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A/N: Please note English isn’t my native language and this is my first time writing a story in English… I try to improve as fast as possible but my writing might be off and a bit odd…

I hope you like it tho and I did a decent job at writing down your idea.

I’m on vacation from Thursday till early august but I’ll try to work on it… promise

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1.Eunbi X Chaeyeon


Tired and worn out Eunbi plopped down on one of the two chairs in the miniature kitchen of her small apartment. For a moment he just sat there silently staring into the wall at the other side of the room.

She just finished her shift as a nurse and since it was now 3 am there was nothing that she desired more than to just sleep for days, but since she was only human she too had to eat and drink. So she slowly stood up and walked towards the fridge lifelessly to search for some leftovers.

While she left a small portion of pasta in the microwave in order to heat it up she went to put her shoes down and put on a pair of slippers.

On her way back her gaze got caught by some pictures she and her girlfriend had put there 4 years ago when they first moved into the apartment.

Carefully she took one of the framed pictures of the wall and examined it closer. Only then she realized how long she hasn’t looked at the picture already. It was a picture she took on her first day of high school when she first met her and their group of friends.

After school they had all promised to keep in touch and meet at least once a month… now years later she doesn’t even know where some of them live.

As she stood there completely engulfed in her memories of past times she realized just how long it has been since she actually spoke to some of them. She still talks to Chae-won sometimes but with the rest of their friends she hasn’t talked in years.




The first day back in school was always a strange day filled with excitement and happiness to see your friends again but accompanied by the dread that comes with a new school year full of evil teachers and math lessons.

For Eunbi it was more of the former. She has been in summer camp the whole summer and with that she hasn’t seen her friends in two months.

She never had a lot of friends in her grade, well she was liked by many and a lot of people wanted to get to know her but she preferred the underclassmen as her friends. She somehow had developed a habit of taking care of people and being the unnie just felt right to her so it was only natural for her to stick with the younger students.

“Unnie!” excitement flooded her head upon hearing her best friends Chae-won’s voice caling for her from the other side of the canteen.

“Hey guys!” she exclaimed happily when she reached her friends’ table. “Unnie! I missed you sooo much!” So-hee the maknae of her friends slightly whined at her. “I’m sorry So-hee.” She apologized while hugging the younger girl. Shortly after she  wrapped her arms around the younger one the other two joined as well.

Once the separated again she noticed another girl sitting awkwardly at their table.

“And who are you?” she asked slightly suspicious of the unknown girl “She is a transferee from Busan Unnie. She’s in the same class as Chae-won Unnie.” Explained Su-yun. “Oh and what’s your name?”

“Annyeong My name is Lee Chaeyeon. Please take good care of me sunbaenim.” Introduced the new student herself. “Aw you’re cute welcome to our school I hope everyone is treating you well. And please call me unnie.” Said Eunbi happily upon gaining a new friend.


~~Flaschback end~~


This picture was taken on the first day of her second year of high school. It was her first day of knowing her girlfriend.

With a small sad smile she carefully put the picture back in between the other pictures.

Some many years have passed since then and so much has happened. Good as well as bad things. Resulting in a boring and dull life filled with responsibilities, overtime work and unfulfilled dreams.

Back then in highschool everything had been so incredibly easy compared to the struggles she faced now as a young adult fighting for her existence in the ever changing city of Seoul.




Now two years older than when she first met her the both of them had grown inseparably close. And so have their feelings. Before she even realized it young Eunbi had found herself in a mess called “Teenage Love” where everything Chaeyeon did managed to impress and fluster her but she had to keep this feelings hidden from the world in order not to destroy their blossoming friendship.


Frustrated she screamed incoherent words into her pillow before she turned around to stare into her rooms ceiling.

Oh how she wished for this crush to just disappear… this stupid heartthrob in her grade has really had the nerves to ask her out! Her! Her one and only crush! Ok it was an open secret that every boy I her sc

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