The Nine Year Itch



Nine years after being wrung to dry with nothing but a hectic office job, a newborn daughter and a broken heart, Jongin has given up on escaping the endless cycle of melancholy, guilt and hopelessness that's been plaguing him for as long as he can remember.

One lonely evening, Jongin finds himself approached by the blond, charming and painfully extroverted colleague from the department upstairs. Jongin thinks nothing of it, because the last thing he wants is another case of fallen fate. But fate has its own way of intervening in people's lives, and fate also has a funny way of mending things back together.



One small event is all it takes to send your life crumbling.

However, it may also be the very thing that builds it back up.




- SeKai

- Onesided!ChanKai

- ChanBaek

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