The Time Has Come

One Big Happy EXO Family?

9 months. 9 long months and it's finally time for the hardest and most painful part of pregnancy. Without further ado, let's start. 

It's the 11th of January, and Chanyeol comes home after a hell of a day at work. He loosens his tie and goes to look for Baekhyun, who, by the way, is experiencing his first major contractions right at this moment. Chanyeol walks into the kitchen. No Baekhyun. 

"Baek?" Chanyeol yells as he walks into the backyard. No Baekhyun there. Chanyeol panics a little. He gets ready to go on the staircase when he hears crying. He runs to the main bathroom and barges in. Bingo, but he sees Baekhyun's state: on the floor in between the sink, crying his eyes out. Chanyeol immediately goes to Baekhyun and hugs him.

"What's wrong, yeobo?" Chanyeol quietly asks him. Baekhyun exhales, closing his eyes. 

"I...I think that I'm about to..." Baekhyun whimpers. 

"You about to what? Baek, talk to me." Chanyeol panics.

"I might be in labor." Baekhyun whimpers. With that answer, Chanyeol immediately picks up Baekhyun bridal-style and runs him to the car, dialing his phone to call his parents.

When midnight rolls around, Baekhyun experiences another contraction. Chanyeol and his parents are by his side when Baekhyun's own parents come in and pepper Baekhyun with kisses. That morning, Baekhyun is exhausted and over-heated. Every time he tries to go to sleep, his heat flashes get in the way. 

"Stupid heat flashes." Baekhyun murmurs. 

"I hope that this over-heating situation is worth it, sweetie," Hyukjae says as he holds Baekhyun's hand.

" I mean, I will be surprised if he doesn't get a heat ." Donghae jokes as Hyukjae smacks his husband's arm.

"In-law, not funny." Jaejoong rolls his eyes.

That afternoon, little Kyungsoo was birthed to the world. When the little baby is put onto Baekhyun's chest, Yunho takes that as a sign that the couple needs privacy, so he grabs his husband's hand and they both leave. Hyukjae, however, didn't want to, so after trying for a few minutes, Donghae finally got a crying Hyukjae out of the room so that Kyungsoo could get weighed. After all the cleaning, Baekhyun is put in the healing ward with Chanyeol right behind, finding all 4 grandparents in the room already. Chanyeol puts a cold, wet towel on Baekhyun's sleeping state and follows the nurse's request to do skin-on-skin. 

The 2nd of May(technically) rolls around and the Wu household is dark and quiet due to it being the middle of the might. Joonmyeon wakes up to sudden pain in his lower abdomen. Yifan caught this and woke up as well. 

"Are you OK, Joon?" Yifan asks as he puts his hand on Joonmyeon's back. 

"I think so...ow that hurts." Yifan continues rubbing Joonmyeon's back as Joonmyeon hisses in pain. "I might be in labor. Zitao is wanting to come into this...Aish." 

The couple gets out of bed and Yifan carefully helps Joonmyeon downstairs. They drive to the hospital, on the phone with Yifan's parents. When they get there, Yifan's baba and mama beat them to it. As Zhou-Mi is on the phone with Joonmyeon's parents, Kyuhyun is helping Yifan take his son-in-law to the reception desk. 20 minutes later, the Kims come to the hospital room.

That morning came with a stressed Yifan, Joonmyeon getting contractions, worried Mama & Baba, waiting for eomma and appa, and all 6 of them hella sleep-deprived. Jonghyun and Key come into the room peck their son's head. The doctor comes in and checks Joonmyeon's dilation level and curses under his breath.

"What is it, doctor?" Yifan asks in his panicked voice.

"He's still 6 cm dilated. He doesn't want to come out all of a sudden." the doctor explains. Yifan, Kyuhyun, and Zhou-Mi all have wide eyes.

"Will my son be ok?" Kyuhyun asks.

"Will our grandson?" Kibum asks.

" We'll see over time. If Joonmyeon isn't dilated by tonight, then we might need to do a c-section." With that, the doctor leaves. Silence runs inside the room until someone breaks the silence.

"What if..." Jonghyun starts to ask, panic in his voice, but Joonmyeon cuts him off.

"Whatever happens, I'll still get through this, appa." Joonmyeon insists. He knows that Everyone in the rooms wants to argue with him, but they kept silent.

That night, the doctor was correct in his assumption as the nurses get Joonmyeon ready for the c-section. They roll Joonmyeon's bed to the c-section room. Where are the 4 grandparents and Yifan? The parents got the recovery room number and are on their way to it, while Yifan gets ready. Once his coat, cap, and mask are on, he walks to the c-section room and holds his husband's hand. Joonmyeon is tearing up while Yifan slurs a few words in Mandarin. Soon, there are cries coming inside the room and little Zitao is born and onto Joonmyeon's chest. Yifan smiles as they clean and get weigh the baby. Joonmyeon is rolled to the recovery room with Yifan trailing right behind. When he gets there, he immediately goes to sleep. Meanwhile, Yifan gets a pat on the back by his parents and parents-in-law. One of the nurses comes in with little Zitao in her arms. Yifan takes that as a sign for skin-on-skin time and walks out, leaving his parents and in-laws with Joonmyeon. 

The 13th of July, mid-day, and Jongdae is in the middle of taking laundry out of the dryer when he curls up into a ball, suddenly felt some pain. 

"I can't be in labor, can I?" He whispers to himself. He calls Yixing, but it goes straight to voicemail. "Xing, go to the hospital after work. I think that I'm in labor. Help." After he hangs up, he calls his eomma.

"Hey, Jongdae," Taemin says cheerfully. After hearing a whine, his smile immediately dies down. " What's wrong, baby?"

"Eomma, I might be having labor contractions."

"Are you having tightness in your stomach and/or back pain?" 

"Yes. It hurts, eomma."

"Then yes, you are in labor. Did you call Yixing?"

"He didn't pick up. He might be in a meeting."

"OK, I'll come to get you, along with your appa. Call Mama and Baba Zhang. They must know. And try calling Yixing again." With that, Taemin hangs up. Jongdae waddles and calls Yixing, but goes to voicemail. 'Dammit.' He calls his in-laws.

"Hello?" Han Geng answers.

"Hey, it's Jongdae. I am having labor contractions. Meet me and my parents at the hospital. Try to call Yixing. He's not answering."

"OK, OK." Han Geng says. "We'll see you there." Han Geng hangs up as Jongdae opens the door to Minho and Taemin. After his dad helps put on his shoes, they leave.

After a couple of hours, Yixing is finally down with the meeting and goes to his desk. He takes out his phone. It's 3 pm, so work for Yixing isn't done for another 4 hours. Ugh, why? '5 miss calls from Mama.' Yixing raises his eyebrow and scroll down his notifications. '7 miss calls from Jongdae.' Yixing bits his lip. 'Why would they both try to call me?' He opens up the voicemail that Jongdae sent him. His eyes widened after hearing it. He calls Jongdae, then his mom. No answer. '. What's wrong?' He calls his dad, no answer. He calls his mother-in-law as a last resort.

"Finally you answer Yixing," Taemin says.

"Where's Jongdae?"

"We all are at the hospital minus your dad, who is on his way. Jongdae is in labor for a couple of hours now."

"Could I please talk to him?" After a few seconds, he hears his husband's whine.

"XIngXing, it hurts." Jongdae whines.

"I'm sorry, Dae. It's just that I was caught inside a meeting and couldn't answer anyone's calls and..." After Yixing rambles before his baba shushes him.

"It's ok, son." Siwon insists. "It happens sometimes. Could you get paternity leave?"

"My boss only allows paternity leave after the shift is over. I will be there in a few hours."

"OK son," Siwon says

"Dae, I want you to hang in there, OK? Jongin must wait until I'm there with you." Yixing says quietly.

"I will try. My and your parents are here helping me if Jongin comes out before you come here" Jongdae says. 

"Honey, it's my job to take care of you while you are in labor. I am so sorry that my boss is strict."

"But he's Jinki. Sometimes that man confuses me at times."

"Me too. I gotta go back to work. See you at the hospital. Love you."

"Love you too, yeobo." Jongdae hangs up.

Finally, 7:32 comes around and the doctor checked that Jongdae is at 8 cm, and oh boy the contractions are painful. As Jongdae whines, a panting Yixing comes in.

"I'm not too late, am I?" Yixing asks. 

"Cutting close to fully dilated, son-in-law," Taemin says as he lets Yixing take over. Yixing and Jongdae kiss. A couple of hours later, Jongdae is really burnt out since 4 hours ago, but he is being stubborn and it in. The soon-to-be grandparents noticed by the look in his eyes but didn't scold Jongdae about it, but Minho whispers into Yixing's ear about it, who nods in understanding. 1 in the morning rolls around and the grandparents are waiting outside the rooms, Jongdae is ready to push but the problem is that he's holding his breath for too long while pushing. The doctor notices this and looks up.

"Jongdae, you might faint. Please breathe as normally as you can" The doctor tells him, but Jongdae keeps on pushing hard. He feels exhausted, but he needs to get his baby out.

"Please exhale, yeobo. You might over-exhaust yourself." Yixing asks him. Jongdae exhales.

"But Yixing, I might need to push as long and hard as I can." Jongdae whines.

"Push normally, Jongdae." The doctor insists. Jongdae was not having it. He pushes long and hard.

"I see the head, Jongdae. Slow it down a tad bit." Jongdae pushes in one breath until they all hear cries of little Jongin. When the doctor takes him out completely, Joongdae faints front over-exhaustion.

"I'll clean the baby up. Nurse Cho, take Jongdae to his recovery ward. Yixing, you could stay here for a few while I tell you his weight, then you could meet Jongdae in his ward." Yixing nods at the doctor's orders. He gives a sleeping Jongdae a peck on the lips as Jongdae's bed leaves the room. Yixing comes out of the room and asks his parents to follow Jongdae to the room, and the 4 complies as Yixing goes back into the room. After the doctor finishes cleaning the boy up, they both leave as it's Yixing's turn to do skin-on-skin with his new son. 

August 11th is here. Everyone should be getting ready for back-to-school (who has school), and Luhan is spending his day off with his love, who is due in a couple of weeks. Days off should bring positive vibes, so Luhan plans a little date with his Minnie, but their unborn baby had other plans. That afternoon, Luhan is helping Minseok down the stairs when Minseok winces in pain. After he exhales, he immediately goes back upstairs, leaving a puzzled Luhan. 

"What's wrong? Did you forget your wallet in the room?" Luhan asks as he runs upstairs. He meets Minseok inside the nursery. "Why are you in here?"

"I feel labor contractions, Lu," Minseok says as he winces in pain. All hell broke loose. Luhan widens his eyes and blabbers gibberish (or Mandarin. Minseok couldn't tell by how fast he's talking). Luhan runs all over the room, trying to grab some 'necessities'. Minseok would find this hilarious, but he has contraction pain, so he must move this along.

"With all due respect, Yeobo. Your son is giving me pain and I need to check in the hospital ASAP." Minseok tries to calmly tell Luhan. Luhan nods to him.

'OK, OK. Grab your pregnancy pillow so we could go downstairs." Minseok rolls his eyes.

"What would I need my pregnancy pillow for when an extra regular pillow would work fine?" 

"You never know." Luhan grabs the diaper bag from Minseok's shoulder. Minseok crosses his arm. "Don't give me that look, Minnie." Minseok rolls his eyes and walks to the staircase and stops. Luhan catches up to Minseok and helps him downstairs when Minseok gets another contraction. They pause in the middle of the stairway and keeps going. Luhan carries Minseok to the car. 

"Lu, I could walk myself to the car. And since we wasted the time of you panicking, let's wait until we get to the hospital to call the parents." Minseok says.

"Just looking out for you, Baobei." With that, Luhan sets Minseok in the passenger seat. Once inside the car himself, he drives off. 

A few hours later, Minseok's parents are outside the room when they both see Luhan's parents walking to them. Jiyong gets up and waves.

"Oh, in-law," Ryeowook says, raising an eyebrow. "How's Minseok so far?"

"He's hanging in there," Jiyong says.

"He's in labor early though. I'm very concerned about our grandchild's state." Youngbae comments. 

In the room, Luhan is pacing nervously when the doctor comes in.

"Why is he so early, doctor?" Luhan asks, concerned.

"I'm not sure with that, Luhan," The doctor answers. "I have some theories, though."


"I'll see what the real reason is a little bit later on." The doctor walks up to Minseok. "How're feeling?"

"The contractions hurt, to be honest. I also want to know why I'm in labor early." Minseok says.

"Any guesses that you could think of?"

"My eomma says that I was born before my due date, so I think that it's genetic." The doctor nods as he snaps his glove. He checks Minseok's dilation.

"You are 5 cm. I'll check on you in a couple of hours, ok?" Minseok nods as the doctor leaves. Luhan goes outside and finds his parents have finally arrived.

"There you two are. How are you, mama and Baba?" Luhan asks.

"We are worried about Sehun. Will he be a healthy baby?" Ryeowook asks.

"I hope so, mama."

Minseok is ready to give birth the next morning. After he gets all prepared and ready to go with Luhan right net to him, the doctor gets to his position. 

"Start pushing, Minseok." 

Meanwhile outside, the new grandparents are fiddling with their fingers, nervousness on Henry and Youngbae's faces, while Ryeowook and Jiyong have tears in their eyes.

Minseok delivers baby Sehun after the last push. Sehun is put on Minseok's chest. The nurse takes Sehun off of his mother figure and takes him to get weighed. Minseok gets rolled to his recovery ward with Luhan following close behind. A few minutes later, the grandparents come inside the room as the doctor walks in after weighing their grandchild. He has a worried look on his face. 

"Sehun is, unfortunately, under-weight due to him being born prematurely. We must keep him in the ICU until he is in normal weight." The doctor says. Ryeowook breaks down with Henry giving him a comforting hug. "He'll be OK as long as he makes progress." Youngbae and Henry nod in understanding as the doctor leaves. Luhan bites his lip.

"I wish that I could do something. My son is born 2 weeks before his due date." Luhan says, trying not to cry. Henry comes up to his son and puts a comforting arm around his son. (Authors Hint: Sehun makes quick progress) 

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