In My Arms [F]

Baekhyun Imagines


11:00 PM

Almost all of the lights in the small apartment are off, save for the little lamp that glistens on your table, its caramel hues showering the room in a light warmth. Any sounds of the city underneath your feet are drowned out by the mix of melodies that bounce off from your small speakers, the soft undertones of your favourite artist setting the scene of a quiet friday night in.

Baekhyun’s hair against the curve of your thigh tickles, the soft strands brushing against your bare skin in a feverish manner. You want to move him slightly to the left - the tickles bordering on uncomfortable, but you think he looks peaceful like this, nestled between your legs.

He liked to complain about his lengthening hair, whining about how hard it was to maintain. But you love it long, the coffee coloured strands only doing more to accentuate the brown of his orbs. You love the way it feels against the palm of your hand when he begs you to play with it, love it even more when the bristles tickle the base of your throat as your boyfriend finds a home in the soft skin of your neck. But you love it the most now, untouched, resting perfectly against your thighs, the noticeable highlights glistening underneath the lamp. When Baekhyun takes in a bigger breath, you feel his hair moving slowly, the tickling feeling creeping up once again. But you do nothing but smile softly at the sleeping figure resting beneath you.

Time loses essence as you quietly study your boyfriend, the book that once lay in your arms now sprawled messily to the side. You think you’d rather hold him instead - and thats exactly what you do as you slowly move forward to reach his unconscious figure. Baekhyun stirs, but only slightly when you pull his head closer towards your chest - all too used to the feeling of your arms around his. His own arms trail around your waist, nestling himself further into your embrace. Half awake and slightly dazed, Baekhyun attempts to speak, but a flurry of mumbles tumble out instead, mouth covered by the fabric of your pyjamas. You hear what he says clearly though - its what he always says, and you smile, bringing his head a little closer to your chest, close enough to press a light kiss to the edge of his temple.

I love you too, sweet.”

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i actually wrote this with ksoo in mind but changed it to baekhyun :) not really a one shot, more so a very descriptive drabble. sorry!
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