Sort Of Update

One Big Happy EXO Family?

Hey, you cuties. It's me, Lizzye. 

So, I talked about that the young ones are not going to be youngeons anymore(that I have ideas for anyway) and I want to explain something about that. I want to do bonus chapters, so here are the main rules to how this will hopefully pay off. 

1) Bonus chapters will only have the 3rd generation best friends be toddlers/young kids. 

2) There will be a separate post to send your requests. Bonus Requests or you could send me a message on my page. It's up to you guys. But beware of posting on the link cause spoilers.

3) I will take requests if all 4 families are involved. However, if the theme is mainly one specific family's issue/dilemma, so be it.  

4) Send the theme/prompt and age of the bonus chapter you want me to write about. 

5) You could be as general as you want, but the more specific you are, the more likely it will turn out decent.

6) And yes, I will take requests if you ask for the Boss Man and/or grandparents.

7) If you would like a work scene, then it must be brief. 

8) I will credit whoever sent the request since it's default. If you wish for me to not give shoutout, mention it to me.

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Hey hey. I added another rule to the S-O-U chapter.


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Chapter 18: Red velvet Without suho is something like salt and pepper xd
Chapter 18: Omg it's too good!! What surprised me the most was what Zitao got from Junmyeon and lol that was his love for Red Velvet, and that it was Yifan who realised it!

I've 2 more ideas for bonus chapters is it okay if I share them with you? *-*
Chapter 17: LMFAOOO I'm sure Yifan and Chanyeol had a massive panic attack and almost killed Sehun and Jongin xD
linajina #4
Chapter 12: Tao = Terrible Tantrum
Sehun = Sassy Stubborn
Omg ..... it suits their personalities.
Love the story.
Tipti_2000 #5
Chapter 11: Pls continue it's so cute
Belinda89 #6
pls continue asap
Belinda89 #7
omg omg omg i love this already!
Chapter 5: Hahahaha. I love this story
rjsurhat1 #9
Chapter 3: Omg this is for 1st time i read Zhoumi being mama not baba, and henry being baba...