One Big Happy EXO Family?

As expected, the future grandparents, sooner or later, find about their future grandkids. You are probably wondering who the parents of these EXO couples are, aka the future granddads?  How will they find out about the buns in the oven? 2 months after all 4 cafe friends found out about each others' pregnancies, the 8 adults finally had the balls to tell their parents about their future grandkids?

Let's start with Chanyeol and Baekhyun's parents. Baekhyun was a little nervous, but Chanyeol was excited about telling his parents about it. Baekhyun calls his parents first. After a few rings, his mother figure, Hyukjae, picks up.

"Hey, my baby. How's Chanyeol?" Hyukjae says excitedly. Baekhyun could hear his father figure, Donghae, yelling something. Baekhyun asks his mom to put it on speaker, in which Hyukjae complies.

"I have something to tell you both. I am 2 months into a pregnacy." Baekhyun holds his breath. Suddenly, Byun parents cheers.

"Really? I am excited." Donghae yells. "Have you told Chanyeol's parents yet? Do you know the gender?"

"Calm down, appa. We have yet to tell my in-laws." Baekhyun calms his parents down. After "I love you's", Baekhyun hangs up. Chanyeol calls his eomma next. Jaejoong, his mom, answers.

"Hey, Chanyeol. Your appa is working on a project if you want to talk to him." Jaejoong answers. Chanyeol chuckles at his mom.

"I actually need you both. I have some news that will blow your socks off." Chanyeol says. Jaejoong nods as he quickly yells for his husband. Jaejoong puts it on speaker.

"What's going on, son?" Yunho asks. Chanyeol chuckles as he calms down his parents.

"Eomma, Appa." Chanyeol pauses. "Baekhyun is pregnant. You are finally gonna be grandparents." The elder Park couple scream, making Chanyeol and Baekhyun both flinch.

"That is great news," Jaejoong says.

"You know that we both wanted a grandkid since your wedding," Yunho says. "Now, I have to get back to work. We'll ask for more details a little later." Yunho hangs up. 

"Your mom is probably scolding him for hanging up. He probably wants to talk a little more. It's been a while." Baekhyun chuckles as he goes into the room.

For the Zhang couple, they were next to talk to the parents. Jongdae and Yixing were both excited to tell their parents. Jongdae went first. After what seems forever, his mom answers.

"Hey, Jongdae," His mother, Taemin, answers. "What's going on?'

"Where's appa?" Jongdae asks. Taemin pauses as he calls Minho's name. Jongdae asks them both to be on speaker, which Taemin does so. Jongdae takes a deep breath and suddenly blurts out "I am pregnant." Taemin immediately squeals like a little girl. 

"That's exciting news," Taemin tells them. 

"I must warn Yixing, though," Minho warns. "Take great care of our son and grandbaby or else..." Click. Taemin hangs up, which they both are glad that he did so before Minho went more with his threat. Yixing then calls his folks, Han Geng gladly answers. 

"Hello." Han Geng says. "Your baba is fixing our roof. What's going on?" 

"You could've asked me to come there to help," Yixing says.

"Nevermind that. Why did you call suddenly?" Han Geng asks. 

"Jongdae is expecting a baby. He is 2 months in." Yixing answers. HanGeng sighs.

"What took you both so long to tell us?" HanGeng asks. Yixing could hear the front door opening. He yells at his husband, Siwon, about the news. Siwon yells back something. 

"We were busy. What did baba say?" Yixing asks.

"He is excited to meet his little grandkid. I gotta hang up. My show is on." HanGeng hangs up.

For Joonmyeon and Yifan, they both are nervous wrecks at telling their parents. All 4 soon-to-be grandparents have never asked for a grandkid, so they don't know if they actually wanted one. Joonmyeon calls his parents first. His mom answers in the first ring.

"Oh, Joonmyeon. It's been a while since we talked. What's wrong?" His mother, Kibum, asks. 

"How'd you know?" Joonmyeon asks. 

"If it's been a while since we talked, I know that you are afraid to tell us something." Kibum simply answers. "We noticed this when you were afraid to tell us about Yifan, and your engagement. Your father gets over these things eventually."

"I don't go crazy, yeobo," Jonghyun yells. 

"Appa, I know that's a lie! You were practically throwing lasers at him with that look." Joonmyeon chuckles.

"What is the news, sweetie?" Kibum asks. Joonmyeon sighs.

"I haven't told you about this since I know that appa would want to murder Yifan, but you two must know," Joonmyeon says.

"If you want, I could hang up after you tell us the news," Kibum says.

"Eomma!" Joonmyeon chuckles then get serious. "I am about 2 months into a pregnancy. You both will be granddads." Kibum cheers. Kibum notices that Jonghyun is quiet, so he hangs up.

"Oh, he was serious?" Joonmyeons curiously asks. He shrugs as Yifan calls his Mama and Baba. Mama ZhouMi answers with an excited squeal.

"Hey, Yifan. My darling son." ZhouMi says in excitement. Yifan facepalms as Joonmyeon holds in a laugh but fails.

"Mama. You are embarrassing me." Yifan whines, blushing.

"Sorry. Anyway, why did you suddenly call?" ZhouMi asks. Yifan hears the door close. "Wait, your baba just came in." 

"Is it Yifan and Joonmyeon?" Kyuhyun asks. 

"Yes, baba." Yifan answers.

"Hello, son. What's going on?" Kyuhyun asks. "Don't say it. We want a hint." ZhouMi scolds his hubby for being a little .

"Joonmyeon has a bump." Yifan hints. After a couple of minutes, ZhouMi gasps.

"He is pregnant? You got him pregnant?" ZhouMi asks. 

"Yes, I did. We have been trying for a while." Yifan says. 

"Better take great care of him, Wu Yifan. Or else you will get scolded like when you were a kid." Kyuhyun scolds as he hangs up.

Last on the "grandparent" list is Minseok and Luhan. These two asked Minseok's parents to come to the house because this news wasn't something to tell by phone. Luhan answers the door to his in-laws, who comes in. Minseok is in a blanket covering his bump.

"Why did you ask us to come here?" Jiyong, Minseok's mother, asks as both parents sit on the couch with their son. 

"Did something happen?" Youngbae, his father, asks. 

"Something like that," Minseok says. 

"What are you talking about?" Jiyong asks. Minseok exhales as he removes the blanket from his bump. 

"I am pregnant," Minseok tells them, who is smiling brightly.

"Omo. This is great." Youngbae says. "Did you tell Luhan's parents?"

"Not yet, but we will when you leave." Minseok answers. They hum as they talk for a little while. After Minseok's parents leave, Luhan calls his mama. His mom doesn't answer, so he calls his baba, who answers.

"XU LUHAN! YOU HAVEN'T CALLED YOUR PARENTS IN FOREVER. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU..." Henry, his dad, screams when he gets interrupted. After a little time, Henry gets back on the phone. "Sorry, I accidentally woke your mama up."

"So that's why he didn't answer his phone?" Luhan questions. "Anyway, the phone is on speaker?" 

"Hold on," Henry says. A click later. "Now it is."

"What's going on, Luhan?" His mama, Ryeowook, asks him.

"Minseok and I have been hesitant on telling you, but now it's time," Luhan says. "Minseok is..." Pause. "He's pregnant." 

"HE WHAT?" Ryeowook screams in excitement. "Now I'm glad that your baba woke me up, even if was an accident."

"Sorry. It's just that Luhan hasn't called us for a long time." Henry says. 

"Now we know why," Ryeowook says. "Plus, they might be busy." After a short while, they bid their goodbyes.

A/N I have some explaining to do with my choice of the grandparents. First, I did a little twist: normal parent-of-main-character FFs usually have the main have the parent's last names, but I switched them- the main character's parents have their last names. Second, as I thought, not all of them are SM artists. For GDYB being Xiu's parents, self-explanatory. I knew that 2Min being Kai's grandparents was a little self-explanatory as well. I wanted QMi (KyuMi) to be someone's parents by height. Of course, keeping China line (HanGeng, ZhouMi, Henry) being the mama/baba to China Line (Kris, Lay, Luhan) is what I took into consideration as well. It wouldn't make sense to me. I wanted to make all of my SuJu ships being the parents, but I stuck with only 4 of them since they are either the 'original' or 'SJ-M' couples. I might get hated by the not going with all 7 originals. SM doesn't have that many China Line members that are older than EXO other than those 3. I added Shinee and TVXQ/JYJ, cause why not? Too much explaining. Enjoy the chapter.


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