Nako x Chaeyeon||small Girlfriend>high heels

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A/N: Hey guys! I‘m so sorry I haven’t updated in two weeks… I thought I could work on it a lot while I’m away but yeah… It didn’t work out… anyways I got back home today and with that let’s get started!

As always I hope I did a decent job with it and you are satisfied… it’s gonna be a bit shorter tho since I have been awake for 36 hours at this point… not complaining just a warning.


3.Nako x Chaeyeon||small Girlfriend>high heels


In the beginning, it seemed like a foolproof plan… Nako never really cared about her height or what others thought of it. So why on earth was she walking around in 4 inches high heels?!

The answer to that is pretty simple… she has a girlfriend and to accommodate their high difference of almost six inches she and a friend of hers (a fellow shortie) have gone out to shop for high heels.



A terrible idea as she later discovered. Being the sweetheart her Girlfriend is she took her out for a fancy dinner and a romantic walk alongside the Han River afterwards.


The dinner was heavenly. Although she never told her Chaeyeon knew very well how much Nako missed her home country and almost made it her personal goal to comfort the older girl. So she tried to take her out to the most expensive Japanese restaurant in their neighborhood as often as her budget allowed her to.

And the expression of her girlfriend when she saw where they were going to eat send the butterflies in her stomach to the moon and back. It was an expression of pure happiness and gratitude. “Chaeyeonie!!! You can’t be serious! Thank you so much!” Nako almost screamed excitedly and engulfed her in a big warm hug before giving her a small peck on the lips.

“Hey! What’s with the heels? Not to say that you don’t look gorgeous but when have you bought them?” she asked surprised when she realized that the older girl wasn’t struggling to kiss her like she usually did. “I bought them with Sakura-chan. You know the alliance of the shorties against their towers they have as their girlfriends.” She replied and smiled cheekily at her “Yah! I’m not a tower…” she pouted pretending to sulk “Yes you’re right…You’re my inhumanly tall and beautiful girlfriend…” Nako said before entering

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Guys…I honestly don’t know how to feel about the 3rd round of elimination…relieved,sad,disappointed… dude I don’t even know what to think anymore… so confused… I hope your favourites are still in the show and if not that they’ll find their success elsewhere… fighting!


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jetijetijeti_ #1
Jurina x sakura pls
Tr-LY0607 #2
Pairing: Hitomi and Nayoung
Genre: angst/fluff
Hitomi was never known as a fan of skinship til the day she meet Kim Nayoung during pd48. Now she finds herself falling for the Banana culture trainee and wants to continue keeping her attention on her, but who knew that it’s so hard to do when Nako comes between them? Little does Hitomi know it’s Nayoung’s sneaky plan of getting her jealous.
Chapter 7: My God, I loved it. As soon as you finish the gaeunxsakura, could you do choi yena and jo yuri?
Chapter 7: Ahhhhh don’t feel bad, it’s really good :> quality over quantity
chaengsdjh #5
Chapter 7: Oooof this is the cutest fic so far. And with Sakura and Kaeun, you had me at my uwus again
Dadison #7
Please make a Yena and Yuri fluff! Of them getting jealous of each other because of their strong friendships with other trainees but then being happy at the end
And can you write something about sakunako?