The Big Boss and The Reveal

One Big Happy EXO Family?

A/N Before I start the chapter, I want to rant about school for a second. I am taking 5 classes this semester, meaning that updating would be a little slower than normal. My first day of school last week was super terrible. First, my roomie oversleeps. When I get ready to wake her up, I had to pee. When I get back, she was rushing out the door. Then, I was grabbing something from my backpack and my lunch fell all over the floor. (The worst part was that it was carpet) Then, I try to write the room number for my class (since trying to memorizing it on the first day would end up with me forgetting it) and my mom calls me. I got too distracted by her nagging that I wrote the WRONG ROOM NUMBER. I was trying to find the building and I couldn't find it. My mom calls me again, more nagging. I double-checked the room number on my online schedule and realized that it was the wrong one. Thus, making me 5 minutes late. My mom proceeded on trying to call me in the middle of class. I broke down in front of my school counselor, then again in front of my roommate. Enough ranting, enjoy this chapter.

Bosses. Everyone who works has them. This boss, in particular, is a little extra probably more than Baekhyun but could be a little bossy. His name: Lee Jinki. He has been their boss long before the 4 friends came to work at the company. Let's jump back to 3 months ago (when Luhan found out about Minseok's pregnacy if you don't remember the 1st chapter). Jinki comes into the meeting room, seeing all the faces in the room. He notices that all of them are interacting with one another, except for Xi Luhan. He noticed that the 4 that always hung out with each other has been too quiet lately. He continues the meeting as normal (you know, to not make a huge scene). Even though he was the boss, he thinks that meetings are boring. The slideshow that he made is bland. 'It has to be professional, always.' He tells himself when he makes every slideshow he has ever made. 'It does, however, need some color to make my workers and me from falling asleep.' Well, too late now. After the meeting, he walks to his desk. He calls Luhan the next day to his office. Luhan knocks, his assistant answers, Luhan sits down.

"What is it, sir? Did I do something wrong?" Luhan asks.

"I have noticed that you and your friends are too quiet lately. What's going on with you the past couple of days?" Jinki asks. Luhan hesitated but answered.

"I have a few things on my mind, sir. I hope that it won't affect anymore work."

"You misunderstood, Luhan. In meetings, you are too quiet that I heard a bird chirping. But anywhere else, you are your normal bubbly self. I need to know the real reason." Luhan bites his lip. He knows about Jinki's thing with pregnancies. Hell, everyone in the office does. He doesn't know why, though. Jinki's backstory could be asked for another time since he noticed that he was very quiet. He answers the question.

"Homelife has taken my mind in a positive way, sir. I don't want to go into too much detail." 

"If it's positive, why keep quiet?"

"Some things are great for some, but not for another." Jinki's computer dings. 

"Luhan, I might let this slide. I have an appointment." Luhan bows to Jinki and leaves.

Enough time travel, let's go to the present day, 5 months after Luhan finding out about his hubbies' preggo status. Baekhyun, Jongdae, Joonmyeon, and Minseok are all having 4 little boys. They have decided to combine the gender reveals. 'Blue VS Pink' everything. They have decided on it being at Joonmyeon's place. The backyard is full of balloons, tables, food, beverages, and 4 different ways of the reveal. In-laws are all crowded. There's a tap on glass as the in-laws' attention is all now on them. For the gender reveal itself, the 4 cafe parents know, but never told their 4 soulmates. Not even their parents and in-laws know. Baekhyun's due date is 1st, so he goes first. He and Chanyeol have decided on a cake slice. Jongdae will go after, him and Yixing settling on a box with balloons inside. Joonmyeon is third, he and Yifan decided on a cannon with smoke and glitter. Finally, Minseok goes last. He, along with Luhan, finally decided on a cake pop bite.

"Eomma, Appa, Yunho, and Jaejoong, I have been afraid of telling you our pregnacy, but we realized that we had nothing to worry about," Baekhyun says. Hyukjae, Donghae, Yunho, and Jaejoong all blow him them a kiss. "Now, it's Dae's turn."

"Eomma Kim, Appa Kim, Mama Zhang, and Baba Zhang, you all have been my best friends. You gave me and Yixing lives, now it's our turn to give this one life." Jongdae says. The 4 in question (Minho Taemin Siwon HanGeng) smiles and raise their glasses. "Joon."

Joonmyeon wipes his tears. "Appa, Eomma, you two have been my rock. You helped me with my insecurities. You in particular dad, have been a little too overprotective, making sure that I don't get hurt by anyway. "They all laugh, except Jonghyun who rolls his eyes. "Mama and Baba, you have been protecting me as well, even though I got used to Kyuhyun's trolling." The in-laws laugh again. Kibum and ZhouMi give him a thumbs up. "Minnie, you end close the monologues. Then, we could get gender reveals." Minseok nods. 

"Being a Xi has been a blessing. I love you 4. Eomma and Appa Kim. Mama and Baba Xi. This is for you." Minseok ends. After a flying kiss from Jiyong and Ryeowook, along with an air fist-pump from Youngbae and Henry, the in-laws clap.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol cut the cake, which had a rainbow full of different shades of blue. "A boy." Chanyeol and Baekhyun scream. Yixing cut open a box, and Jongdae opens it. Blue balloons fly out. "Also a boy." Yixing and Jongdae also yell. Joonmyeon and Yifan are next. They pop the canon shooters, that spills out blue smoke and glitter. Yifan and Joonmyeon yell out a loud "Boy number 3." Finally, it's Minseok and Luhan's turn. They both bite on a cake pop each. They see a blue and white marble-colored cake. Minseok smirks. They both show the reveal. "BOY!!!" They all cheer and the childhood friend group, 4 cafe friends, in-laws, all hug each other, careful with bumps. Couples, young and old alike, kiss. 

After the party is over, the 8 friends clean up the backyard. After the backyard is clean, trash is taking out, and dishes are done, they all sit in the living room, popcorn and blankets added to the mix, and watched Miracle in Cell No. 7. 

AN: Onew is the Boss of the company Kris, Luhan, Lay, and Chanyeol work. Gender reveal compilations on YT= chapter of this FF. I know that using that movie is overused in EXO-related AFFs, but I literally got nothing else. (It's almost midnight here) I will also have a poll after this chapter since I am kinda stuck.

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