Oh My God

Oh! My Emperor's Uncle?

Hi! My name is Luo Fei Fei. I'm a normal modern day girl, or at least I was until I got transported to an ancient world that shouldn't exist. The good news is that this place has lots of rich pretty men. I think I like the Emperor the most because he looks exactly like my favourite idol.

A bunch of crazy stuff has happened since I came here, and now I'm standing on a mountain, in the woods, waiting for my new friend Yan Ran to finish peeking at Mo Ran while he is bathing. Yep. Just another normal day in this crazy kingdom.

"Oh no! He found out! Run!" gasps out Yan Ran. She runs through the doors that she had snuck into just a moment ago. She sprints past me and downhill into the trees. How does she do that in a traditional gown?

As she finds a tree trunk to hide behind, I inwardly sigh. Why can't she just tell Mo Ran that she likes him rather than all this sneaking around? He's a decent guy. He's saved my life heaps of times. He won't get mad.

I'd better hide before he sees me standing out here alone. He'll think I was the one doing something wrong.

"Fei Fei!"

I freeze. Eeep. That's his voice, soft and stern. He's seen me. I need to think of something brilliant to get me out of this awkward situation. I am smart modern girl after all. I can resolve a simple little misunderstanding like this.

I turn and smile at Mo Ran. He's fully dressed. He's looking pretty fresh faced after his bath. Tall, long legged body, sculptured cheeks, gentle eyes. I can understand why Yan Ran likes him so much. Uh oh, he's not smiling.

"It's really you," he says.

Still don't know whether he's mad or not. He's clever, this one. He plays his feelings close to his chest. I have to be careful. My hand comes up to wave at him and I smile. "Hi Your Highness, what a coincidence. I never thought I'd meet you here. This is really a coincidence."  A giggle escapes from my mouth. I'm an idiot. I need to stop giggling like a crazy person. He's going to see through me.

He smiles. Oh good, he's not mad.

"Say no more," he announces. "I can understand your mind."

Huh? He can? I thought his super power was to see the future, not read minds. Did I mention everyone here has super powers?

"Understand what?" I say, playing dumb. "I really don't understand what you're saying."

"Fei Fei." He gives me a knowing look. "I am regretting sending you into the palace. I've discovered that your image has been deeply engraved on my heart. I don't think it can be erased."

Wait, what? What is he saying? Is this a joke because I did not see this coming, because it's not funny.

"Do you understand now?" he asks, placing a hand on my shoulder. Huh. That seems like a pretty intimate thing to do.

I think he's serious. He has feelings for me. Quick, what do I say? I need to reject him firmly so that he knows I'm being serious too. He belongs to Yan Ran. I like the Emperor because he looks just like my idol.

Oh my God. I think I'm having a heart attack. Mo Ran's whole face just softened. His eyes, his jaw, even his shoulders. He's leaning towards me. He's turning his head to kiss me.

His lips are on mine. They are soft and warm from his bath. I can't breathe. I have tingling in my fingers. I can't move. No wait, I can. I notice my hand coming up to touch his shoulder. He's so warm and I can smell mint on his skin. What am I doing?

I am betraying Yan Ran, that's what. I push him away. My lips are suddenly cold. I glance behind me, looking for Yan Ran. I think I can see her running off in the distance. She's probably crying. I am the worst.

I look back at Mo Ran. "I'm sorry Your Highness. I don't like you at all. I will go now." I say it quickly and run off before he can reach out and stop me. I don't have time to think about how his kiss made me feel, or how my words might have hurt him. He is Yan Ran's, not mine. I have to fix this.

"Yan Ran!" I cry out, chasing after her down the mountain. My fingers are still tingling. "Yan Ran!"

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lilfreakslocket #1
Chapter 1: I’m reading every fanfiction that’s related to ciao zhan now omg I just love him, I hope to see more ffs in the future.
moonlover23 #2
Chapter 13: Very cute ?
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Chapter 12: So cute love them >_<
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Chapter 11: Love how you are changing things up loving it <3
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Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Excitedly waiting for ur next update
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Chapter 9: This new chapter was amazing really enjoying ur story so far can’t wait for the next update
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Chapter 8: This is really good I hope I update soon ^_^
chenvitz #8
Chapter 5: I hope you update really soon, so far this story about this couple (FeiFei and MoRan) is the only one i found on the internet. You are the only one who worte a fanfiction about them. I hope you could make another story about this couple after you finish this one :). Btw, the story is really cute and pleasing. Good work and good luck, author!!!! <3
chenvitz #9
Chapter 5: This is really cute!!!!! <3