Officially Not Children Anymore

One Big Happy EXO Family?

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"Oh my god. My baby is all grown up."

"Appa Baek. Your must calm down. You might've expected it by now."


Suddenly, Baekhyun starts crying harder.

"Oh great. Here comes to waterworks. Is OK, Baek. Our son is only going to college. At least he is going to college nearby."

"He's gonna forget about us."

"It's OK. He is probably going to visit when he can."

"Appa is right, Appa. I will visit occasionally."


"Baekhyun, not so loud. You might disturb the neighbors."

"Don't cry, Appa. I won't wanna go if you keep doing that." 

"Maybe (hiccup) I don't (hiccup) want you to go."

"It's OK, Appa. I will visit you and baba as much as possible."

"Even better, don't move out."

The appa/son duo just sits on the living room floor, eyes full of tears, appa holding son.

"Here comes the waterworks. Yeobo, please let our son go before you both flood our house with your tears."

"Ah wae? I don't want my little bear leaving."

"It's ok, appa. It's only college."

The appa in question just whines more, holding his son for dear life.

"Don't leave me here alone."

"You have baba, though."

"He's right, baobei. I am here to hold you when our son goes."

"I've been dreading this moment the moment you told me that you were gonna live on your own. Hell, since you graduated."

"At least that I am not doing this college thing alone."


"Let's look at it this way. At least that you don't have to put up with my sassiness, appa."


"He's got a point, yeobo."

As you can tell, the kids are not kids anymore. Just now, the now 18-year-olds are saying their goodbyes to their appas so they could move out to go to college. They are moving together in a two-bedroom apartment near the college they plan on going to. The college is not only close to their apartment but it's not too far from the parents' houses as well. With the help of Chanyeol, Yifan, Yixing, and Luhan, the now adults move to their new apartments.

What about the rooming arrangements, you ask? In highschool, the friends feel in love and thus paired up. Now, you must be wondering who is dating who? Well...

"There, all set. Let us know if you must need help, especially us father figures," Yixing tells Jongin after he sets down the last box. Jongin himself sets down his backpack. 

"No problem, baba. Make sure that you comfort appa as soon as you get home," Jongin says. Chanyeol puts a pair of scissors on top of one of his own son's boxes.

"I swear, Kyungsoo. Anything at all, just..." Kyungsoo interrupts Chanyeol.

"I got it, appa. It's fine. Thank you for helping with the move."

"No problem, son. Also, if the other boys, especially Jongin, bother you, let me know so I could kick his ."

Kyungsoo chuckles at that. "It won't be as crazy as it is back at the house."

"Especially with two loud appas," Jongin adds. Chanyeol glares at him.

Meanwhile, in another room, Luhan is finishing up making lunch for everybody, with the help of Zitao and Sehun. Yifan finishes setting up the last piece of furniture, which is the tv stand. He stands up, brushes off some invisible dirt off his pants.

"There, all set. That's the last piece of furniture," Yifan says. "About done, guys?"

"Almost," Luhan replies, not even turning around. 

"I hope that this turns out at least decent," Sehun says.

"Sehun," Luhan warns, glaring at his son.

"It might be better than my baba's cooking," Zitao says, snickering.

"Wu Zitao, I heard that," Yifan yells.

After a few more minutes of waiting, Luhan turns off the stove and takes the pot to the table that Sehun and Zitao has set. As on cue, the other 4 males comes out of the room. Everyone goes to the set up table.

After they eat, every single one of them are lying on the floor and couches, too full to even move. Chanyeol groans loudly.

"Too much food," Jongin says, burping right after.

"You made too much," Yifan whines.

"So damn full,"Sehun says.

"I feel like I'm gonna barf," Kyungsoo whines.

They lay there for a while, then they all get up.

"Do you guys need help with unpacking the boxes?" Yifan asks.

"Negative," Zitao says.

"Are you sure?"

"Don't. We already tried and asked, but both Jongin and Kyungsoo rejected our offers," Yixing says.

"Ok, if you insist," Luhan says.

The father figures then start to walk to the front door. 

"Luhan, if your son does anything bad to my son, anything at all, you gonna get your kicked," Yifan says, pointing his finger in Luhan's chest.

"It's alright, Yifan. I taught him better than that," Luhan says.

"You've better."

"That goes for your son too, Yixing," Chanyeol warns. 

"Oh please. You know me. Jongin won't hurt him,"Yixing soothes.

"Good. I think that Jongdae himself might scold you."

"Appa, we are right here, you know," Kyungsoo says. "Please don't talk about this here."

"He's right, baba. If you must scold the future in-law, at least do it at one of the houses," Zitao says.

"Ok, fine. But seriously, I'm warning you, Luhan," Yifan says.

"Keep nice or else..." Chanyeol says.


 "Did you really have to threaten our son's boyfriend, Yifan?" Joonmyeon asks, arms crossed, not amused at all. You see, Joonmyeon got a call from Minseok, saying that Luhan would not stop feeling anxious about Yifan's words from earlier that day. And apparently, Yixing complained to Jongdae about Chanyeol's glares and concerning words, so Joonmyeon had all the parents go to the Wu residence.

"They have been together for awhile after all," Minseok says.

"...I can't help it, okay? Aren't you at least worried about their relationship?" Yifan asks.

"Not really," Joonmyeon says, shrugging.

"And was it really neccessary to give my husband warnings?" Jongdae asks. 

"I would say so," Chanyeol says.

"Yeobo, calm down," Baekhyun says. "Jongin and Sehun are both good kids. They all have been best friends for years."

"And be nice to Lu and Xing. Both of you. You are best friends," Joonmyeon says.

"I know. It's just a baba thing for me to do. That's all," Yifan says.

"I think that you both scared them so be careful with your words and actions before everyone gets hurt," Minseok says.

"We were not," Luhan denies.

While living together, the 4 boys were going to classes, doing college things, and still in their relationships and still have a strong friendship within one another. Later on in their college career, they got part-time jobs at the cafe that they grew up going to with their appas.

Now, they graduated college and now are living in two seperate apartments: one for Kyungsoo and Jongin, and another for Zitao and Sehun. Sehun, then Jongin proposed to Zitao and Kyungsoo and got married. Let's just say that Yifan and Chanyeol had nothing to worry about. Well, except for one thing...


The two couples call up their parents and meet at the younger Xi's house. Everyone gathers into Sehun and Zitao's livingroom.

"What's going on? Why did you all call us here?" Luhan asks.

" know that we love you all very much," Sehun starts.

"And you have been down in the dumps lately," Zitao continues.

"Oh my god. Just say it," Jongdae whines.

"Appa, don't interupt. That's rude," Jongin snaps.


"It's ok, yeobo. It's probably big news. So big in fact, they can't just be blunt with telling us," Yixing says.

"I can't blame him, though. I am getting impatient," Minseok says.

"I agree. What is this about, guys?" Yifan asks.

Kyungsoo then holds his index finger up. "Hold on." 

Kyungsoo then leaves the room and arrives back with two small boxes and gives one to Zitao, who happily takes it. Kyungsoo then sits back down. They both give the boxes to Joonmyeon and Baekhyun. They both look at each other, confused. They open the boxes, in which has one white stick in them.

Minseok and Jongdae both widen their eyes when they realized what is in the box. The two who are still holding their respective box also widen their eyes, looking at their sons, then at their other appa friends. They all look at each other, frozen and shocked. However, the other 4 parents are looking at them in confusion.

"A stick?" Chanyeol asks.

"What can that mean?" Yixing asks.

After a few beats of silence, the 4 appas gasps in realization.

"Could this mean?" Joonmyeon asks.

"What we think it means?" Jongdae asks.

"Are you...?" Minseok asks. Zitao and Kyungsoo both nod.

"It's true," Sehun says.

"What?" Luhan asks in confusion.

"It means that we are pregnant," Kyungsoo says excitedly.

"You're going to be grandfathers," Zitao says, just as excited as Kyungsoo.

After a couple seconds of silence, it gets broken by Baekhyun.

"We are going to be grandfathers?" he asked.

"Yes," Sehun confirms.

All hell broke loose.

And that's the end. I hope that you guys enjoy this story. Also, don't forget to submit your requests.

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