Sleepy [F]

Baekhyun Imagines

a/n - this is set in the same universe, with the same oc as the one in nothing to lose, although you dont really have to read that to understand this.

the playlist i listened to writing this (i know i listed this two times before, but these songs are a MASSIVE inspo !!)


Baekhyun is tired.

It takes him longer than usual to sit upright in bed, and he wonders whether this new wave of fatigue was due to last nights activities with her, or just another bout of sleepiness that made his head feel a little hazier than usual. 

So badly he wants to stay here, stay in the comfort of her arms and sink back into slumber, even if the bristles of her hair flails across his face sometimes, making it hard for him to breathe, or the grip around his waist becomes so tight, he feels she just might cut off his blood supply soon. (He thinks he could endure it all though, just for another few hours wrapped up in her.)

But he cant.

Baekhyun had cancelled on work one too many times for the same exact reason, and he’s sure his company would most definitely not be okay with another day without their boss. So he sits upright, face downturned in a dangerous amount of annoyance, one that would have lingered all day long, had he not turned to check her sleeping figure. 

It's in an instant that his features soften as he watches her. She’s cuddled up against his body, her small arms wrapped around one of his larger ones, cradling them in her sleep like state. Her hair is frazzled in a million different directions, and Baekhyun chuckles as he tucks a small tuft of it against her ear, to which she stirs, mumbling cute, incoherent, slurred words at the feel of his fingers. Baekhyun internally groans then, because the longer he lingers in bed with her, the easier it gets to envision another lazy morning with her head tucked under his chin and her arms wrapped around his bare torso.

So, with a light kiss to her forehead and a mind full of raging thoughts on how he would contact the company, asking whether he could maybe work from home more often (although he’s minutely aware that its not even a possibility because he’s the damn boss, with thousands of damn employees waiting for his damn instructions and advice and meetings) he leaves the bed.


He almost leaves the bed.

“Stay.” She mumbles, clutching his arm tighter.

Baekhyun turns his head towards the small sound so fast he almost gets whiplash. He groans, because the movement definitely doesn’t help the physical ache he already feels from being so tired, yet he still thinks that nothing compares to the emotional pain of having to leave his bed, to leave her, especially when she sounds so, so cute right now.

She watches him watch her, sleepy eyes blinking widely, trying her hardest to focus. Baekhyun chuckles, although somewhere along the way, the small sound becomes incarcerated in the back of his throat because he’s painfully aware that he has to leave, and god no, he can’t stay, even if that’s all he wants to do.

“I cant.” he mumbles pathetically, darting down to nuzzle his face against her neck. 

Wrong move. Because soon, each and every one of Baekhyun’s senses is filled with her. Her sweet scent. Her soft touches. The taste of strawberry from the tip of her tongue. His head reels, and soon enough, he groans, yet his frustration doesn’t quite match his actions as he makes no move whatsoever to take a step back, away from her.

Just say you’re sick.” She groans, pressing her cheeks against his own. Her legs slowly intertwine with his waist, and Baekhyun curses at how good it feels to be wrapped up in her.

“Used that one too many times.” He huffs, circling his arms around her waist. She giggles at that, slowly snapping out of her sleepy daze.

“Well…” She’s scrambling for excuses now. 

“Say you have chronic gastroenteritis.” 

That makes him laugh, and finally he darts back, eyeing her cheekily. 

“Do I even want to know what that is?”

She smirks then, a fiery glint etched across her pupils, but its too soon that Baekhyun watches her amusement die out, his own features turning down in disdain at the sound of her groans, watching in defeat as she presses her face against the pillow. His heart swells, and by now he’s absolutely certain that he really, really doesn’t want to leave, even though he’s acutely aware that its definitely not an option.

“I’ll take a half day,” he whispers, tilting her face away from the pillow. He watches her blink in confusion, the sadness still evident in her small pout. He grins. “I’ll tell them I had important, personal matters to tend to.”

She smirks and he watches, his own eyes crinkling at her expression. 

Baekhyun would have left it at that, but she had other plans, and now he’s not only watching the return of her amused expression, but also the way her body shuffles closer to his own, lips tilting all the way up, up, up, before they press to the tips of his ears, making his breath hitch, fingers fumbling to grip her wrists.

“Are some of these important, personal matters me by any chance?” she murmurs, trailing her lips down his ear. He shivers against her touch, to which she giggles, bubbles of soft laughter tinkering on the tips of his ears, proceeding to rile him up with slow kisses, until he refuses to take anymore. 

It only takes Baekhyun a slight second to pin her against the mattress, and he hums in appreciation at the small gasp that escapes her lips as she falls against the comforter with a low thud.

All of them involve you. You on the couch... in bed, ” he murmurs against the shell of her ear, his hot breath making her shiver.  “Bent across the coffee table.” There’s a soft sound of frustration, one which she tries to hide by stuffing her face against the duvet, but Baekhyun hears it all too well, chuckling at the feel of her neck heating up in embarrassment. 

“I love you,” he mumbles, pressing a flurry of gentle kisses against the base of her neck. “But, I’m late.”

And with that, he sits up, pressing one last kiss to the tip of her nose as she groans in annoyance, before using all of his strength and sheer willpower to haul himself away from her body, away from the bed, and out to the bathroom instead. 

He barely makes it out of the room before he feels the pillow hit the back of his head.

“You better be back before two.”

Baekhyun chuckles as he watches her cute, angry expression, darting down to pick up the pillow she had thrown across the room. 

(He wonders whether to tell her that he had already planned on making it back three hours earlier than her given time, too desperate for her touch, and nothing else.)

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i actually wrote this with ksoo in mind but changed it to baekhyun :) not really a one shot, more so a very descriptive drabble. sorry!
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