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A/N: Here ya go… part two of war… and just to note I love cutting scenes… I love IT!!!! Not because I run out of ideas but to keep a little bit to your own imagination… or for future sequels… you never know ;D

I swear midway it just turned into me gushing oer gaeun... sorry :D


2.Sakura X Kaeun (pt.2)


First weeks voting results were finally revealed and although she now admits she somehow feels attracted to the Pledis Trainee she couldn’t help but flash a victorious grin at Gaeun when she met her in the wee hours of the morning on her way to get herself a glass of water.

“What?!” she asked in an irritated manner “Hey am I not allowed to be happy at 3:34am?” she sing songed and smirked at the taller women as she easily grabbed a glass that she would have only reached on her toes. “Yeah that’s odd… It’s 3:34 am and you’re up while not looking like a zombie.” She replied without looking at her “Oh yeah… now that you mention it you look like .”


A lie. Lee Gaeun unfortunately always looked flawless.


“Oh thanks a lot Ms. Sunshine. I appreciate it.” “By the way Gaeun Unnie… have you seen the voting results?” she asked innocently “Firstly don’t call me Unnie… we’re not friends so stop it.”

Ouch that hit right where it really hurts. Somehow that hurt more than it should but she still laughed it off. “And secondly no I haven’t… Why would I? It’s 3am…” She stated before downing her glass of water in one gulp. “Because I… your most favorite person in the world is in first place!” she exclaimed happily. Gaeun on the other hand just raised her eyebrows shrugged and filled her glass up again and downed it just as fast as the previous one. “And why would I care about that? Sakura the real battle starts later… who cares about first week of voting.”


It turns out Gaeun was right. Second week… much to her dismay Gaeun was first and that started their intense competition. She was well aware of how much attention both of them received and how both of the alongside with Jurina, Yoojin and Wonyoung were considered practically final members of the group already. But that only fed their competition. She was fine with the other three girls but she wouldn’t let Gaeun win so easily. It was basically an unspoken war for the first place in the first ranking announcements.

And in terms of her little crush on her competitor… during the daytime she mostly tried to keep it under wraps by constantly trying to get under her skin. But during the late hours of the night were she had roughly a hour of relaxation she watched old videos of the older women over and over again. She liked to call it spy on the enemy but that was just something she told Nako when she caught her watching videos of Gaeun pole dancing.

What do you tell a fellow trainee that witnesses you watching videos of another female trainee pole dancing?!

Right… you lie about spying on another trainee…



She was still in her stage costume for very very when she entered one of the more remote bathrooms. (You can imagine the more central bathrooms when 96 girls finish recording after performing and recording all day long…)

But what she saw when she stepped through the door was beyond her expectations… it seemed like someone has tried to destroy the whole bathr

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Guys…I honestly don’t know how to feel about the 3rd round of elimination…relieved,sad,disappointed… dude I don’t even know what to think anymore… so confused… I hope your favourites are still in the show and if not that they’ll find their success elsewhere… fighting!


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jetijetijeti_ #1
Jurina x sakura pls
Tr-LY0607 #2
Pairing: Hitomi and Nayoung
Genre: angst/fluff
Hitomi was never known as a fan of skinship til the day she meet Kim Nayoung during pd48. Now she finds herself falling for the Banana culture trainee and wants to continue keeping her attention on her, but who knew that it’s so hard to do when Nako comes between them? Little does Hitomi know it’s Nayoung’s sneaky plan of getting her jealous.
Chapter 7: My God, I loved it. As soon as you finish the gaeunxsakura, could you do choi yena and jo yuri?
Chapter 7: Ahhhhh don’t feel bad, it’s really good :> quality over quantity
chaengsdjh #5
Chapter 7: Oooof this is the cutest fic so far. And with Sakura and Kaeun, you had me at my uwus again
Dadison #7
Please make a Yena and Yuri fluff! Of them getting jealous of each other because of their strong friendships with other trainees but then being happy at the end
And can you write something about sakunako?