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One Big Happy EXO Family?

A/N Shoutout to the person who sent this request: AshleyChan

There's a time in a couple's life that you do not see eye to eye about certain types of situations. In fact, there's one day, in particular, that was very chaotic, to say the least.

It all started in the Wu-Kim household with Joonmyeon. He was working on some things for his in-laws' anniversary party for the next week. As he was laser-focused on sprinkling glitter on wine glasses, he hears a loud thud and looks up from where his original focus was.

"What was that?" he whispers to himself. Then he realizes something and theorized what the thud was. To confirm his theory, he looks at his watch, which says 3:29 pm on it. 

'Must be Zitao,' he thinks and brushes the glitter off of his hands. He walks to the living room and sees his 10-year-old Zitao. He thinks that the thud was the door.

"Appa, what's all over you?" Zitao asks. 

"Oh. This. I was making some decor pieces for your Wu grandparents," Joonmyeon answers.

"OK, continue with what you were working on. Sorry for interrupting," Zitao says, skipping to the stairway.

"What, no kiss?" Joonmyeon says to himself, walking back into the room that he was in to get back to the project, and before he could even blink, he hears...


What the hell was that? With a perplexed look on his face, Joonmyeon takes this opportunity to go upstairs to see  what it was. He takes a peek into Zitao's room.


Joonmyeon raises his eyebrow.

"...sorry baba." 

Oh, he is talking to Yifan.

"I must get to homework." Joonmyeon takes that as a cue to walk away and just before he closed the door, he hears, "I love you too, baba."

Joonmyeon walks back into the room to finish with the bottles. He was deep in thinking for quite a while. He knows first-hand that his son is a huge baba's boy. A couple of months prior, for example, he and Yifan went to pick up Zitao from his wushu practice and he screams Yifan's name as he runs to them. Joonmyeon was jealous, to say the least. While the baba/son duo were hugging it out, you could see the jealous glare that Joonmyeon was sporting. Zitao seems to be a baba's boy since the beginning of time. And that's not just because of the constant "BABA" and the constant need of affection from just his baba. It's also because he sees Yifan in his son. Like, he is just like his baba. He has all of his mannerisms and a lot of his physical genetics. 

"I just don't get it. He is so much like Yifan," Joonmyeon complains about it on the phone the next day.

"Don't be overdramatic, Joonmyeon," Kibum says on the other line.

"I am not joking. He is legit like him almost to the T."

"I mean, it's true that he has a lot of Yifan's mannerisms, but it is not a bad thing, is it?"

Joonmyeon just sighs. 

Later that day, the cafe squad meet up at the cafe for some coffee. A few minutes go by after they order, and they get their mugs from the bowing barista.

"Yas. Finally," Baekhyun says, then takes a gulp, ending it with a satisfied. "Ahh." Minseok looks at him, taking a sip of his own coffee cup.

"How is the anniversary decor making going along, Joon?" Minseok asks, looking at a dazed Joonmyeon. "Joon?"

Baekhyun and Jongdae look at the man, pausing their own conversation. 

"Joonmyeon?" Jongdae asks, waving a hand to Joonmyeon's face, who then snaps from his thoughts.

"What?" Joonmyeon says.

"Are you ok?" Minseok asks.

"Yeah," Joonmyeon lies.

"Are you sure? You seemed out of it," Jongdae asks.

"I am sure," Joonmyeon says. "W..why wouldn't I be?"

After a few seconds of looking at the fidgety Joonmyeon (and the nervous look on his face), Minseok had enough of it.

"Ok, what is going on?" he asks. Joonmyeon sighs in defeat.

"I am very envious of Yifan, that's all," Joonmyeon answers.

"What for?" Baekhyun asks.

"ZItao is 100% baba's boy. He is always getting Yifan's attention, and it's so bad that he looks a lot of Yifan. I just think that our appa/son relationship is the most strained out of all of us. And I am afraid to talk to Yifan about it since he probably won't understand."

The other three just look at him.

Meanwhile, at work, Yifan is talking to his own best friends during their lunch break.

"It just does not make sense. I have a feeling that Joonmyeon is avoiding me, and I cannot figure out why," Yifan says.

"Hasn't he been occupied with your parents' anniversary party, though?" Yixing asks, confused.

"He usually isn't so occupied enough to avoid at least greeting me when I get home."

"And is that why you haven't done much help for the anniversary decor to begin with?" Chanyeol asks. Luhan looks at him.

"Chanyeol now is not the time for that," Luhan scolds, glaring at him, in which Chanyeol raises his arms up in defeat.

"I was just asking."

"I'm just concerned on why he is grumpy, even though he thinks that I don't notice the avoidance and occasional glares," Yifan says.

His 3 friends look at him, not that convinced that Joonmyeon would avoid anyone. Before they could ask more, they hear the boss.


So 2 days later, Yifan convinces them that they all should go to the Wu-Kim residence for a get-together. Before they got there, Zitao was having some trouble of his own with his appa.

"Appa, do you want me to help with grandpa Wu and grandpa Zhou-Wu's anniversary decorations?" Zitao asks on the other side of the door.

No response. 


Zitao is so confused and is lowkey kinda upset about the whole thing. It was to the point that he even talked about the whole situation to his own best friends, who in which tell him not to worry about it too much, and they just don't understand how much this has gotten. To bring him out of his thoughts from the conversation from the day before, Zitao hears the door open and sees that his baba, best friends, and their appas and babas have arrived.

"Hey, Zitao. I mentioned about our get together, right?" Yifan asks, hugging his son. 

"Oh yeah. I forgot. And that explains the food in all our friends' possession," Zitao answers sadly, hugging Yifan back. Yifan looks at him.

" What's the matter, bud?" Yifan asks. With that, Zitao suddenly starts crying.

"Appa is not answering me," Zitao cries in Yifan's arms.

"Is he working on the decor at the moment?" Kyungsoo asks.

"Yes. Apparently too busy," Zitao says, balling.

Yifan looks at all the parents, concerned and worried look on his face.

"Zitao, go to your room to get ready for the get-together. Kyungsoo, Jongin, and Sehun, you go help him feel better," Yifan says, and the kids comply, setting down some platters on the kitchen counter. The adults take that as a sign to do the same with the pans of food that they brought and went back into the living room.

"What do we do? He probably hasn't noticed how bad he has been avoiding everyone and how concerning it is," Chanyeol asks.

Yifan sighs. "I don't know. We must figure it out."

"A couple of days ago, we went to the cafe and he was concerned that how much of a baba's boy Zitao has gotten throughout the years," Minseok says. Yifan looks at him in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"He has a lot of your mannerisms and looks so much like you," Jongdae says.

"Plus, he is always wrapped around your finger. Probably almost glued to your side constantly," Baekhyun adds.

"What is your point?" Yifan asks.

"Joonmyeon is jealous that Zitao is not much of an appa's boy," Jongdae says.

"And is kinda upset that he must deal with two Yifans," Minseok adds.

"I am lost, yeobo. Sehun looks so much like me. Is there much of a difference?" Luhan asks.

"At least that Sehun has some of my looks and so much of my own mannerisms. In Joonmyeon's point of view, Zitao is basically a reincarnation of you, Yifan. He feels like his relationship with his son is strained since Zitao is always by your side and feels neglected," Minseok explains.

"So that's why he has been distant lately?" Yifan asks. "I didn't notice. I hope to talk to him about it."

"It might be difficult. He didn't answer to Zitao before we came in," they hear Sehun's voice behind them. 

They all turn around, seeing the 10-year-olds by the entrance of the living room. After a few beats of silence, they hear something drop and a loud "DAMMIT". They all look at the door. Yifan decides to stand up and walk to the extra room's door and knocks on it.

"Are you ok, yeobo? What happened?" he asks. Yifan doesn't get a response, so he knocks on it some more. "Yeobo, please answer. I am worried. Are you hurt? Joon?" He tries to open the door, but he cannot open it, so he knocks more, in a humongous panic. After a few more minutes of knocking, Joonmyeon finally opens it, an annoyed look on his face. Yifan notices a white streak on his face.

"I'm fine. I just dropped a paintbrush," Joonmyeon says.

"Oh thank god," Yifan says.

"Hey hyung," Yixing says, waving. Joonmyeon looks last Yifan and sees everyone.

"Oh yeah. The get-together. Let me get changed. I'll be down in a second," Joonmyeon says, and goes to the stairs.

Later at the get-together, Yifan's thoughts got too much and he grabs Joonmyeon's arm, away from talking to Jongdae and Jongin, and pulls him to their bedroom and closes the door. When he turns around, he is met with a confused look on Joonmyeon's face.

"I didn't know about how you felt with our relationship with Zitao. Why didn't you say anything?" Yifan asks.

"I..." Joonmyeon stammers nervously.

"What is it, yeobo? You could tell me."

Joonmyeon sighs. "I didn't think that you two would notice, especially Zitao. And I just think that our relationship as appa/son is strained and being ripped apart and I feel like a failure as a parent since I cannot take much care of my son when he is always getting you attention and, and..."

Yifan sees tears, and could tell that Joonmyeon might have a hard time finishing. So, what he does is that he grabs Joonmyeon, holding him in a hug.


"Shh. Let's stay like this. I feel like we need this."

After a few minutes like this, Yifan goes for a kiss. 

"I wish that you told me about it. I feel so horrible about this. I am pretty sure that Zitao does as well," Yifan whispers. Joonmyeon doesn't say anything for a few minutes.

"I am sorry for ignoring everyone and being dramatic about the whole situation," Joonmyeon finally says.

"It's okay. I understand why. Zitao is a baba's boy and you are very jealous about it."

"I was also afraid that talking about it would cause an argument. so I was avoiding you both because of it."

After a second kiss, Yifan finally breaks their hug.

"Let's go back downstairs. Let's hang out with our friends and son," Yifan says. Joonmyeon nods and grabs his husband's hand. They leave the room and head back downstairs. When they get back to the living room, they see everyone else, staring at them. After a few seconds of silence, Zitao breaks the silence. 

"Appa, baba, are you two ok?" he asks. Joonmyeon nods.

"Yes, we are ok now," Joonmyeon replies.

"Did I do anything wrong? Why was appa sad?"

"Not at all, baby."

Joonmyeon grabs his son. "Come here." And pulls him into a warm hug. 

"I love you, appa."

Joonmyeon just chuckles. "I love you too, baby."

Just then, Red Flavor comes onto the radio and they both cheer.

"Let's dance the choreography, appa," ZItao says excitedly.

"Already ahead of you," Joonmyeon says.

Yifan just looks at them. 

"If Zitao got much of Joon, it's their love for Red Velvet," Yifan says.

Throuought the rest of the get-together, Joonmyeon and Zitao spends a lot of time together. That night, Zitao gets some talk about what has happened that made Joonmyeon avoid him and Yifan unintentionally and why. 

A little later in the week, Joonmyeon lets Yifan and Zitao assist him on finishing up the decor for the anniversary party. And that's when Yifan knows that their relationship will be ok.

A/N I realized that I have not gave much Bossman Jinki in this story, so I added a little Jinki. I hope that you enjoy the first bonus chapter. The alternate title of this chapter could be "Joonmyeon's Burning Envy". Again, if you want to request the next bonus, check out "Sort of Update" and This ISH

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