Time to Take Action

Oh! My Emperor's Uncle?

There is a moment before he kisses me where I could stop him. I could put my hand up over his mouth and remind him that he hasn't asked me. Problem is, he already has my body's full permission. Yeah, including my heart. I can admit it now.

So my hand stays down, and I get to feel the thrill of his soft mouth on mine and something that feels like a heart attack. He's less gentle this time. More daring. He holds me closer than before so that I can feel his chest.

It's groundbreaking kissing. I can feel my lips going numb, and I can feel the butterflies in my stomach go lower. I want it to last forever. So I'm a bit disappointed when he stops to look at me.

"What? Why are we stopping?" I manage to ask.

He smiles. "Because I am taking advantage of you. You should despise me for this."

I roll my eyes. "Do you really think I would let you go near me if I wasn't all right with it? No one takes advantage of me except me."

His expression grows serious. "Fei Fei. Do you mean it?"

I smile and then frown. I step away from him. It's time to do something difficult. "First, I need to go and see Bei Tang Yi."

He looks very serious now. "Why? What do you need to see him for?"

"Something important," I say. "So save some breakfast for me. I'll be right back."

"Wait! Fei Fei!"

I hurry off before he can stop me. My feet and legs complain with every step, but I manage to get down the mountain and into the palace in one piece. I look around for Bei Tang Yi and find him walking around his gardens.

"I need to tell you something," I announce, trying to catch my breath.

He turns to face me and puts his hands behind his back. "You're missing a boot. And I can see your ankles."

I glance down and realise that I'm still holding up my skirts. I let them drop. Wouldn't want to traumatise him with my ankles.

"Forget the ankles." I say. "I wanted to thank you for being my idol. And thank you for being my crush too! But I'm afraid that is all you can be to me. I wish you happiness with Bilian."

He gives me a blank look. He doesn't understand what I'm saying. Of course he doesn't understand what I'm saying.

I try again. "Bei Tang Yi, I'm sorry, I don't have real feelings for you. I thought I did. But now I realise it is because you looked like someone I used to know."

"I know that," he snaps. "I can't believe it has taken you this long to figure it out. And I don't like Bilian. Crazy woman."

I pull a face at him and reach down for my skirts again. "Well. That's all I wanted to say. I'm going now!"

"Wait!" He digs into one of his sleeves and holds something out to me. I take it and see that he's carved out a small wooden box containing my keyring. "An early wedding present for my future Aunt."

I stare at the carving and smile at the possibility of marrying Mo Ran. "Thank you, Nephew." It's a bit soon, but I could get used to calling him that.

I hurry back to join Mo Ran. However, at the royal swing I run into Yan Ran. She jumps up when she sees me.

"Fei Fei, where have you been?" she demands, reaching out to touch my arm. I hesitate, and turn to face her.

"I didn't think you would want to see me right now," I say. "After what happened in the woods."

"Of course I do," she insists. "I was just embarrassed. I was eating lots of snacks and I didn't want anyone to see me like that. I'm silly, I know."

I blow out a long breath. "Youuuuu might need more of those snacks. I need to tell you something."

"What are you talking about?" She watches me for a long while before her smile starts to fade. "Oh."

Gently, I lead her over to the royal swing and sit her down. I see the white fluffy bunny nearby. Good timing. I pick it up and put it in Yan Ran's lap. "Pat the bunny while I tell you."

"It's okay." She forces a smile on her face and tries to look like she's not miserable inside. "Fei Fei, I'm so happy for you. But what about Bei Tang Yi? I thought you liked him?"

I take a deep breath and tell her as much as I think she can handle. I may be a complete fool when it comes to love, but I'm not intentionally cruel. She takes it like a champ.

I leave her with her maid, wipe away my tears and go back up the mountain to find Mo Ran. He's waiting for me in the garden. He looks so worried that I call out his name, I lift my skirts and run to him. He looks at me, and the worry drains from his face.

"Fei Fei!" he shouts, starting to seem a little bit annoyed. "Why did you leave like that?"

I reach him and throw my arms around his waist. It feels like coming home. "I told you I would be back. I had something important to do."

His arms come up and pull me to him. He says nothing.

"Are you still mad?" I demand. "I didn't mean to take so long."

He lets me go, and refuses to look at me as he bends down to inspect my bare foot. "What can I say to you when you return looking like this?"

"I bet it was the ankles wasn't it?" I say. "You stopped being mad at me the moment you saw those."

He frowns. "Let me carry you."

"Wait! No!" I crouch down and look at my foot. It has a couple of cuts, but otherwise it's fine. "Let me try something."

I bend down and practice using my healing power on my foot. It's not a complete success and I feel tired afterwards, but I can see signs of accelerated healing. Mo Ran stares at me with a look of awe on his face. No fear.

"It's my power, though I don't know how to use it yet." I say, feeling shy. "It makes me hungry. I need some breakfast now or I'm gonna starve to death."

He taps my chin. "Come this way, enchantress. After you are fat and round from eating, you are mine for the rest of the day."

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Chapter 1: I’m reading every fanfiction that’s related to ciao zhan now omg I just love him, I hope to see more ffs in the future.
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Chapter 13: Very cute ?
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Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Excitedly waiting for ur next update
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Chapter 5: I hope you update really soon, so far this story about this couple (FeiFei and MoRan) is the only one i found on the internet. You are the only one who worte a fanfiction about them. I hope you could make another story about this couple after you finish this one :). Btw, the story is really cute and pleasing. Good work and good luck, author!!!! <3
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Chapter 5: This is really cute!!!!! <3