Sakura X Gaeun||Pt.1 War

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Hey and welcome to the second oneshot!

This will be the last one before I fly to Sweden tomorrow… (excited!!!! :D)

I hope you enjoy it and it’s what you wished for… I changed it slightly to fit better as a Oneshot… so yeah sorry

I still don’t proferead lol


Pairing : Sakura x Kaeun (yes)
AU : Produce 48
Plot : Both of them really hate each other and very competitive to get 1st in ranking announcement. Always fight like Tom & Jerry, the fellings that we called 'love' follow after them.


Disclaimer: I absolutely adore Gaeun but I made her the “bad girl” for the first half or something of this shot… just because Sakura is honestly not suited to be the bad one… Gaeun is still my No.1 no offence

And sentences in violet are in Korean since gaeun and Sakura are gonna talk mostly in Japanese… and I honestly have no clue how to use honorifics properly… especially in Japanese so sorry if that isn’t accurate…




2.Sakura X Kaeun


“The center position goes to… HKT48 Miyawaki Sakura.”


This sentence has been on a constant replay for hours now and it slowly started to mess with her sanity. Seriously it was like a broken cassette that constantly played a certain part of the record as soon as she took a break from practicing.

How could this… this… Japanese kid just beat her?! There was literally nothing special about her… she wasn’t frustrated out of her mind because she lost the center position… no she was frustrated because she lost against this kid… it would have been alright if it would have been Chaeyeon or somebody else but Sakura?

And now she as the leader of class A was up at 1am to make sure Sakura wasn’t falling behind. Like what the hell?

And another mistake… honestly why did she even accept the position if she couldn’t even dance to the song properly?

“Stop. You’re doing it wrong again!” she exclaimed with a good portion of frustration “Haven’t I told you already to adjust the angle of your arms?” Gaeun asked and looked at the smaller girl with a stern gaze.

“But I don’t know what you mean by that Gaeun-san…” Sakura replied and looked at her with big innocent eyes looking straight into her own much colder eyes “Ah seriously are you stupid?! I told you to lower your arms and yet you still make the same mistake over and over again!” she almost shouted at the smaller girl angrily.

“But Gaeun-san…” “Stop it Sakura! If you aren’t willing to listen to me just go and ask Chaeyeon for help. Don’t waste anymore of my time!” she shouted at the younger one and send a fiery gaze full of fury into her direction. Swiftly and without a second thought she turned around to continue with her own practice not sparing more than a glance in the mirror to see tears in the Japanese girls’ eyes.

Tch… such a crybaby


She honestly didn’t know what she had done wrong for the older girl to treat her so coldly… she always seemed so nice from far away helping most of the trainees in class A out and even trainees from lower grades from what she has seen… and at first she was excited when the trainers told her to ask gaeun for help since she was one of the best dancers in grade A as well as the Leader of her class and the only Korean trainee who was really fluent in Japanese and she had debuted before so she thought that maybe the older girl would give her a lot of tips and advices but as soon as the cameras stopped recording she had turned into a cold, stern and impatient “monster”.

With a heavy sigh she turned around again

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Guys…I honestly don’t know how to feel about the 3rd round of elimination…relieved,sad,disappointed… dude I don’t even know what to think anymore… so confused… I hope your favourites are still in the show and if not that they’ll find their success elsewhere… fighting!


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Jurina x sakura pls
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Pairing: Hitomi and Nayoung
Genre: angst/fluff
Hitomi was never known as a fan of skinship til the day she meet Kim Nayoung during pd48. Now she finds herself falling for the Banana culture trainee and wants to continue keeping her attention on her, but who knew that it’s so hard to do when Nako comes between them? Little does Hitomi know it’s Nayoung’s sneaky plan of getting her jealous.
Chapter 7: My God, I loved it. As soon as you finish the gaeunxsakura, could you do choi yena and jo yuri?
Chapter 7: Ahhhhh don’t feel bad, it’s really good :> quality over quantity
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Chapter 7: Oooof this is the cutest fic so far. And with Sakura and Kaeun, you had me at my uwus again
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Please make a Yena and Yuri fluff! Of them getting jealous of each other because of their strong friendships with other trainees but then being happy at the end
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