.

Every time I heard the elevator ding, I’d look up, hoping to see Chaeyoung on the other side of those sliding doors. This happened about 10 times before I actually saw her.

And boy, was all the waiting and anticipation worth it.

As the elevator doors slid open, I swore I could almost see a light slowly start to stream through the crack between the doors as it grew wider. It was like a scene from a typical teenage romcom, where the guy is waiting for the girl to finish getting ready for their date and when she finally reveals herself, wind from God knows where starts blowing in her hair and light starts streaming off her body. But this time the boyfriend was me, very much a girl and very much just a friend, and the girl was Park Chaeyoung, who was very much not in a movie and had no special effects director blowing a fan through her hair and no editor digitally making streams of light shine off her body. 

Anyways, she was wearing a really simple outfit: a white crop top with high waisted black jeans paired with a cropped black cardigan and white sneakers. But the way that the crop top exposed a portion of her toned abs and the way that her tight jeans made her legs look infinitely long and her hour-glass figure even more apparent made the simplest outfit look glamorous, even a little scandalous.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. 

But what was ironic was that her eyes couldn’t seem to even find me. And after a few (dozen) seconds of her scanning the room (even though I was literally sitting right in front of her), our eyes finally met.

“Jennie Unnie! I didn’t see you there!” she exclaimed as she waved at me from across the lobby.

I stood up and straightened out my dress as she excitedly skipped over to me.

“Hey! Don’t yell my name too much. You know we are kinda famous now right?” I scolded, half-serious, half-joking.

“Oops! I forgot,” she gasped as she stuck her hand in and pretended to bite her nails.

She did this often, but still, every time, my heart stopped a little bit. Diagnosis: excessive cuteness.

“Let’s go, before anyone notices us,” she whispered dramatically as shifted her eyes from left to right to see if anyone was looking at us. Then, to my surprise, she grabbed my hand and ran out the door.

The humid summer air that suddenly hit us as we walked out of the air conditioned hotel did not seem to affect her as she continued to pull me down the street.

“Yah! Do you even know where we are going?” I exclaimed.

“No,” she giggled as she slowed down to a stop, “but I have a feeling we are going in the right direction.”

“We aren’t,” I rebutted as I grabbed her shoulders from behind and turned her body back to the hotel, “We have to go that way.”

I pointed past the hotel and towards Harajuku.

“Oh shoot, whelp! A little detour never hurt anybody!” she shrugged her shoulders and linked her arms with mine, now pulling me in the right direction.

“But it did hurt me! I have flats on, while you have comfy sneakers!” I complained, “By the way, didn’t you say you were only in your robe because you were picking out a nice outfit for tonight? Why are you only wearing this?”

I shot her a glare, jokingly of course.

“What?!” she stopped abruptly in shock.

“Owwww. Rosie!” I responded after being yanked back to her side due to the fact that our arms were still linked and I was given no warning of a stop.

“Is there something wrong with this outfit choice? I decided to choose comfort, which is basically equivalent to my happiness, over looking cute, which can sometimes cause discomfort, and therefore lead to unhappiness. Do you want me to be unhappy??” she interrogated, her face getting real close to mine, trying to put me on the spot. 

“Uuhhh.....” was the only thing I could say in response because her scare tactic worked and I was feeling extremely flustered to have Chaeyoung’s face as close to mine as it was. And also, she just cut me off before I could think of anything to counter with.

“Also, putting effort into an outfit for an outing is a formality, a consideration thing you do when going out with friends or on a date. That of which is unnecessary because our relationship is that of sisters, meaning that I trusted that you wouldn’t judge me based off my looks. But obviously I was wrong to trust you!” she exclaimed with a pout on her face and emphasized with a stomp on the floor.

Even though she looked a little hurt, I couldn’t take her seriously with her cute puppy dog act. I had to laugh a little bit, which made her even more upset.

“Hey! Why are you laughing? I’m hurt!” she yelled at me like a little girl who got her candy taken away from her.

“Woah! Calm down! I’m just kidding, you look great!” I finally admitted.

“Really?” she questioned, her eyes lighting up again.

“Yes! This outfit suits you. And plus, you could be wearing a bag over your head and still look good. You always look good to me,” I reassured before walking off, not wanting to see her reaction at my sudden confession.

But to my surprise, she ran up beside me and engulfed me in a huge side hug as we continued to walk down the streets of Tokyo.

“Thanks Unnie. You look good too,” she replied timidly.

At that moment, I could feel my body heating up. I couldn’t tell whether it was from the summer weather or from Chaeyoung’s close proximity to me, but I had to get her off.

“Hey!” I exclaimed as I pushed her off of me, “You can’t give me a hug after saying we just have a sister relationship! That’s a major betrayal, Park Chaeyoung!”

“What do you mean?” she looked at me puzzled.

“We are hubby and wifey, silly!” I teased.

She giggled, “Oh yeah, sorry. Married couple. We are a married couple. Is that why you dressed up so nice for this? Because it’s more than just a sister hang out? Because it’s a date?”

She nudged into me a little bit as a little tease.

“What do you mean?! I just grabbed the first thing in my closet!” I stuttered as I nudged her back a little harder, flustered by her ability to flirt. 

“Sure, sure. Where are we even going that you would dress up this nicely, Wifey?” she questioned as she stopped to look around, completely clueless as to where we were.

As I kept walking, I turned around and said: “Well, you will find out in a second,” ending with a sly wink.

Her eyes grew big as she watched me walk backwards. 

“Wait! Unnie! Stop right there!” she yelled with her arm and hand straight out, signaling me to stop.

“What? Is there something behind me?” I said as I froze and stared at her with fright, too scared to turn around and look for myself. 

“No silly! You just look so pretty right now, so I wanted to take pictures of you right here,” she confessed, giggling at my fright. 

“Oh! Well, you should’ve said that earlier,” I said all smug, feeling more confident now that Chaeyoungie gave me s

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