KaeunXJurina||Pt.1 Hate&Understanding

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A/N: I know I basically promised SkuraXKaeun for this chapter but I just got really inspired to write something out of my imagination while I made myself some popcorn… I call it popcorn thoughts…. Ok this pun was really bad… like really bad.


Plot: Hogwartsau-Jurina is the ace Chaser of Slytherin… loved by a lot and feared by many. Nobody holds her shoots and nobody beats her in strategy and gameplay… except for the keeper of the loser team… yes, the keeper of Hufflepuff… how embarrassing… how an on-court rivalry develops into an off-court romance.


Disclaimer: I don’t really know where to sort Jurina into but I think Slytherin is a fairly good fit… and Kaeun fits into the role of a humble, kind and hardworking Hufflepuff.


Quick rundown on the things out of the harry potter universe that I’m going to use:

Hogwarts-magic school for wizards & witches

Houses-In Hogwarts every student is sorted into a house according to their personality:

Gryffindor-brave, courageous, classic heroes basically

Slytherin-resourceful, cunning, ambitious, in the books and movies the stereotypical villains

Ravenclaw-intelligent, witty, wise, characterized as bookworms (I don’t believe in stereotypes btw)

Hufflepuff-loyal, hardworking, fair, always said to be the worst house (again stereotypes…)

Quidditch-basically the wizard version of soccer… you sit on a broom and try to throw a ball (Quaffel) into Hoops and have to avoid 2 big insane balls (bludgers) that are flying around trying to kill you… the last ball is a golden small ball (golden snitch) if it is caught the game is over and the team that caught it gets 150 pts

Keeper-goalkeeper for the hoops

Chaser- 3 per team trying to get the Quaffel into one of three hoops one passing Quaffle is worth 10 pts

Beater- responsible for trying to get the bludgers away from their teammates and to the opposing team

Seeker-searchs for the snitch


KaeunXJurina Pt.1 Hate&Understanding


It was a typical January morning as she followed by her team set their foot onto the court. Except for the slightly to bright sun the conditions were perfect for a hard game of quidditch.

“Captains great each other!” she heard the voice of the referee Lee Seunggi shout across the court. With her typical pokerface, she walked up to the Hufflepuff captain whose team she would be facing off against. Oh, how she learned to hate that face of hers. When does that kid stops smiling… so annoying.

“To a good and fair game.” Kaeun said with her signature eyesmile as she grabbed her hand and shook it. She just lowly growled at her and squeezed her hand maybe a little bit more than necessary, but the smile of her opponent didn’t even falter one bit.

“Get to your positions teams!” she heard Seunggi shout again. She grabbed her broom and got ready to launch. “3,2,1! Go!” as soon as the signal reached her ears she pushed herself of the frozen ground and zoomed towards the quaffle followed by her fellow chasers moe and gyuri.

With ease, she managed to steal the quaffle from those clueless Hufflepuffs and flow across the court towards the hoops. Their tactic was basically flawless. She was in the middle of the formation with moe and gyuri left and right in front of her respectively and the beaters surrounding them to protect them. The goal of this formation was to protect her and if something happens for her to be able to pass it to one of her fellow chasers.

“Only a few more meters…” she whispered to herself and basically laid herself onto her broom while still keeping a tight hold on the Quaffle.

She saw Kaeun by her hoops watching her every move with the eyes of a hawk. You’re not stopping me this time… I’m going to make you pay! She went in for the bottom right hoop but to her disappointment, Kaeun didn’t hurry towards the hoop trying to stop her plan but instead, she stayed at the middle ring and watched her with a faint smile “Chaeyeon! Do something!” she shouted towards her best Beater “Aye aye Captain!” And with a thunderous thud, she sent the nearest Bludger flying towards the keeper.

Of course, they all knew it was forbidden to hit a keeper in the hoop area but she knew that Kaeun was to smart to let herself get hit.

Bingo She noted happily as her plan worked out like predicted and Kaeun was now that she was flying upside down she took her chance and aimed at the bottom left hoop as she had planned hoping that their little maneuver worked o

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Guys…I honestly don’t know how to feel about the 3rd round of elimination…relieved,sad,disappointed… dude I don’t even know what to think anymore… so confused… I hope your favourites are still in the show and if not that they’ll find their success elsewhere… fighting!


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