Silent Treatment [F+A]

Baekhyun Imagines

when an argument spirals into the both of you giving each other the silent treatment. 

“This is the 3rd time in the past week you’ve ditched me Baek. You realise that right?” You huffed, standing in the kitchen with your arms crossed, looking over at your long time boyfriend who refused to make eye contact.

Funny, you thought. Normally he’d never take his eyes off you.

“Firstly, I didn’t ditch you y/n. Why are you doing this again? You know im having a hard time at work already. I just went to get drinks with the boys to lift the mood. Its not like I cheated or something.” He replied sardonically, eyes still trained on the hardwood floor whilst a mocking laugh escaped from the lips you once longed to have on yours.


“I know work is tough. Don’t you think I understand that? I work too Baekhyun, yet I still have time for you. Why don’t you come to me when things get hard? You cant keep drinking your sorrows away.”

He exhaled, slowly looking up at your frustrated expression.

“Look, I just needed an escape – a change. We’ve been together for so long, I would’ve thought you’d understand that I needed my space.”

“Space? You need space yet you hang out in that bar with the rest of them doing god knows what all night long? You’re making it sound like im being clingy when we both know it’s the other way around.” You mocked, glaring at him from across the room.

“You’re blowing this out of proportion y/n.”

“Im really not.”

“But its okay Baek, I’ll give you your ing space.”

“Do what you want, princess” He scorned, averting his gaze to his phone.

You stared at him in shock, anger radiating off your petite figure. Never have you ever gotten into fights this bad. Baekhyun would never mock you, already knowing how much you disliked it. But your boyfriend clearly didn’t care now.

Instead of fuelling the fire however, you your heel and walked away. It was all too much for one night.

But somewhere amid the sound of your footsteps making their way upstairs, you could just make out the faint smash of something hitting the wall.

You weren’t the only one hurting.

Day 1

Groaning softly, you fumbled in the half lit room for your phone. God, was your alarm always this loud? The noise was still ringing in your ears as you turned over to his side, only to be met with perfectly unwrinkled white sheets.

You sighed. Of course he wasn’t here. You’re not even sure why you bothered to check, but the habit was hard to break and your mind was still a little hazy following last night. Nope. You wouldn’t forgive him so easily this time. You couldn’t. You cant.

With another groan, you shuffled out of bed, trudging along to the bathroom.

The house was eerily silent. He probably left early.

Day 4

You seriously needed to change your alarm. The sound was enough to drive you crazy.

For the past few days, life had been, well, different to say the least. Baekhyun and you still weren’t talking, a new-found awkwardness emitting through the atmosphere whenever you somehow ended up together. Which wasn’t often – both of you already mastering the art of completely ignoring one another, too stubborn to do anything other than muster up a quick “good morning”.

You couldn’t deny that you missed him. Too much. Enough for you to dream about his slender arms wrapped around your waist, his face nuzzled in the crook of your neck as he snored softly in your embrace, just how you liked it – how you always slept.

Not wanting to waste another minute in bed, you slowly shuffled out, hastily fixing the duvet until a certain something caught your eye.

The bed was slightly dipped towards his end, pillow not perfectly aligned with your own neat one. Moving slowly to the crime scene, you brought one of the pillows towards your nose, only to be met with a familiar scent lingering on the soft exterior.

You sighed. Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all.

Day 6  

Sleep really wasn’t on your side tonight.

There weren’t enough fingers on your hands to count how many times you tossed and turned, angry at how much sleep you had already lost. Granted, it was the weekend so you weren’t expected to get out of bed at the crack of dawn, but still.

Annoyed at your state of consciousness, you stumbled out of bed, deciding that perhaps a soothing glass of milk would help you calm down. You prayed Baekhyun wasn’t awake to witness your midnight mishap, still not on speaking terms.

As you crept downstairs, you noticed the living room door slightly ajar, the crack wide enough to display your boyfriend sprawled along the couch, chest slowly rising as he slept soundly, the teddy bear you gifted him wrapped around his arms. You noticed that the thin blanket adorning his figure was slipping off. Your mind was telling you to abort, but you couldn’t leave him there. That was too mean, even for you.

Your boyfriend looked the best when he was sleeping. Plump lips slightly open and long eyelashes fluttering on his cheeks, you thought he never looked as peaceful as he did now. You didn’t mean to stare for so long, but you just couldn’t help it. You wanted so badly to kiss those pretty little lips; to rake your small hands across his black locks; to hold him close to your chest and tell him that you would kiss all his worries away if you could. 

But your own pride got in the way.

Before you could turn away and retreat to the kitchen, a warm hand tugged at your wrist.

“Stay.” Baekhyun whispered, voice still hoarse from his slumber.


Please. I miss you so much. , please stay with me.” His tone was more desperate, voice laced with sadness as his grip on your waist became tighter. Your heart broke at how hopeless he sounded, mentally scolding yourself for letting the argument carry on for so long.

“Okay.” You replied, unable to refuse. He knew you wanted this just as much. Hell, you probably wanted it more.

Baekhyun shuffled along, making room to fit the both of you on the couch, his hold on your wrists now softening, fingers finding their way towards your waist, his favourite spot.

Embarrassed at giving in so easily, you lay there with your back turned to him. Baekhyun wasn’t having any of it though, lightly tapping your shoulder to get your attention. His soft movements insinuated that he was treading lightly, perhaps scared to spark another scene.

“Look at me. I missed your face.”  

Chuckling at his reply, you turned to face your boyfriend, causing him to grin widely and hold you closer.

“Im so sorr-.”

“Its okay Baek, we’ll talk about it in the morning.” You mumbled in his chest, snuggling further into his warmth. God, you missed him.

Your eyelids were heavy with sleep now, limbs feeling the rush of fatigue as you made yourself comfortable on the small couch. Both of you were drifting off, too tired to converse. 

He probably thought you were asleep when he murmured all those inclinations and apologies that were eating up at him.

But you werent. And you didnt fail to notice the way his voice broke as he continued whispering in the darkness, on a couch that was too small for the both of you to fit, at the crack of midnight with the moonlight shimmering on the cream walls opposite.

“I thought I almost lost you.”

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i actually wrote this with ksoo in mind but changed it to baekhyun :) not really a one shot, more so a very descriptive drabble. sorry!
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