4 Princes


In the depths of ancient history there were four kingdoms, Fire-Water-Earth and light the most powerful powers among the others that only the royal family should have fire for fire, water for water, earth for earth and light for light


The four Kingdoms had their own reputation in the world


North - Fire: love of domination and control


West - Water: Tolerance and reconciliation


East - Earth: destroy


South - Light: isolation but union


And for more than 15 years the 4 kingdoms had a barrier divide each one from the other forbidding anyone to come in or out just in the rare cases with the acceptance of the kings


Chanyeol is the only son of the fire king who made a mistake one day in entering the light kingdom border


Baekhyun is the second son with his big sister from his father (future queen of the light kingdom) who will do anything for his nation


Kai is the 2nd son of the water Kingdome with one older brother (Suho) born with a no-water power


D.O is the 1st son and soon-to-be king of earth kingdom


hey guys...first of all if there is any or ANY faults in my writing please endure it, am not that good in english but i just...wanna try this again because I found this story in my docs XD so I decide to republish it and finish it


About the story: it's about 4 kingdoms - 4 princes and Powers in an unknown time


if you guys interesting please comment or subs or do anything to know that u guys read it or will read it. :P it open for everyone so enjoooy and thank you :D

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