Home Is Wherever You Are [F]

Baekhyun Imagines

You’d long known that Baekhyun was falling for you, it was evident in almost all of his actions. He wore his love on display, wrapping you up in it, showering you with enough affection to make your head spin. You had seen it coming over the past few months of being together, saw the way his smile lingered just a little longer when he was met with your gaze, the way he could never quite get his fingers to stay still in the palm of your hands - the skin of his thumb rubbing constant circles against your own, each touch sparking a new wave of unfound emotion you never knew existed.

Perhaps the biggest proof that he was head over heels was through his doe eyes alone - each stare translating a string of words his lips could never even muster. Love, lust, longing, you had seen it all in the burning gazes he held, soft, brown irises coated with enough adoration to make your bones cripple into stardust and your heart melt into his chest. Baekhyun was a man of few words but that was okay, because he didnt need them. His love for you was already laced into every inch of him, the intensity of it all spilling one too many times across the expanse of your chest.

But tonight, when the weight of the world built a prison on your shoulders, you realised one thing. Somewhere amidst the burning of your flesh against his milky skin, you noticed your own reactions to your lover.

Your lover, who’s throat constricted in on itself when he saw your shaking hands against the door handle. Your lover who held you deep within the depths of his chest as you cried out about your horrible day, his velveteen voice dissolving into the curve of your neck as he tried his utmost to help you through it all. The man who saw the flowers bloom in your chest and decided he wanted to make a garden of it, whilst also watching the rain patter along the pathway of your cheeks, collecting each drop until you were nothing but a dried up storm.

Baekhyun, who’s ears felt like fire against your wet cheeks, saddened - but above all angry that the universe seemed to conspire against you once more.

It was then did you realise that yes, he was falling for you, but it was nothing compared to the way you were collapsing into him.

Because although the world had made you a prison, he had built you a home. All in the safe space of his arms.

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i actually wrote this with ksoo in mind but changed it to baekhyun :) not really a one shot, more so a very descriptive drabble. sorry!
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