When A Birthday Party Has Two Meanings

One Big Happy EXO Family?

A/N College is a . I realized updating took longer than planned. This story will be told in a random family manner instead of each one. I'm sorry for the time gap.

Birthdays. They are fun, but when you play the host, it's a nightmare. Minseok will tell you more about that. It's Sehun's first birthday today, but his Appa Jiyong decided that it would be a summer bash as a theme( Pororo was Minseok's original plan but no). It's difficult for Minseok to be the host because of 1) Sehun is an active yet fussy baby that wants to be held, 2) forcing to change the plans on the last damn minute with a totally different theme than planned, 3) All his friends and their parents and babies, along with both of his parents, would be there, and 4) NO LUHAN. Just great (note his sarcasm). Once everything is decorated and ready to go (and after a quick text to the party goers to bring swimsuits), Minseok gets his swim trunks on when Sehun waddles in, grabby hands included. Minseok chuckles and complies with his baby's request. He goes into the nursery and sets Sehun down on the changing table. Minseok opens a drawer and grabs a Baby Swimmer and Sehun's Pororo swim trunks finally something that's not a kitten deer nor a wolf and walks to Sehun. He puts the swim diaper on Sehun, but the swim trunks were hard to put on since Sehun is kicking.

"Please baby. I need these on you before the guests come." Minseok pleaded to Sehun, but the baby was not having it, eventually started whining. Minseok sighs. "So much for making it an end-of-summer birthday party, appa Ji."

While Minseok continues to try (and failing) to put Sehun's swim trunks on him, the doorbell rings.

"Uh-oh." Minseok panics. "I wish that Luhan is here. Ugh." Minseok growls in frustration as he finally got the swim trunks on Sehun, much to the 1-year-old's dismay. Minseok grabs Sehun as he walks down the stairs, the door is now knocking at this point.

"Hold on," Minseok yells as he grabs a baby cracker from the kitchen and gives it to his baby, answering the door in the process, to most of his guests: the mother figures and their parents, his own included. 

"Happy 1st birthday...woah," Jiyong says.

"You look cranky." Jongdae snickers with 13-month-old Jongin in his arms. Minseok sarcastically laughs.

"He isn't too happy with having swim trunks on," Minseok replies as they all come inside.

"I was talking about you, hyung," Jongdae says. Minseok gives him a dirty look.

"Where do you want the presents?" Joonmyeon asks, 15-month baby Zitao in his arms.

"Backyard. That's where the party is." Minseok answers.

"Let the end-of-summer/Sehun birthday bash begin," Jiyong says excitedly as all the granddads go outside. Baekhyun shrugs, or try to anyway with 18-month-old Kyungsoo in his arms. The 3 guests go out of the back door. Jongdae whistles.

"Hyung, you went all out on this party." Jongdae comments as Minseok finally comes outside, with a diaper bag in his arms. Jiyong, along with Kibum, Hyukjae, and Taemin, grabs the 4 babies. 

"It's a birthday party. Have fun in the sun." Minseok sets the diaper bag down on his lawn chair. Joonmyeon raises an eyebrow. 

"A diaper bag? What for?" He asks. Minseok takes the contents out of the bag.

"One towel each for Sehun and I, Swim diapers for all 4 toddlers, baby and regular sunscreens." Minseok answers. Jiyong grabs the baby sunblock so the 4 babies could have sunblock on.

"You went crazy, didn't you?" Baekhyun jokes.

"Knowing you guys, you remember swim trunks and towels, but not sunscreen nor extra swim diapers," Minseok says, proud. "You remembered extra clothes and regular diapers, right?" The 3 mother figures nod.

Suddenly, they smell something stinky and the 4 granddads smell the babies. The culprit...

"It's this one," Hyukjae says, giving Kyungsoo to Baekhyun to get changed.

"I like your thinking, hyung," Joonmyeon says.

"I learn from the wisest dongaseang." Minseok answers as the doorbell rings, again. Kyungsoo is finally changed, so he is back into the pool with his grandpa, so Minseok goes inside to answer the door to the rest of the parents. He bows. 

"Hey, Minnie. Where's the birthday baby?" Youngbae asks as they all come into the living room.

"Everyone is outside. I hope that you brought swim trunks." Minseok says, which made the 4 men pause.

"I thought that it was inside," Donghae says.

"And isn't it Pororo-themed?" Minho asks. 

"I thought that the eommas told you. Appa Jiyong changed the original plan," Minseok says. Everyone's eyes widen.

"WHAT?" Youngbae asks.

"What is the theme now?" Jonghyun asks.

"End-of-summer merged to a birthday party." Minseok answers. "I have a lot of swim trunks in my closet, but I don't think that they would fit all of you." They all go upstairs. 

Meanwhile, Luhan is a nervous wreck. It's his baby boy's birthday party today, but he can't go to it since he is stuck at work. Lunch break rolls around and he goes into the break lounge. Yifan, Yixing, and Chanyeol following suit.

"What's wrong, Luhan hyung?" Chanyeol asks.

"It's Sehun's birthday, ain't it?" Yifan asks as Luhan nods.

"I don't understand. Shouldn't that be a good thing?" Chanyeol then asks.

"We can't celebrate with them due to work." Luhan answers. "Our parents are on vacation, so they couldn't be there either."

"We'll be ok. We might not be able to make it, but we might be able to do something else." Yixing says.

"What is your plan, Yixing?" Luhan asks.

"My dear Ge, I think that our yeobos are at Luhan and Minseok's, so..." Yixing says.

"Bye, everyone. See you later." The 8 grandparents leave as Minseok sits down with Sehun in his arms. Jongdae, Joonmyeon, and finally Baekhyun follow suit.

"Exhausting," Minseok says.

"Thanks for inviting us," Joonmyeon tells Minseok.

"No problem," Minseok says.

"After we change these little boogers out of their swim trunks, do you want us to help with cleaning the backyard up?" Jongdae asks.

"That'll be great." Minseok answers.

With that, Minseok goes upstairs to change Sehun, while the other 3 change their babies on Minseok's loveseat(Jongdae) and Couch (Joonmyeon and Baekhyun). Once Minseok comes back downstairs, he and Sehun both in comfy clothes, the other 3 eommas, and their 3 baby buns changed in a similar manner. They all set the toddlers down on the play-pin, Minseok turns on Pororo, and they all go outside to clean. Once done, they go inside and surprised to the sight in front of them: all 4 daddys with their sons, playing in Sehun's play-pin. Wait, what?

"Wu Yifan!"

"Zhang Yixing!"

"Park Chanyeol!"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Joonmyeon, Jongdae, and Baekhyun ask in unison. Yifan chuckles.

"You weren't home, so I figured that you and Zitao would be here," Yifan answers, giving his baby a kiss on the cheek.

"You missed our parents," Baekhyun tells the 4 boys.

"Even your father figures?" Chanyeol asks. "I didn't think that they would make it."

"Sorry for missing the birthday party too," Yixing apologizes. 

"Don't sweat it, yeobo," Jongdae says. "Jinki's work comes first in this case.

"But still..." Suddenly, Kyungsoo says an unexpected word... 

"Appa." With that, Baekhyun and Chanyeol both have a shocked look on their faces.

"His first words," said Baekhyun.

"I'm proud of you buddy," Chanyeol says, patting the baby's little head. 


A/N See ya next chapter. Bye

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