A Baby's Curiousity

One Big Happy EXO Family?

In the hours of mid-morning, Jongdae is pacing around in his and Yixing's living room, on the phone with someone. With plushie in his hand, Jongin waddles to his appa curiously, perplex written in his face. Jongdae feels something pulling on his pant leg, and immediately knows that it's his little 2-year-old son. Jongdae gets to his son's level.

"What's wrong, Nini?" Jongdae asks his curious son. Jongin points to Jongdae's phone, and Jongdae moves his head to the side in confusion.

"What about my phone, Nini?" Jongdae asks his son. Jongin makes grabby hands.

"Oh, do you want to know who I am talking to, baby?" Jongin nods at the question, and Jongdae sighs.

"Grampy?" Jongin asks, and Jongdae chuckles.

"No, it's not grandpa Tae." Jongin pouts. 

"I am trying to get ahold of one of appa's friends, but he seems to be hard to get ahold of today."

"A hole?" Jongin asks, more perplexed. Jongdae laughs.

"Ahold. He is not picking up, baby." Jongdae says after he stops laughing. Jongdae hangs up the failed call and sighs. "I'll try my other two friends, okay."

"OK," Jongin says happily and walked to his playpen. 

"Appa." Jongdae turns around to his son calling him.

"Yes, baby?" Jongin points to the gate around his play mat. "You want me to let you in to your play pin?"

Jongin nods. Jongdae dials Baekhyun's number (since Minseok did not answer) and opens the gate. Jongin runs happily inside his play pin.

"Jongin, what did appa and baba say about running?" Jongdae calmly scolds his son, who pouts at his appa scolding him.


"It's ok, honey. If you run in the house, especially the living room, you might get hurt." Jongdae feels bad for scolding his son. "Aish." Jongdae tries one more person, in which answers.

"Finally someone answers," Jongdae says semi-angrily. The person on the other line chuckles.

"You doing ok there, Dae?" Joonmyeon asks with a chuckle.

"I'm trying to get ahold of you all, but you were the only one who answered the first time." Jongdae lets out an annoyed grouch.

"Does someone need a nap?" Joonmyeon jokes. "Not you, Zitao. I am talking with your Uncle Jongdae. You still there Dae?" Jongdae gets out of his confused daze.

"Yes, and not funny hyung."

"Why are you trying to call us?"

"I was wondering..."

"Wait, let me guess," Joonmyeon interrupts. "You want to meet at the cafe?"

"You know us too well."

"What about Zitao? I can't leave him here."

"Who says that it should only be 4?"

"That's probably why they didn't answer. They knew that you want us to go to the cafe alone and ignored it," Joonmyeon jokes, but Jongdae responds with a hand on his hip.

"Ah wae."

"There's your signature whine." Joonmyeon suddenly sighs on the phone. "ZITAO, HOW IN THE WORLD?" Jongdae puts the phone away with his ear.

"Warn me next time, hyung," Jongdae whines.

"Sorry, Dae. Zitao somehow got into the corn flakes and it's all over the floor," Joonmyeon fumbles. Jongdae raises an eyebrow.

"Isn't it usually on top of the fridge?"

"I was wondering the same thing. I may need to ask Yifan about it." Joonmyeon sighs again. "I got to go. I need to clean this cereal up. I'll meet you at the cafe. I'll bring Zitao." Click. Jongdae sighs. He calls Minseok again, then Baekhyun.

It is almost 1 pm and Jongdae, along with his Jongin, walks into the cafe.

"Hi, Jongdae." The barista says, surprised. "It's been a while since you guys been here."

Yeah, about that. The mother-figures have been so damn busy with having kids that they barely come to the cafe anymore. 'why not take the babies with them?' You might ask, but baby/toddler+cafe=chaos (and that's not because toddlers might get into things and-or mischief). There are so many strangers that might judge them because of 'bringing kids in such an environment.' Jongdae, along with his 3 friends, is taking that risk.

"Having a baby is taking up my schedule, noona," Jongdae says. "One iced latte. Do you want something, baby?" Jongin squeals. "I'll take that as a yes. One blueberry muffin and a small strawberry smoothie. " Jongdae pays the lady and walks to the booth that his friends were at.

"I'm sorry again for not answering the phone," Baekhyun says as soon as Jongdae sits down, sitting Jongin right next to him. "Kyungsoo was getting a bath and my phone was in my and Chanyeol's room." 

"Ditto on that, but Sehun was being a handful. I heard my phone, but Sehun was not letting that happen." Minseok says afterward.

"Yeah, blame Sehun," Jongdae jokes. Minseok gives him a y stare. 

"You want to go there, Jongdae?"

"No, sir." 

"That's what I thought."

"Let's not fight, guys," Joonmyeon says, feeding Zitao a bite of his chocolate cake.

"At least you were able to answer Jongdae's call,' Baekhyun sasses. "It's hard to get to your phone when it's in another room, and no offense Minnie hyung, but Sehun is a fussy maknae."

"It's fine. I'm used to it." Minseok says. The barista comes to the booth and gives Jongdae his order.

"Thank you," All 4 adults say in unison. The barista bows and gets back to work.

"I turn around for a minute to talk to Dae and boom! Cereal all over the kitchen floor." Joonmyeon whines.

"I could tell that you guys woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Jongdae jokes. "I kinda suspected it, though. We have toddlers that take up our time, energy, attention." Jongdae looks at Joonmyeon wiping Zitao's face, covered in frosting. "See?" Baekhyun rolls his eyes. Kyungsoo looks at everyone judgingly.

"How come that every time that we see Kyungsoo, he has a judgmental look on his face?" Minseok asks, changing the topic. More like whining.

"He gets it from grandpa Jaejoong," Baekhyun jokes. It made everyone in the booth, except for Kyungsoo, giggle. Jongdae gives Jongin a blueberry, who in which is giving Jongdae the famous Kyungsoo stare. Like, how dare his appa interrupt him from drinking his smoothie.

"It rubbed off on Jongin, look." Baekhyun jokes, pointing at Jongin. 

"Appa, cheeth," Sehun interrupts. 

"Huh?" Joonmyeon asks with an eyebrow raise.

"He wants another bite of my cheesecake," Minseok calmly answers.

"Aww, how cute," Jongdae says excitedly. 

"Cute," Zitao says in his cute manner. Baekhyun looks at his son suddenly.

"That's your 'I wanna go home' stare?" Baekhyun asks.

"Yes," Kyungsoo answers. 

A/N I tried to add Sehun's lisp. Did I do a good job? Sorry, no father-figures this time.

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