Appa/Baba Day

One Big Happy EXO Family?

AN: I feel a little bad for not adding either of the appas/babas in the last chapter, so this will make it up to you, hopefully.  

When Chanyeol woke up at 8:53 in the morning, he didn't suspect his little Kyungsoo patting his face. 

"What is it, buddy?" Chanyeol asks his son, who in which is playing with his face. Kyungsoo finally grabs the sticky note off of Chanyeol's forehead and puts it in his hand.

"What the...? This can't be your handwriting, can it?" He asks the toddler, who in which gives him a confused stare. "Silly me." Chanyeol reads the sticky note.

Hey Yeobo,

My parents want me to help them with Daehyun's wedding. They kinda asked me the last minute. It's just you and Kyungsoo today.

-Baekkie Bear

"Looks like it's me and you, Kyungsoo," Chanyeol says, picking up Kyungsoo and swinging him around the place, making him giggle.

"Appa scolds me for this, but since he's not here, it looks like we should have some playtime." Chanyeol comments, going into Kyungsoo's room to change him into another onesie. They both go downstairs to, hopefully, make some breakfast. 

As Zitao's screaming gets louder, it makes Yifan jolt up, waking up in the process. Yifan immediately runs to Zitao's room to pick him up.

"What's wrong, bud?" Yifan asks, yawning. Zitao immediately calmed down. Wait a second.

"Where's your appa?" Yifan asks, going back to the master bedroom and gets a text for Joonmyeon.


Hey Yifan, I am at a conference with my appa Jong. Could you please take care of Zitao on your own while I'm gone? Pls? 

Yifan sighs.

"Appa is on a business errand," Yifan tells his toddler, who is chewing on his panda plushie's ear. 

"Are you hungry, Taozi?" Yifan asks, in which Zitao screeches in excitement, making Yifan chuckle. "Let's go downstairs. Maybe Appa left some breakfast for us." 

Yifan carries Zitao downstairs. He goes into the kitchen to make breakfast when he sees the stove's oven light on. Breakfast was in the oven, on its lowest heat setting.

'Good save, Joonmyeon.' Yifan thought as he looks at the sticky note Joonmyeon left on the stove for the proper temperature and the time. He then turns on the oven.

"Hopefully, I don't burn this," Yifan jokes, in which he chuckles.

Unlike the other 2 before him, Jongdae actually was told ahead of time, which is why Yixing knows that he is going to watch his baby by himself. Hell, it was even scheduled in both of their phones and Jongdae's planning when Jongin is napping.

"So, do you know all that you and Jongin must do today?" Jongdae asks Yixing as he makes a quick breakfast.

"Yes, Yeobo," Yixing replies. 

"Including the exact bubble bath Jongin likes?"


"And his..." Yixing back-hugs Jongdae, kissing his lips in the process.

"We'll be fine, Dae. You watch him almost every day when I work alone. It can't be that hard." With Yixing's comment, Jongdae sighs.

"You know. You're right. I'm just exaggerating."

"It's my first time watching him by myself. Of course, you would worry. It'll be fine." 

Yixing turns off the stove and pushes Jongdae out of the kitchen, saying "Get changed. You don't want Appa Tae to wait for too long, do you?" 

Jongdae comes out later in casual clothes and opens the front door, Yixing right behind, with Jongin in his arms. The little boy just woke up. 

"Have fun with the banquet, baobei. Love you." Yixing says, hugging and kissing Jongdae.

"Bye, my babies. I'll be back soon." Jongdae says, air-kissing his little family. 

"Say bye to appa, Nini." Yixing whispers to his son, who waves tiredly in return. Once Jongdae leaves, Yixing looks at Jongin.

"Ready for baba day?" He asks, who gets a nod in return. 

Luhan kinda knows that he is watching Sehun on his own, but it was not what you think.

I started when Minseok gets a call at 6 in the morning. Groggily, he peeks at who is calling him this early and answers his cell.

"Hey, appa Jiyong. What's going on?" Minseok asks, yawning. He hears a sob. "What's wrong?"

"Minseok....your... your..." Jiyong says in between sobs.

"Calm down, appa. What's wrong?"

"Your grandma Kwon. She just passed away." With that, Minseok gasps. "Your siblings will help me with her funeral for tonight. Will you please come to Guri? Please? I really need your assistance."

After a few more seconds of sobbing, Minseok sighs. "Yes. I'll be there by the afternoon."

"What about Sehun? Is he coming with you?"

" He'll be too cranky and bored, maybe confused, if I take him with me, so he'll stay with Luhan."

"Thank you, son. It means me alot." After Minseok hums his welcome, they both hang up. Minseok's sobs eventually wakes up Luhan abotu 20 minutes later.

'What's wrong, Minnie?" Luhan asks, rubbing Minseok's back. "Did you have a bad nightmare?"

"I need to go to my hometown later this morning," Minseok answers. Luhan tilts his head in confusion.


"My appa called me. He said that grandma Kwon passed away. I must help with the funeral that's tonight."

"Oh Minseok. I'm so sorry." Luhan says, hugging Minseok.

"It's fine," Minseok sniffles. They hugged like that for a couple of minutes. Luhan hums a slow song to Minseok, who falls asleep. After Luhan moves Minseok to a more proper postition, he pecks Minseok's forehead. He lays down and follows Minseok into dreamland.

A few hours later, Luhan wakes up to an empty bed. He stretches and goes into Sehun's room, who lifts his head, blinking in confusion.

"Hey, Sehunnie. Appa is out of town with his side of the family. It looks like it's you and baba day." Luhan says gently. Sehun makes grabby hands to Luhan, who complies his son's request. They both go into the ktichen so Luhan could start cutting some fruit for Sehun, hoping that he doesn't cut himself.

Chanyeol has some fun playing with Kyungsoo in the playpin pretty much all day. Since it's late December, they decided to stay inside. By the time Baekhyun came back from his younger brother's wedding planning, Chanyeol and Kyungsoo are both asleep. Baekhyun chuckles silently.

'I'm kinda beat myself,' he thought as he lays next to Kyungsoo.

Yifan did good as well. They both had watched some TV and binged on popcorn. Joonmyeon came home with both of them on the couch, alseep, with popcorn all over the living room, a basketball game on. Joonmyeon sighs.

"Popcorn all over the room, TV on, boring conference. Today was stressfull indeed." Joonmyeon says in a low voice.

After he feed and bathed Jongin, dressed Jongin up in casual clothes, Yixing sets a bunch of toys on the living room floor and turns on some cartoons for Jongin.

Jongdae came home, dead tired from the business banquet with his appa Taemin. He goes into the living room and sees Jongin holding his dinosaur plushie and Yixing with the unicorn one, both watching Poporo. Jongdae smiles at the cute scene but he notices something else.

"Yixing, did you really match Jongin and I? I love too much sometimes," Jongdae says, kissing Yixing on his dimple, causing the said man to chuckle.

"APPA HOME!" Jongin squeals in excitement. Jongdae jumps next to them and joined their chill day.

Luhan and Sehun ended up playing in the master bedroom after breakfast. Minseok came home later that night, after his grandma's funeral, with the living room very silent. Too silent. 

'Something happened. I just know it.' Minseok thought as he looks around the house. He finally gets upstairs and looks around there. 'the kitchen looks used so why is it so...' Minseok is interupted when he goes into the master bedroom and sees his husband and son in the master bed, asleep.

"Did they really stay here almost all day?" Minseok asks himself as he fanboys the sight some more. He changes into PJs and joins them in the bed, pecking Sehun's nose and Luhan's forehead before he too goes to sleep. 

A/N I had a bad weekend, so writing this a day later made me a little better. 

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