Less Than A Year Of Randomness

One Big Happy EXO Family?

All 4 couples, and grandparents, could take the little babies home after about a week, and starts off in a similar manner: so-and-so couple carries their baby into their home as welcome, along with all 4 grandparents trailing right behind them.

"We're fine, eomma/mama. The nurse taught us the basics of infant care. We got this." The new parents would say, but the grandparents would brush their request away.

"They didn't teach you everything." All 8 grandparents would say (in a different manner of course). They get used to routines with their bundles of joy. Of course, there are roller coasters on a daily basis of taking care of babies, like poop everywhere (Chanyeol's least favorite part), puking (Yifan=not too fond of it), and little ones waking up in the middle of the night. (all 4 cafe friends get a lecture by their hubbies because of not waking them up to assist, even though the father figures could sleep through a massive tsunami without waking up), grandparents up their asses (Luhan's worst nightmare), and don't get Yixing started on the thing that he doesn't like that much; a cranky partner. After about 5months afterbirths, the mothers get a little break and go to the cafe alone for the first time while the Dom4 watch the little babies, and that produced a worried eomma/mama. You know, the usual. For Sehun's one month, they all went to Yixing and Jongdae's for a congratulation party for all 4 of the baby's births. (Zhou Mi might have/have not given Yifan's old stuffed alpaca as a present for baby Zitao)

November rolls around and all 4 eommas are exhausted, so they didn't notice that they fell asleep with their little ones right next to them/in their arms. (the 24th, if you want to be exact)

Kyungsoo is a healthy 10-month-old baby at this time. He was napping on a duvet on the floor, made by his eomma, Baekhyun. Baekhyun turns on a movie when he, accidentally, falls asleep. Chanyeol comes home and sees the sight on the floor. He smiles and takes a picture and puts the bag that he just picked up on the couch and shakes his sleeping Baekhyun. Baekhyun blinks and almost has a panic attack.

"Welcome home, Chanyeol." Baekhyun yawns.

"I got Kyungsoo something," Chanyeol whispers as Baekhyun gives him an eyebrow raise. Chanyeol carefully takes out a stuffed animal and not just any stuffed animal, it's a penguin.

"Why a penguin?" Baekhyun asks. Chanyeol shrugs. 

"Kyungsoo looks like one."

"You are an idiot."

"You got to admit, Kyungsoo is an offspring of a penguin or something." 

Baekhyun looks at his baby and smiles.

"He kinda does. An angry baby penguin. He gets his angriness from your apps. Maybe even your eomma."

Chanyeol pouts. "He does not."

When Joonmyeon falls asleep with 6-month-old Zitao, he falls asleep in the Zitao's playpen. They were playing with Ace (Yifan's childhood stuffy) before they both fell asleep. Speaking of Yifan, he comes home. He gets out the panda plushie that he just bought out of the bag and goes to the playpen, seeing his love and baby cuddling in the playpen. He slowly takes Ace from Zitao's embrace and puts the new panda plushie in its place.

"There. A panda plushie for my little panda boy." Yifan whispers satisfied that he didn't wake up Zitao. He's surprised that he didn't wake up Joonmyeon as well. "Were you extremely tired too, yeobo?" He smiles and kisses Joonmyeon's head, who wakes up. 

"Dammit. Shouldn't have done that." He curses. Joonmyeon sits up and sees Zitao's sleeping state. 'Wait, that plushie wasn't there when I fell asleep.' 

"Welcome home, Yifan." Joonmyeon sleepily greets Yifan. "Where did Ace go?" Yifan points to the stuff alpaca in the stuffy basket. Joonmyeon has a confused look on his face.

"I got a panda stuffy for my little half-year-old panda."  With that response, Joonmyeon rolls his eyes as he gets out of the playpen. 

It's 4-month-old Jongin's afternoon naptime when Jongdae is feeding him a bottle. Jongdae goes to the nursery and sits in his little rocking chair to rock his baby to sleep. He sings a lullaby and in the middle of putting his baby to sleep, he falls asleep as well. Yixing comes in 5 minutes later and sets his briefcase on the sofa and looks fo Jongdae. He checks the time on his phone. 'Jongin's naptime' he thinks as he walks to the nursery and sees Jongdae asleep, with little Jongin in his arms. 

"How did he not drop him yet." Yixing whispers as he takes Jongin into his arms and puts him in his bassinet. Yixing then carries Jongdae and tries to put him in their bed when Jongdae wakes up and yawns.

"What the..." Jongdae asks. "Where are you taking me?"

"In the bed. You fell asleep." After Yixing answers, Jongdae widens his eyes. 

"I didn't hurt our son, did I?" Jongdae asks, panic in his voice. Yixing chuckles and shakes his head. Jongdae sighs in relief. Yixing goes into the master bedroom.

"I need to clean Jongin's bottles." 

"I could do that for you. You need to rest, Dae. You practically fell asleep while rocking Jongin."

Jongdae yawns. "But Yixing, you just got home, right?"

"Yes, but I'm still taking you to our bed." Yixing sets Jongdae on their bed and puts a blanket on him. He pecks Jongdae's sleepy state. "I love you. Sleep well, my babies." Once Jongdae falls asleep, Yixing walks downstairs and grabs Jongin's bottle from the kitchen table and puts it in the sink and starts to clean them. Later on, Yixing shows the new plush teddy bear that he put next to his son when putting them both to have their nap, in which Jongdae has an unimpressed look on his face. 

"At least that it's a teddy bear like a normal human being would buy for their baby," Jongdae says, amused. 

Minseok slept a lot when he was pregnant, and that rule was the same when Sehun is grumpy. Sehun, being the 3-month-old maknae, is grumpy when he's tired. After Sehun gets into a grumpy fit when Minseok is putting away laundry. Minseok yawns when Sehun whines. He turns around and coos at Sehun.

"Is my Mr.Grumpy needing a nap?" Minseok asks as he gets into a small basket, which carries a backup everything for Sehun(Minseok feels like his other 3 friends do this as well, but no guarantees). This is used in case it feels like a master bedroom kind of situation, like today. After checking Sehun's diaper, he sets Sehun on his baba's pillow and tucks him in. After he finishes putting away laundry, he gets into bed and pets Sehun's head, who whines. Minseok chuckles as he fixes Sehun's blanket and makes himself comfortable and grabs his phone and checks his email and messages, then he too falls asleep. 

A couple of hours later, Luhan comes home and takes off his shoes. 

"Minseok?" Luhan asks, looking for Minseok and Sehun. After looking downstairs resulted fruitlessly, he goes upstairs. "Minseok? Sehunnie?" He looks inside the nursery, no Minseok and baby. He checks the master bedroom and smiles at the sight. Minseok is sleeping, Sehun sleeping as well. Luhan can't help but take a picture. Once that is done, he kisses Minseok's forehead. On the way to the bathroom, Sehun wakes up, and his whines startle Luhan.

"Hey, my little boy. Had a nice nap?" He coos. He grabs the plastic bag that he took with him upstairs and takes out the wolf stuffy from it. 

"Look what baba got," Luhan whispers as he picks up Sehun, who grabs his new stuffed wolf. Luhan walks downstairs while Sehun plays with his newest stuffy. 

A couple of hours later Minseok wakes up. While stretching, he looks to his side and sees Sehun missing. He has a confused look on his face and rubs his eyes. He is in panic mode now and looks in the nursery. He walks downstairs and sees a cute sight: his partner in the play pin, Sehun, and a wolf right in his little hands. Wait, what? 

"Where did that wolf stuffie come from?" Minseok asks as Luhan looks up.

"Did you have a nice nap?" Luhan asks.

"Yes. Are you avoiding my question?"

Luhan rubs the back on his neck nervously. "Um... I bought it on the way home."

"Lu, he has many stuffed animals as it is."

"Look at the bright side. At least that it's not a kitten or a deer." 

"True, but a wolf. Why?"

"Because he's our little wolf."

"Sehun, your baba is a weirdo." 

A/N And I agree Minseok. 

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