Love and Fall
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He probably never in love with Jennie.

She probably never in love with Bobby.

He’s probably in love with the idol. And she might in love with the guy who cheer her up and give her choco pie.

“Forget it,” Bobby scoffed, “Forget all of this.”

He left through the private elevator and Jennie didn’t do anything.


Not today,

Not tomorrow or the day after,

Not the week and months after.




Six months later.


“Practice in here is much more intense, right?” Hanbin wiped his sweat after a practice with junior NBA team.

Bobby nodded, after he left Jennie, he dedicated his life for the sport and having many tournaments, his team often won the championship until around three months a go, the NBA team called and asked if Bobby and Hanbin could join the practice in New York for several months. Of course there will be sparing games with some talent scouts will be there watching.

“Are we going somewhere to eat?” Bobby asked after collecting his belongings.

“I don’t want to, it’s too cold outside, maybe its better to have a take out and watch some series at home.” Hanbin said while collecting al his belongings too. “Or watching some korean drama.” Hanbin smirks.

He knew Bobby been avoiding all Korean dramas, TV shows, variety shows and especially music show to avoid seeing jennie on TV. “I heard Blackpink will be on strong heart tonight.” Hanbin continued.

Bobby didn’t say anything.

“You’ve been telling me that you’re cool, but your attitude doesn’t show so.” Hanbin said.

“I’m cool with it.”

“Then watch strong heart with me tonight.” Hanbin said.

“No problem with that.” Bobby murmured.


Bobby reheat the food while Hanbin set the streaming TV on their athlete dorm, they got the entire room for themselves since each of them won several MVP in some tournaments and they got many prizes.

Bobby bought a new apartment right beside his old apartment, slightly bigger, and their old apartement became Joy’s kitchen; healthy food catering for athletes and diet.

“Don’t go anywhere~” Hanbin said whe he’s about to finished setting the TV.

Bobby didn’t say anything, he sat beside Hanbin, gave him his food while starts to eat his own. His heart is in a unsual rate, it’s a big fat lie if he said he never miss her, he misses her like crazy.

Every thing reminding him of her, he even stop making otameal cookies and nuggets just because he made it for her once! Don’t mention the chocopie, he couldn’t even stare at it at the supermarket.

The shows starts, the host presenting the introduce the participated artists, and when she walks in, his heart skip a bit.

She’s prettier than last time they met, she looks healthier, her smile bloom and her cheek is the one he misses the most. She’s so perfect.

Strong heart is the show where you’re telling either funny, mystery or daily heart touching stories to win a trophy.

“So what’s story you’re gonna tell us, Jennie-ssi?” the host asked after a short fun chit chat.

“Oh, it’s uhm… well, when I told my members about this story, they said I shouldn’t go tell it to public, but… I think it’s worth the risk.” She said.

“Whoa… I guest it’s pretty interesting.”

“it is… “ she smiles. “Its’a bout my last boyfriend, Bobby Kim.”

Bobby gasped.

“Yes, yes, we heard about the rumor that you break up with him.”

“What I want to say here is mostly… a regret.”

Audience listening carefully, just like Bobby who’s in complete frozen right now.

Jennie took a deep breath before starts, “I let him go without telling him how much he meant to me, with all my selfish self, how I thought about public image and fans opinion so much… I let him go without noticing he’s trying to himself… without realizing that he’s done so much for me, it means a lot to me.” A tear pooling in the corner of her eyes.

“Would you explain to us?”

She trying to smile, “I want, but… I just wanted to say to him, wherever you are right now, whether you’re busy reaching your dreams or already happy with someone else—“ she took a deep breath, obviously that thought worries her so much, “I just want you know, that you deserves all the happiness without burden like I did to you before, you deserves to be who you trully are. I don’t know if he’s watching this but I’m sure the news will get to him somehow… oppa, you know my feeling were genuine, I just execute it stubornly.”

Hanbin peeked on Bobby who stops eating the second Jennie talked.

“Lisa… she emailed me, said that I have to make you watch this, I thought it would be hard, but… it was actually easier than I thought.” Hanbin said.

Bobby gulped, “Ok, thanks, man.” He smiles and left the table.

“A-are you okay?” Hanbin asked but he grabbed his jacket left the dorm.

Bobby walks down the sidewalk, he’s reaching his vibrating cellphone. Joy.


Joy: Oppa! Did you see strong hearts? Ah impossible, right? But you should probably see it on re-run.


He sighed.




Several weeks after, Hanbin still didn’t see any movements from Bobby, he’s just being more quiet.

“Hey, Man, talk to me if you want to.” Hanbin said.

He just smiles, “I’m good.”

“To be honest… your performance… was bad lately.” Hanbin said.

Bobby lift his head, “really?”

Hanbin sat beside him, “all you need is a closure.”

“W-what? Sorry if you think this is because of Jennie… no… I can make sure that I’m a profess—“

“Blackpink’s here in New York,” he said, “Not for tour but they have invitation from Billboard and interview in late night show.”

“How did you—“

“Lisa. She told me.” Hanbin said.

Bobby gulped.

“All you need is a disclosure, man, whether it leads to a happy or sad result… that’s still the good result.”




“And why you never surrender? This is about your happiness...” Jennie said.

Bobby left and Jennie let the tears falling on the floor.

“Why can’t you just jump and telling me how much you miss me?”

Bobby startled to see Jennie walk beside him.

Didn’t I just left her…?

“I need time…” he said.

“What for?”

“To prove you that I can be someone you proud of.”

She scoffed, “You know what? I will never proud of you, I’m proud of myself… my friends… Jaewon… you’re nobody for me.”


Bobby gasped some air when he woke up. Bad dream.




Jennie and other members rode the van after a show. The story about Jennie talking about Bobby in national TV became a national news. Now she got this mixed feeling after talking like that in front of everyone.

“I feel weak…” she murmured.

Jennie, who’s right after breaking up with Bobby learning how to be closer to her members, he found how gentle Rose is and how funny and kind Jisoo is. Their next album also have all of them participate in making it.

Rose pats her back, “Y

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