Coming Home To Weird End-Of-Pregnancy Habits

One Big Happy EXO Family?

As the Due Dates come closer, our 4 friends are having more trouble with pregnancy than they thought they would. Of course, pregnancies are not filled with cupcakes and flowers(they knew that) but the last month or so are a nightmare for the 4. And their partners will agree with them on that. With the aggravation, pregnacy hormones, swollen from head-to-toe, they would want a big nap. By the time that Luhan, Chanyeol, Yixing, and Yifan come home, they would want to agree with their respective partner. 

Let's start with Baekhyun. He would get heat flashes the easiest and be in a tank top when he meets his besties, who are wearing sweatshirts. 

"Kyungie, why am I like this?" He asks his bump. He suddenly gets a heat flash and waddles to the master bedroom. He changes into his swim trunks and waddles to the storage closet and grabs a beach towel with puppies on it and waddles outside their backyard. He slowly goes down the stairs and doggy paddle in the water. He feels his little Kyungsoo kick, so he gets out of the pool and sits on the edge.

That's when Chanyeol comes home. Chanyeol takes off his suit's jacket and goes to the living room, which is empty.

"Baekhyun?" Chanyeol asks as he looks around. "Yeobo? Are you home?" He looks in the kitchen, then the main bathroom. Chanyeol notices Baekhyun sitting at the edge of their pool and opens their sliding glass door. 

"Hey Baekhyun," Chanyeol says as Baekhyun turns around. Baekhyun slowly gets up and grabs the towel and wraps it around his waist. 

"Welcome home, yeobo," Baekhyun says, hugging Chanyeol as they kiss. 

"Had a heat flash again?" 

Baekhyun nods. Chanyeol hugs Baekhyun again and feels Baekhyun's nape damp.

"Did you actually swim?" 

"Of course."

"Using the stairs?"

"Yes. It was less risky than hopping in our pool."

"Baek, it's not safe for you to go downstairs by yourself, especially with pool stairs. You'll slip."

"Don't worry, Yeolie. I was careful."

"You sure?"

"Of course." 

"Ok. Let's get inside. You'll catch a cold." Chanyeol pushes Baek into their house to make him change back into sweats. 

Joonmyeon is the next one to talk about. Lately, his nightly routine to do before Yifan came home is to make sure that the table is made and ready to dig into (mainly for him since his little fetus makes his stomach growl). Last platter down when Yifan got home is at the most, but it must be 100% finished, maybe enough time for Joonmyeon to change into a different shirt that doesn't have sauce all over it, but that only happened 3 or 4 times. Little did he know, though, that Yifan came home a little early.

Yifan comes into the house and sets his briefcase on the sofa when he hears music from the kitchen. 'Red Velvet again, yeobo? Really Joon?' He shakes his head and sneaks up to his pregnant husband, who is adding some kimchi juice in the pan, knowing that's what Joonmyeon has been craving kimchi-fried rice lately. He back hugs the man, who shrieks. Yifan turns him around.

"Yifan, why are you home early?" Joonmyeon asks after recovering from his mini heart attack. 

"I can't question Jinki's thought process sometimes," Yifan answers. "How's Zitao been treating you today?"

"I am sick of kimchi-fried rice and chocolate cake." Joonmyeon honestly says. "But, it's what this little monkey wants."

"Pregnancy does that sometimes," Yifan says. "You want me to finish setting the table?"

Joonmyeon nods as he gets into Yifan's arms. As they try to kiss, Joonmyeon's timer goes off.

"Damn it." Joonmyeon curses, getting out of Yifan's arms and turns off the stove timer.

"At least that it wasn't Zitao's kicking this time." Yifan jokes as he goes into the cabinet to grab plates. 

"Not funny Kris." 

For Jongdae's case, he is kinda stubborn. Yixing warns him to wait until that latter got home so they could go places together, but Jongdae just whines and secretly does errands by himself. You see, Yixing is overprotective and doesn't want Jongdae to drive or walk to places, afraid that Jongdae might fall or worse: get robbed. Joonmyeon might've given the couple a weird look a couple of times when Yixing walked Jongdae to the Cafe. 

One day, Jongdae is driving back to his and Yixing's house from grocery shopping for tonight's dinner. Meanwhile, what is Yixing doing? He is checking on Jongdae. After the house phone isn't answered by his partner, he freaks out. 

'Calm down, Yixing. He's probably asleep or too busy to pick up.' He reminds himself. He probably said it too loud and his best friends/co-workers heard him.

"Why are you freaking out, hyung?" Chanyeol asked his Chinese friend.

"Jongdae didn't pick up the house phone." Yixing answers.

"Yixing, don't worry. Maybe he couldn't pick up due to some sort of housework." Luhan tells him.

"Or he's not home." Yifan retorts but gets smacked in the head by Luhan.

"Yifan hyung might have a point," Chanyeol tells him. "Call his cell." And Yixing did just that.

'Zhang Jongdae, you are ed.' (Author-nim's note)

Jongdae drives when he gets a call on his car's radio. 'XingXing.' 

"," Jongdae curses. 'Should I answer him? He's gonna kill me. I maybe shouldn't ignore him.' Jongdae sighs as he presses the accept button." Hello?"

"Dae, where you at? You didn't answer the house phone. Are you at the house?" Yixing starts blabbering. After a couple of seconds of debating to lie or not, Jongdae answers.

"I'm in my car."


"Yes. We were out of chicken. Jongin is bugging me about it." 


"I have my seat belt on and I am just getting a couple of things."


"Why are you yelling? I think that Jinki could hear you from here."

"Sorry, baobei. I am just very worried about you. What if you are in an accident? I will be very upset."

"If it makes you feel better, I am pulling up in our driveway." Jongdae puts his phone in between his shoulder and ear and shuts the ignition.

"Just...don't scare me like that. I am off in about 10 minutes."

"You won't give me a lecture, will you?"

"I'll probably have cooled down by then."

"Good because you could only do that to Jongin."

"Not funny." Jongdae chuckles as he grabs the bag of groceries from the front seat and gets out. 

"I just got chicken and more oil. We were also almost out of coffee so I got that as well." Jongdae unlocks the door and closes it. He goes into the kitchen and set the bag down.

"You could've had me get it."

"I know that you are exhausted when you get off of work."

"I help you with dinner when I get home, don't I?"



"True, but I still worry that you would fall asleep on the wheel if I send you there."

"Who is the overprotective husband now?"

"Says the guy that walks me to the Cafe. I think that Joonmyeon called you crazy once."


"That's what I thought." 

The latest friend to be pregnant has a weird pregnant habit. He is the one who is very sleepy. The reason: Sometimes it's his baby boy's kicking at 3 IN THE DAMN MORNING, sometimes it's back pain that keeps him up at night, but most of the time, like this day's case, is the pregnancy in general that releases the most sleep pheromones than all of his friends, Jongdae jokes all of them combined.

Luhan comes home to see the TV on. 'What the...' He thinks as he goes more into the living room. He sees Minseok on the couch, asleep. He smiles and finds the remote. After the TV is turned off, he grabs the blanket from the arm of the recliner and covers Minseok with it. 

"There you go, my Minnie," Luhan whispers and kisses Minseok's button nose. He goes into his and Minseok's master bedroom and changes out of his work suit and changes into something comfier. As he gets out of the bedroom, he puts on his t-shirt and goes to check on his sleeping beauty. As he pets Minseok's hair, the said boy wakes up, scaring Luhan.

"LuLu," Minseok says as he sits up. "What time is it?"

"Almost 8." Luhan answers. With that, Minseok widens his eyes.

"I must make something for dinner," Minseok says, trying to get up. Luhan sits him back down.

"We could get take out. It's too late for you to make a huge dinner."

"But Luhan..." Minseok whines, but Luhan stops with a kiss. Their little baby kicks Minseok's tummy. Luhan chuckles, amused.

"Looks like Sehun likes his Baba's idea." Luhan chuckles as Minseok lightly hits him. 

A/N And that is all of the preggies's prego habits. I hope that you like this chapter. It's also the reveal of which EXO couple got which EXO baby. :) Nicknames are added as well. I decided to use Kris as Yifan's, because why not?


XiuHan ends up with Sehun since Luhan and Sehun are often said to look similar. KrisHo gets Tao because, well, see EXO in Happy Camp for my reason there. XingDae got Jongin because I thought it was best to have Main Dancers be on the same family. For Kyungsoo being ChanBaek baby, it was the only one left. (And neither Baek nor Chan are main dancers)  I also took into consideration to have Tao have a Chinese Baba, so no problems there.


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