Morning After With Baby

One Big Happy EXO Family?

A/N: I was nervous about writing the labor/delivery chapter. I never have written a delivery chapter IN MY LIFE. (Almost skipped it cause it was .) Also, I'm watching YouTube while writing this chapter because of yolo. 

 Recovery stages of pregnancy the morning afterbirths have started.

Since he was first to give birth, he is first. Baekhyun wakes up with a pain on his stomach. He sits up, but Yunho pushes him right back into the bed. 'Right. Forgot that I just gave birth. Wait...' Baekhyun slowly gets back up.

"In-law, where is Chanyeol? Where are my parents?" Baekhyun asks, almost in panic mode. Yunho chuckles.

"What about my husband, Park Baekhyun?" Yunho jokes. Baekhyun gives him a weird look.

"Seriously, where is everyone?"

"Hyukjae and Jaejoong got hungry, so Chanyeol went with them and Donghae to get some food. I'll text your parents that you are up as well." Baekhyun raises an eyebrow. 

"You need help with that." Baekhyun chuckles. Yunho glares at Baekhyun.

"Not funny." Baekhyun laughs hard until he gets some pain. Yunho smiles.

"Laughed too hard?"

Before Baekhyun could retort back, Chanyeol, Byun parents, and Jaejoong walk in. Jaejoong immediately goes to Yunho and the latter peck Jae's forehead. Chanyeol freaks out as he goes to Baekhyun. 

"I told you that he'll wake up when we go back into his recovery room, eomma," Chanyeol tells Jaejoong, who crosses his arms.

"Watch your tone, kid."Jaejoong snaps at his son.

"It's ok, Jaejoong," Hyukjae says, rolling his eyes. "I was a little skeptical about getting you some food, sweetie. When I gave birth to you, I could only eat what the doctor suggested so it won't affect the remaining of my recovery stage." Baekhyun nods.

"I understand eomma." Baekhyun smiles at his mother. As Hyukjae walks to his son, the doctor walks in with a bundle in his arms. Everyone bows to him.

"Annyeonghaseo." Everyone greeted the doctor. 

"Meet Park Kyungsoo, everyone." The doctor says, giving Baekhyun his little baby boy. Baekhyun tears up and smiles at his baby. 

"You were the little one who almost gave me heat exhaustion." Baekhyun jokes. Chanyeol chuckles.

"Typical Baekhyun." Donghae breaks the moment. "Always a joking kid, even when meeting his son." Everyone glares at Donghae. Baekhyun then notices something in Yunho's hand. He points to the bag.

"In-law, what's in the bag?" Baekhyun asks. Yunho takes out onesies with two different designs: a white tiger on the front and a sugar glider on another. Baekhyun raises his eyebrow.

"I kinda figured that you would love these onesies." Yunho shrugs.

"Too much sugar glider and tiger-themed baby things, you guys." Chanyeol whines. 

Joonmyeon wakes up with a little pain in his stomach from the C-Section. He sits up weakly and looks around the room. He sees no one here, except for his father-in-law (ZhouMi), who is writing in a notebook and looks up.

"Finally you wake up from your slumber," ZhouMi says. "How'd you feel, Joonmyeon?"

"In so much pain on my stomach," Joonmyeon answers honestly. "Where's everyone?"

"They all went to get some food," ZhouMi says. "The nurse brought in little Zitao earlier, but you were not gonna be up anytime soon." With that, Joonmyeon widens his eyes.

"Where's my son?"

"Yifan talked Kyuhyun into letting him bring Zitao with them to the cafeteria. The doctor also told me to press the call button when you woke up." As ZhouMi goes to do that, Kyuhyun, Yifan, and Joonmyeon's appa and eomma come into the room, shocked looks on their faces.

"Mama, how long has he been up?" Yifan asks.

"A few minutes. Don't worry, Yifan." ZhouMi calmly answers.

"It's hard to not worry, mama." Yifan furries his eyebrow. The nurse comes in and bows.

"Hello, everyone." The nurse says. "How do you feel, Joonmyeon?"

"I'm hurting still. And my stomach is growling for food." Joonmyeon says. The nurse nods.

"The pain might be there for days. For food, there are only certain foods that are mandatory to eat so it won't affect your recovering stomach." Joonmyeon nods. The nurse leaves to get Joonmyeon those certain foods. Jonghyun raises his head in shock. He then grabs a bag.

"Before I forget, Kibum and I brought something for your birth the other day," Jonghyun says. "I hope that you like it." 

"Appa, you didn't have to," Joonmyeon tells Jonghyun. He grabs the bad and takes a peek inside, and immediately has an unimpressed look on his face. He takes out the onesies, one has a dragon and the other has a bunny on it. 

"Please appa, enough with dragons and bunnies," Joonmyeon rolls his eyes. 

Jongdae wakes up to a scary scene: his appa right in his face. He screams.

"Sorry, Jongdae. You seemed pale and I was in concern," Minho says. "I thought that you were not breathing."

After his appa gets out of the way, Jongdae sits up. 

"Where's Eomma? Where's Yixing and his parents?" 

"They went to get some lunch." Jongdae nods.

"What you did almost cost your life, though. I'm glad that you fainted rather than worse consequences."

"Appa, hearing it from Yixing and/or eomma might be too much as it is." Jongdae whines. Minho chuckles as the hospital door opens. The nurse rolls in the incubator to Jongdae. She takes out baby Jongin and gave it to his eomma. Jongdae tears up. Minho chuckles. 

"This reminded me of your birth all those years ago." Jongdae smiles at the comment.

"You know, Jongdae. Your eomma was really stubborn as well." Jongdae raises his eyebrow.


Minho nods when the door opens again. This time, it's Yixing. his parents, and Taemin, a bag in Siwon's arms. They pause their conversation. except for...

"Yeobo, you won't believe what Siwon sneaked out of the line, leaving all of us in the process..." Taemin freezes. The nurse bows and leaves. 

"First, I come to the labor process late, then we all come in too late to see my son going into Dae's arms." Yixing whines. Jongdae chuckles as he puckers his lips. Yixing does as Jongdae wants him to.

"Taemin, why did Siwon ditch you guys?" Minho asks. Han Geng growls.

"Minho, don't you f-in dare interrupt my son and your son's moment." Han Geng snaps. Taemin chuckles.

"It's OK, Han Geng," Taemin says as Siwon gets the two onesies (one shaped and decorated as a unicorn and another with shape-decor like a dinosaur) out of the bag.

"I found them at the gift shop." Siwon squeals. "Ain't they cute?"

"Great, more unicorn and dinosaur onesies." Jongdae sarcastically says, rolling his eyes. 

The last one to talk about today is Minseok. He wakes up, regretting life choices. 'Recovery pain is a '. He turns his head to the side and sees his newborn right next to him. Wait, what? Minseok sits up, seeing Henry playing on his phone. 'Piano Tiles. Typical father-in-law.' Minseok clears his throat. Henry looks up.

"Someone's awake," Henry tells him.

"What's Sehun doing out of the incubator?" Minseok asks. 

"The doctor brought him in here so Sehun could bond with you better," Henry explains. Minseok picks up his baby boy. 

"Where are Luhan and the other grandparents?" 

"Luhan and Ryeowook went to get some lunch or something. I don't know where your parents went, though." 

"OK." Just then, Jiyong comes into the room with Youngbae right behind him. They both freeze. Jiyong runs to Minseok.

"Careful mom," Minseok hisses. "Can't you see that I have a damn baby in my arms." Jiyong gives him a dirty look when Youngbae chuckles. Everyone looks at him.

"Like eomma, like son," Youngbae says, laughing harder. Henry grabs the bag that Jiyong brought in.

"Off-topic, but where did this come from?" Henry asks. Jiyong brightens up.

"Youngbae and I got a little something-something for our little bundle of joy," Jiyong says. Minseok raises his eyebrow and is about to say something, but Luhan and Ryeowook come into the room.

"What he did next game me the shivers. He..." Ryeowook pauses his talk as he and Luhan freeze. Luhan immediately goes to his Minnie hyung. 

"How long has he been awake, appa?" Luhan asks. 

"A few minutes ago." Henry answers.

"Sehun wasn't here when we left," Ryeowook says.

"The doctor brought him in, so I technically held him first," Henry brags. Minseok gives him a dirty look.

"Seriously?" Minseok mumbles, setting the said baby down.

"Back to the topic before I get murdered, what did you two get?" Henry asks the Kim couple.

"We went to the department store and got these..." Jiyong says, getting 2 onesies (one kitten and one deer-shaped/decorated) out of the bag. Luhan crosses his arms.

"Great. More cat and deer stuff for our little Sehun," Minseok sarcastically groans.

A/N FINALLY A NEW CHAPTER (Even though it's been a week) See you next chapter.

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