In Your Arms [F]

Baekhyun Imagines

kiss after kiss is pressed to the edge of your bare shoulders. you giggle at the feel of his soft lips as he huffs into your skin, his warm breath tickling your cold figure. 

small and pouty, baekhyun’s lips work their way up towards your neck. when you move your head a little further to give his lips more access, baekhyun grins into your skin, and its not long until you hear the soft thud of his bag as it hits the bedroom floor, paired with the feel of his arms tightening around you, fatigued limbs finding comfort in the small space of your waist.

“good day at work?” you mumble into his hair. he smells sweet - like always, and you revel in it, bringing your fingers closer to his dark roots, close enough to rake your hands through his soft locks. he sighs, nudging into your neck. into warmth.

“the worst, actually.” you can practically hear the pout in his words, and you laugh out loud, already used to him being so overdramatic. baekhyun whines when you do so, face downturned in fake annoyance.

“and why was today so bad?” you question, untangling his arms from around your waist. you’re two steps away from his work bag, two steps away from placing it in on his shelf instead of leaving it lying on the floor, where you know it would work to be a tripping hazard for the pair of you (because it always was), but the loss of contact makes baekhyun grumble.

its not long until he steers you away from it, his long fingers softly gripping your waist. you watch with eyebrows raised as baekhyun guides you to the bed, falling onto it and pulling you onto his lap in the process. baekhyun watches your expression with an innocent smile, raising his head to press two quick pecks onto your lips, as though the kisses were a quick way of telling you that his bag could wait until later. now all he needed was you.

“simple,” he murmurs, voice chipper despite the tired look plastered across his face. “its because you weren’t there.” baekhyun’s face holds a devilish grin as he watches you.

“im never there,” you sigh, moving your hands towards his neck. “its your workplace baekhyun.” your fingers work to undo his tie, and he watches, a small smile forming on his lips.

“yeah, thats why i always have a bad day,” he mutters, the amusement evident in his voice. “cant live without my baby.”

you roll your eyes at him, wriggling your nose at his greasiness. “shut up, baek.” baekhyun laughs, pulling you into him once you’re done with his tie. 

one, two, three kisses are pressed to your cheeks after baekhyun falls back onto the bed, hauling you on top of him. its a little uncomfortable at first, his belt digging into your hips. but you dont mind much, because you think nothing feels like home more than here. baekhyun hums in content when you’re settled on top, cradling you into his arms. 

“how was your day, princess?” 

“awful too,” you sigh. “missed you.”

you roll onto your side after, no longer heavy against his chest. baekhyun grumbles for a while, but soon turns silent when he feels your small hands guide his own to your waist. your fingers thumb the corner of his lips, and he watches in adoration at your cute, fluffy state. its not long til he’s moving closer, fingers leaving your waist to cup the soft skin of your cheek. you watch as his eyes dip from your lips to your own pupils until they’re fixated back on your mouth. he smiles as he leans in, bringing your face closer to his own until you’re merely inches away.

“is that so?” his eyebrows are quirked up, and the hint of flirtation is apparent in his voice. but the love is heavier than the lust, and you can only smile at the way he looks mesmerised by the sight of you.

baekhyun’s lips feel like heaven as he presses them onto your own. your head feels hazy at his slow, languid movements and you sigh into the kiss, feeling the corner of his lips turn up slightly at your soft sound. he tastes like strawberry mint and home, and your head reels at the way his tongue grazes the roof of your mouth after he moves his fingers to part your lips, allowing him to delve further into you. 

everything about the kiss is innocent, the pair of you too tired to do anything other than taste the sense of comfort from each others mouth. when he finally lets go, baekhyun pecks your lips softly and you know he wants to go again, but the sleep hangs heavy in his eyes. 

“i always miss you, my love.” he whispers, fingers tracing small patterns across your cheek. you smile at his words, before huddling further down until your head rests perfectly against his chin.

“sleep, baek,” you mumble into him. “i know you’re tired.” baekhyun laughs against you, ready to protest, but when you tighten your arms around his waist, he chuckles, pressing a light kiss to your forehead and nuzzling further into your warmth. 

“love you.” he mumbles, fatigue laced into his words. you feel his heartbeat slow with each breath, already close to slumber, yet baekhyun still finds the energy to continue puckering his lips against your hair.

“and i love you.” you whisper. you’re sure he doesnt hear it though, the still of his lips against your head a small sign he was now asleep.

but thats okay, because you had tomorrow, where you knew he would fall into your arms again.

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i actually wrote this with ksoo in mind but changed it to baekhyun :) not really a one shot, more so a very descriptive drabble. sorry!
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