The Terribles

One Big Happy EXO Family?

When you think of a toddler tantrum, what age would you usually take into consideration when involved with this situation? It's known as the "Terrible Twos", but the 'Terrible Threes" are the most accurate about a mom with a toddler.  

Joonmyeon is a perfect example of this. He loves his Zitao, but sometimes his tantrums get too much, like right now.


"Lord, give me the strength," Joonmyeon whispers to himself as he messages his headache away, or at least try. They both are having lunch, and Zitao is having an extreme tantrum.


"Eat your sandwich first." 


"Zitao, you know the rules. Have a clean plate, and you get your dessert." With this, Zitao cries even louder.

 "For goodness sakes." Even though Zitao's 3rd birthday is the next day, Joonmyeon doesn't think that he's ready. 

"When will Yifan get home," Joonmyeon thinks desperately. He needs help, and fast. However, he can't think of a possible solution without giving in when his almost 3-year-old is throwing a tantrum. He ends up calling his eomma Kibum.

"Hello, Joonmyeon. What's going on? How's Zitao and Yifan?" Kibum asks.

"I need a break. Zitao is having a tantrum because of chocolate cake without finishing his lunch and I can't take it. HELP!" Kibum chuckles.

"Calm down, Joon." Joonmyeon gets distracted with Zitao, who threw his plate across the kitchen.

"I have been trying to keep calm, but his tantrum is getting out of hand. He just threw his sandwich out of the ground."

"I see. I'll give you some tips if you wish."

"Go on."

"What caused his tantrum?"


"Be specific, Joonmyeon."

"As I said, he wants chocolate cake, but he isn't done with his lunch. I then told him to wait until he's finished with his sandwich and then boom: tantrum."

"I see."

"Are you going to help me or not?" Joonmyeon asks as he goes out of the kitchen to the living room.

"Don't snap at me, mister. You are about to have a meltdown does not mean that you need to take it out on me."

"Sorry eomma. I'm just frustrated."

"I see that. What doesn't he like?"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Some toddlers obey the 'eat your food or no dessert' scenario if they didn't get triggered by food that they hate."

"He's almost 3. He doesn't like a lot of things."

"Like? Give me some examples. More specifically, what you put in his sandwich?"

"I don't know where you're going with this. I put cheese, lunch meat, dressing, veggies."

"What exactly? In that order?"

"Cheddar, turkey, mayo, mustard, lettuce."

"DIdn't you say that Zitao hates certain dressings?"


"Like father like son. Compromise with him. Remember to talk calmly to get on his good side"

"Thank you so much eomma. You are a lifesaver."

"Your welcome. It seems like you still ask me for help even all these years of being an adult."

"Don't push it. Bye." Joonmyeon hangs up and walks back to the kitchen. Zitao stopped screaming, but he still has tears in his eyes. 

"What was wrong with the sandwich, sweetie?" Joonmeyon asks.

"Stard." Zitao sniffs.

"If I make you a replacement sandwich without mustard, will you eat it?"

"Cake too?"

Joonmyeon chuckles."Yes, with a little bit of cake as well."

"YAY!" Zitao claps excitedly. 

Let's just say that Zitao did finish his sandwich AND got a slice of chocolate cake. 

The night before his birthday, Joonmyeon was on the phone with Baekhyun.

"So, all of that for mustard on his sandwich?" Baekhyun asks. 

"Yes." Joonmyeon answers.

"Good thing that you asked your eomma. If you asked me, I would've been a bad choice. Kyungsoo is a silent kid. I sometimes can't tell what makes him have his angry penguin face."

"Lucky you."

"Minseok says that Sehun is sassy and stubborn, while Jongdae says that Jongin is a calm yet curious one. Sometimes confused."

"Remind me to have a get together with Minseok and Sehun."

"Hey, Joonmyeon..."


Meanwhile, Yifan figures that he should be a good husband and bathe Zitao for Joonmyeon while he's on the phone. Considering Zitao's tantrum from lunch, he might need it. Yifan went upstairs to ZItao's room (no longer a nursery) and set him down.

"I'll be right back, Zitao. Please get ready for your bath." When Yifan leaves to fill the tub, Zitao does remove his shirt and shorts, leaving him in his little boxers. When Yifan gets back, Zitao whines to be picked up, and Yifan obeys. Once he picks up his son, Yifan walks into the bathroom, in which Zitao takes one look at the tub and whines. Yifan takes off Zitao's little boxers and puts Zitao in the tub, and chaos erupts, also known as huge tantrum number 2. Zitao starts wailing, and Yifan tried rubber ducks, action figures, and singing the Poporo theme song, but nothing is working. 

"Oh boy." Yifan sighs.

Meanwhile, Joonmyeon hears Zitao's wail and panics.

"I gotta go, Baek. Another toddler tantrum." Joonmyeon says, not even processing Baekhyun's 'talk to you later, Joon' and hangs up. He immediately dashes to the upstairs bathroom, seeing Zitao crying, splashing water everywhere, Yifan's head on the tub's ledge, with a head and shirt full of water.

"What's going on?" Joonmyeon asks, in which Yifan looks up and turns around to see Joonmyeon.

"I don't know. I can't get him to calm down," Yifan answers. 'Is he about to burst as well?' Joonmyeon thought as he looks around and notices something off, and facepalms.

"I think that I forgot to tell you that he hates regular baths," Joonmyeon says, solving the problem. "He only likes bubble baths."

With that, Yifan changes his face to a shocked face. "Oh. I didn't know."

"It's fine. I should've said that earlier." Joonmyeon says as he picks up Zitao. "Could you change the water?" Yifan nods as he drains the water and puts bubbles into the tub. After the tub was filled with a bubble bath, Zitao gets put back into the tub and has a big smile on his face.

The next morning starts, and since all 4 appa have the day off, Joonmyeon decides to invite all 6 friends to the party. Unfortunately, the grandpas couldn't get a day off, but the grandmas and everyone else is coming to the party later, so Yifan and Joonmyeon both took Zitao to the Xi's for a play date so they both could prepare the birthday party. Panda decorated everything. Once done, they wait until their doorbell goes off. They answer their door to ZhouMi and Kibum. The Parks and Zhangs arrive later, then finally the Xis, who in which has Zitao. Pandas, his parents, CHOCOLATE CAKE. Zitao makes grabby hands at the cake, in which both parents and both grandmas chuckle. Zitao is having the best life.

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