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Hello and welcome!

I know not the most creative way of starting to write on AFF.

Down below you can fill something out and recommend in the comments!

I'll try my best to convert your ideas into a one shot!



Pairing?: (yes or no? And who x who)

Genre: Fluff, Angst etc.

AU: Produce48,School etc.

Plot: just a general description of what you have in mind.

Notes: Just something for me to note if there is something




  Title Pairing Genre AU Plot
1 Memories ChaeyeonXEunbi



- chaeyeon and eunbi have been together since they were in highschool. basicslly, theyve been together for 8 years. but then, the spark between them faded and they keep on holding on to each other eventhough they know each other's feelings. they dont love each other anymore.

2 Pt.1




GaeunXSakura - PD48 Both of them really hate each other and very competitive to get 1st in ranking announcement. Always fight like Tom & Jerry, the fellings that we called 'love' follow after them. 

small Girlfriend>high heels

NakoXChaeyeon fluff - Nako recently bought a super tall high heels so that she could be as tall as Chaeyeon her girlfriend, but now she's regretting it because she barely can walk and keep stumbling in her heels.

4. Pt.1




KaeunXJurina - Hogwarts AU Jurina is the ace Chaser of Slytherin… loved by a lot and feared by many. Nobody holds her shoots and nobody beats her in strategy and gameplay… except for the keeper of the loser team… yes the keeper of Hufflepuff… how embarrassing… how an on court rivalry develops into an off court romance.


Work in progress


  Title Pairing Genre AU Plot


GaeunXSakura - - Sakura never want to admit that she has a big crush on Kaeun. Super annoyed by Murakawa Vivian never ending speech about how she falls for Kaeun and claimed that the older girl is hers. Everytime Sakura saw Kaeun, Wang Yiren always stick to Kaeun like glue.
6. - ChaeyeonxMiru Fluff work They are married with Chaeyeon as a CEO and Miru as an idol (in Japan) and has a daughter Wonyoung but they don't come home like they were supposed to as a parent. Then one day Wonyoung complained about not having a family time but they insist that she should understand their works but the girl won't budge.
7. - YenaXYiren Fluff Pd48 Halfway through the survivial show, Yena starts becoming less and less energetic (which is totally out of her character) due to the pressure and self-doubt. Yireon notices her friend’s slight change as Yena slowly distances herself from other people (especially Yireon) and decides to find a way to try and talk to her leading to Yireon accidentally spilling her true feelings.
Guys…I honestly don’t know how to feel about the 3rd round of elimination…relieved,sad,disappointed… dude I don’t even know what to think anymore… so confused… I hope your favourites are still in the show and if not that they’ll find their success elsewhere… fighting!
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