Daughters of Busan


So far nothing is capable of fazing Kim Chaewon, daughter of a chaebol and CEO of Soul Group. And although her attitude is just what her father needs most in the company, Kwon Eunbi, on the contrary, tries to strike a chord with Chaewon. Will the indifferent young woman crack under peer-pressure or commit to winning her parent over?


A/N: Here I am again with another Chaewon x Eunbi story (thanks to someone, I'm not going to say who). Excuse the bloody poster, I swear I will put in a request for a proper one. I just couldn't post the story without one, it's a weird issue of mine. And no, there's no real going on with the quotes, if that makes any sense. This story will be longer than "Little Touch of Heaven" and will include a wider cast. I know, I know as if Izone having 12 members aren't enough. Anyway, I hope everyone sticks around until the end, I will try to push out one or two updates per week. Although no promises because it's 4th quarter and if you know what that means you know it doesn't allow time for a lot of writing >_< Regardless I will try my best! Thank you for your support~!

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rarely woollimz fanfiction...
I finished it in one sitting because it's so interesting wow author-nim thank you for this fic! I love the plot how you wrote it. ?
Matt_boii 15 streak #3
Chapter 23: Woww i didn't know eunbi/chaewon ff exist here..
Chapter 23: Authornim do more Chaewon x Eunbi fic plsssssss
Chapter 23: it was an enjoyable story to read and I hope you'll come up with more hehe.good job,author!
Chapter 23: Aside from what I’ve messaged you. Thank you for writing and plotting out this story. I had one hell of a ride.
Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Chaewon was a coward because she's afraid to find out if she were ever a bad kisser??? O_o No wonder Chaeyeon was surprised and acted like the way she did xD Poor girl tho she almost got her finger broken >.< You got me when Chaewon voiced out for Eunbi and makes Joohyun realizes she's not the only one's suffering. But the news of Hokjae's passing must've really taken a toll on her. How did she survive by just eating the crumbs of the breads tho...you've suffered enough Kwon Joohyun T_T The almost rated scene kyaaaa~ I'm /dead/ How did Chaewon go from feeling insecure to leading Eunbi confidently and become the top in the relationship??? XD Anyways, it seems like Chaeyeon had quite a thing on Wonyoung >.< It would've been better if Chaewon could go to the chaebol's gathering thing. But at the thought of her living together with Eunbi, Sian, Joohyun, Hyewon, Minami and Hitomi (and soon Goeun) was enough to make me feel warm inside...She's really doing what will make her happy now and I'm happy for her ^^

Icb this story has ended T_T I always waited and looked forward for the update almost everyday (since you had spoiled us so much in the beginning of the story) but it won't be the same anymore now :(( Thank you so much for the great story, I enjoyed every bit of it and wanted to let you know this is one of the best IZ*ONE fics that I'd read. I'm looking forward for your new story and wish you good luck ^^ Good work and well done, author-nim =)) And thank you so much for the honorable mention (I don't deserve that but really thank you sm >< ) ♡
Agnes021 #8
Chapter 23: Thanks for another amazing fic! Kinda sad I'll have one less story to look forward to! Time to reread the story from start to finish! Chaewon found her true happiness!!
Chapter 23: Awww . Is this really the end?? I had a great time reading this. Eventhough my otp is not on this one, this fic is one of my fave in IZONE fanfiction world. I'm so into the characters and the story. Thank you so much for sharing this to us. Chaewon's life was not an easy one but she found the happiness she deserves at the end. And she found it in Eunbi. Hope you will write more authornim! See you on your next fic! Thank you so much :*
Chapter 23: Woah, it has already ended. :( But thank you authornim for giving us such a nice story! All emotions were delivered to us well. I'll be looking forward to your other works. Fighting! :)
Ohh, and thank you for the bonus metion there :D