Oh! My Emperor's Uncle?


Sassy Luo Fei Fei falls for Mo Ran instead. Set from episode 15. Yanran has just been caught peeking at Mo Ran while he's bathing.


Please turn the page for chapter 1.


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lilfreakslocket #1
Chapter 1: I’m reading every fanfiction that’s related to ciao zhan now omg I just love him, I hope to see more ffs in the future.
moonlover23 #2
Chapter 13: Very cute ?
moonlover23 #3
Chapter 12: So cute love them >_<
moonlover23 #4
Chapter 11: Love how you are changing things up loving it <3
moonlover23 #5
Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Excitedly waiting for ur next update
moonlover23 #6
Chapter 9: This new chapter was amazing really enjoying ur story so far can’t wait for the next update
moonlover23 #7
Chapter 8: This is really good I hope I update soon ^_^
chenvitz #8
Chapter 5: I hope you update really soon, so far this story about this couple (FeiFei and MoRan) is the only one i found on the internet. You are the only one who worte a fanfiction about them. I hope you could make another story about this couple after you finish this one :). Btw, the story is really cute and pleasing. Good work and good luck, author!!!! <3
chenvitz #9
Chapter 5: This is really cute!!!!! <3